Spurs Tried Hard To Acquire Kyrie Irving

Back when he was on the trade block in July and August, Kyrie Irving reportedly had San Antonio on his list of preferred destinations. And according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Spurs weren’t just a bystander as the Cavaliers were considering their options. The Spurs “tried really, really hard” to land Irving, Woj said on ESPN late last night, per Ramona Shelburne (Twitter link).

Patty Mills, Tony Parker, and Dejounte Murray have handled point guard duties for the Spurs this season, and while they’ve been solid, the team clearly would have received a boost at the position by trading for Irving. However, it’s not clear what sort of package the front office could have put together that would have enticed the Cavs.

Unlike the Celtics, the Spurs weren’t holding any particularly attractive draft assets, since their own future first-round picks are unlikely to land in the lottery. LaMarcus Aldridge, who had yet to sign his new contract extension when Irving was dealt, could have been a trade chip. Danny Green probably would have appealed to Cleveland as well, but if the Cavs wanted to acquire a starting-caliber point guard for Irving, finding a match would have been tricky — Parker is 35 years old, Mills won’t be trade-eligible until January 15, and the 21-year-old Murray isn’t yet ready for a huge role.

While the Spurs’ pursuit of Irving didn’t pan out, Woj’s report on their strong interest in the former Cavs guard is the latest indication that San Antonio continues to explore ways to add star power, particularly at the point guard spot. The Spurs were also frequently linked to Chris Paul last spring before he was traded to Houston.

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12 thoughts on “Spurs Tried Hard To Acquire Kyrie Irving

  1. acarneglia

    Could’ve done something like Aldridge, Murray, White, Bertrans and a 1st for Kyrie and maybe Frye

    • Wally-the-green-monster

      That’s not better than the haul they got from Boston… it sounds like they may have attempted something similar.

      • acarneglia

        It’s basically all they could’ve offered. Maybe could’ve thrown in Green and taken Frye or Shump(maybe both)

        • JT19

          Agreed. I think Green would’ve definitely been in there since he’s a 3-and-D guy. Probably Aldridge, Green, Murray, and one or two extra pieces (first rounder or young player) for Kyrie and Frye/Shump. Still not enough for Kyrie but that probably would’ve been the best the Spurs could offer.

    • acarneglia

      Your wrong. This team is the model of consistency. Pop changes pieces every year and always has them contending for a title.

    • hill

      They have a 26-13 record and their All-NBA player has barely gotten on the floor. What part of that is “fading” and which part is “mediocre?”

    • libbo

      As a die hard Green Heart, I’m with Hill & acarneglia, Pops stole Duncan from us with those damn ping pong balls and has had, what, 5 championships? Pops is absolutely the best coach in the NBA – hoping Mr Stevens can develop into a similar long term hoops Demi god

  2. hill

    The Kyrie stuff makes sense. Paying Patty Mills market rate, over-paying Pau and signing the Achilles-blown Rudy Gay was probably Plan D or E for their offseason. But their coaching is so strong, preparation so astute and their execution so precise they just keep winning against faster, taller, more athletic teams all the time.

    Tip of the hat.

  3. Greg

    Fading at 26-13, which if extrapolate out gets them to 55-27, with Parker and Leonard missing significant time? Man, I wish my Knicks could “fade” like that!

  4. dust44

    I think Kyle Anderson would of had to b in any package. Anderson and Murray definitely. Then probably Aldridge and Green. But everyone is right that’s not as good as the package they got. But it would of been an interesting one if Anderson was involved

  5. x%sure

    Not to say this means anything concrete, but back in jul/aug, I suggested Irving for Aldredge and 3 kids– Murray, Anderson and another– and nobody thought Pops would do it, that he would give up his top youngsters. I thought he would, to get a star guard to take pressure off of Leonard, who doesn’tcare for attention.
    Well Anderson would be good vs Durant, and having a fine year, and Murray with a 7ft wingspan pretty much leads NBA PGs in defense and rebounding prorated. Aldredge might be surprised he would be displaced by Anderson in Cleveland, so that would be a drama to resolve, but the right sort of problem.

    But given that Pops DID want Irving that much, it would be reasonable to expect something else too, like moving salary or getting a first– probably not that much lower than Brk’s– which I never thought would be a prime pick anyway.

    Unless I.Thomas is still a firecracker, who can somehow deal with Irving in the playoffs, SAS would make for a better, more conservative trade. I picture the point differential of Anderson + Aldredge over Crowder would make up for Thomas over Murray, and the D would be title-worthy. Also Irving would not have to be dealt with until the finals.

    Another better trade would have been to get ROZIER included in the Boston trade… instead, Gilbert bragged about making money in the trade. There was room for him, and he didn’t sound especially valued in Boston– 3rd string at best. People talk like Boston will be an easy mark for Cleveland. IMO Houstn vs Bostn grrr and the title run is over.

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