Pacific Notes: Curry, Wilson, Williams, Lakers

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry suffered a sprained right ankle earlier this month, but a medical reevaluation on Tuesday revealed he has made significant progress in his recovery, the team announced. Curry is scheduled to begin modified on-court workouts in the coming days and will be reevaluated in a week, the press release noted.

The Warriors have played well in Curry’s absence, winning all five games since he suffered the injury. Even without their former two-time NBA Most Valuable Player award recipient, the Warriors remain a potent threat, led by the likes of Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. However, replacing Curry’s production in the lineup is no small feat. In 23 games this season, Curry has averaged 26.3 PPG, 6.6 APG, and 5.1 RPG.

Read up on other news out of the Pacific Division below:

  • A pair of two-way deals with Jamil Wilson and C.J. Williams didn’t seem like major moves at the time of their signings, but both men have played considerable roles for the Clippers, Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times writes. Two-way players are not permitted to spend more than 45 days with the NBA team but both Wilson and Williams have been burning through those days, providing an impact for a struggling Clippers team.
  • While Wilson has been impressive for the Clippers, he could be on the chopping block by the end of the week as the Clippers may elect to sign a new two-way player once his 45 days are up, per ESPN’s Bobby Marks (via Twitter).
  • The Lakers elected to go in a completely new direction last season and Kobe Bryants former agent turned general manager, Rob Pelinka, was at the forefront of that change. With young talent in abundance and ample resources, Pelinka feels the team can soon lure the right players to the city of angels, USA TODAY’s Sam Amick writes. “We have as much cap flexibility, or cap health, as any team in the league. We know that this is a destination city for players to want to be in,” Pelinka said. “We have a legacy with our franchise that really can’t be duplicated, and we’ve got a pass-first, ball-sharing point guard (in Lonzo Ball), which players want to play with. So I think the culmination of all those forces is, like you said, we feel like we’ve become a destination again. Now it’s going to be Magic’s job, and my job with Jeanie’s guidance to complete the puzzle with the right pieces as we move forward.”
  • Isaiah Canaan has been a revelation for the Suns in Devin Booker‘s absence, but the team would need to create a roster spot for him once Booker returns, per ESPN’s Bobby Marks (via Twitter).
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8 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Curry, Wilson, Williams, Lakers

  1. Thronson5

    To me I think even one star veteran player will help this Lakers team tremendously. If you look at how many games this team has lost that were close games that were winnable games against good teams you’ve gotta wonder if they had a player like Cousins or George or Lebron or Durant or ant player of those guys caliber if they would’ve won those games, I honestly think they would’ve. I know their record won’t attract players to come play with them but if I was Magic and Rob I would point to games like the two games again Golden State where they barely lost and tell whoever it is they are pitching to come to LA that if they had they they would’ve won those games. I’m not saying one player will completely turn this team around and I know these young guys have a long ways to go still but I do think they would win more games for sure if they had at least one really good veteran player on this team like George or Cousins or Lebron. I don’t think Lebron is coming to the Lakers even though of course I’d love to see it happen I just don’t know if he’s really even think about it and I think if he does leave the Cavs he will go to Houston to play with his buddy CP3. I really do think he will leave Cleveland by the way. If you look at the progress Ingram has made this year as the seasons has gone on I think he’s going to be a pretty good player although he sucks at free throws for some reason but I think you give him another year and he will be even better next season and I think Ball will have a full season under him as well as Kuzma. I person think the Lakers should go after Cousins and George. I think that would be a really good team and I think it would work really well, don’t see any way George stays with the Thunder and if he comes to the Lakers I think it would really help them a lot and they could be in contention for the 7th or 8th seen in the West for sure. Not saying any team is going to knock off the Warriors but at this point it’s all about just improving and at least making the playoffs and as the Warriors get older and maybe they lose guys to free agency down the line it’ll be time for some of these younger teams to get there chance and I think signing guys like Cousinss and George who aren’t that old along with these young guys the Lakers have they will have a good shot at really competing once their time comes. Even if they strike out this year in free agency or only get one guy like George I still really think they will be a lot better next year.

    • LeBron IS coming.

      You dont want Cousins he is a big big big time cancer.

      Paul George might come and CP3 also.

      • Thronson5

        I highly doubt CP3 with Ball being on the team unless they send him to bench and to be mentored by CP3 but I don’t see it happening and I don’t think they have the money to get Lebron, CP3 and George although I’d love to see it lol just can’t imagine it happening.

      • Sports

        Lebron is NOT coming. It’s ridiculous to just assume this because he has 2 homes in La. EVERY ATHLETE has a house in La haha. He’s not gonna come to the west and compete with all these great teams when he can battle between a few on the east and play one of the west coast in the championship.

        • As you say, lots of athletes have homes in LA. Thats not a reason to sign with Lakers.

          The reason to sign w Lakers is to join forces with 2 other stars plus Lonzo and his passing skills, to make a run.

          Lakers will have cap space to give 3 guys nice contracts. LeBron did it in Miami when he took 20 mil each with Wade and Bosh.

          Randle traded soon. Lopez expiring, Pope expiring, the other guys cheap rookies.

          Garenteed. Don’t doubt me. When have I been wrong ? :)

          • The challenge is Deng. Might add a little something to find a taker for that contract.

  2. rbell1951

    I definitely agree add Paul George and Demarcus Cousins and here we come.
    Lakers Fan For Life!!

    • Thronson5

      rbell951…I hope so man but even if we just get one I’d be happy. With you 100%..been a Lakers fan for 27 years of my life and that will never change, win or lose…

      #LakersNationForLife Purple

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