MRI Reveals Kristaps Porzingis Has Torn ACL

9:59pm: Results of an MRI have confirmed that Porzingis has torn his ACL, the team’s PR department tweets. He could be out for as long as 12 months, Frank Isola of The New York Daily News tweets.

7:56pm: Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis is scheduled to have an MRI on his left knee, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN writes. The 22-year-old needed to be helped off the court after a dunk in the first half of New York’s Tuesday night contest.

Porzingis remained on the court for a minute after his knee initially buckled but, as Frank Isola of The New York Daily News writes, he was able to put weight on it as he headed toward his MRI.

In his third year, Porzingis has upped his scoring averaged to 22.9 points per game, earning his first career All-Star Game nod in the process.

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24 thoughts on “MRI Reveals Kristaps Porzingis Has Torn ACL

  1. DVail1979

    Knicks should trade anything that isn’t bolted to the floor and retool for next year with the Unicorn …

  2. Now they can get a better draft position. Unfortunately, it wil be at the cost of KP getting injured.

    • It shouldn’t, Hernangomez should be the first choice. Nobody is going to trade for Noah (at least not before the trade deadline) so some playing time, that would likely do nothing to boost his value, isn’t going to help.

  3. Thronson5

    I hate seeing this. Such a young talent and having a career year. That sucks. Here’s to a speedy and full recovery to him!

  4. hill

    I Knee buckled in. It could be nothing other than ACL snapping. Awful. Just awful.

  5. xabial

    It could be worse than a torn ACL… (Trying to stay positive… Any worse injury would be career-threatening but torn ACL’s still absolutely brutal blow. KP is likely looking at 9-12 months recovery.

    If there’s one positive.. Maybe now they could stop being in denial about competing for the 8th seed.

    Want to know how weak this team is. They are a combined 0-7(!!!!!) to the three worst teams in the East. 0-3 to Chicago, 0-2 to Orlando, 0-2 to Atlanta. How this team is even 4 games out of the 8th seed is a miracle. At this point, shooting for a high lotto pick is the best idea.

    After going franchise worst 17-65, Knicks drafted Porzingis #4 overall, 2015 draft; first time Knicks drafted top-5, since Patrick Ewing #1 because Phil Jackson was infinite times better President than Isiah Thomas, who traded any top-5 pick Knicks lucked into beforehand for bums, the likes, you’ve never seen, like Curry (No…. not Steph…. but Eddy….. Who? Exactly)

    This team, under James L. Dolan’s ownership, were never annual contenders, and never sucked enough to be in contention for #1. The few times they were there, pick was stupidly traded before, with no protections. (Picks that turned out to be La Aldridge/Hayward were actually NYK picks, NY worked hard to **** suck for… ended up traded before or “swapped” for lower pick in the draft for Eddy. (Who again….?) Exactly.

  6. xabial

    What’s the point of my rambling? Maybe now they can tank, and get back a 100% KP, next year, while selling positive trade assets, like Courtney Lee. This team is so dysfunctional from the top, it takes an injury to KP– to might actually put them in a better position in the long run. Don’t believe everything you read about NY “selling” History will tell you NY was never going to “sell” “rebuild” in any way, shape, form with full, healthy roster, and delusion for a chance at the 8th Seed in the Proudly competitive East Conf.

    They say everything happens for a reason… like Okafor, drafted 1 pick before KP (Phil had Okafor higher) I’ll stay optimistic, and hopeful Knicks get lucky and hit it big in 2018 draft, and hopefully draft in the top-5 –for the 2nd time –in 30 years We could use the luck!!

    • hiflew

      In fairness to Phil, lots of people had Okafor higher. Some even had Okafor higher than Towns. Just goes to show what a crap shoot the draft really is.

  7. xabial

    At the conclusion of all games played 2/6/2018
    Updated Mock 2018 Draft Order

    The 4 worst teams projected to pick #1-4 all have 17 wins.

    The 5-7 worst teams projected to pick #5-7 all have 18 wins.

    8th worst, projected to pick #8 has 19 wins.

    9th worst projected to pick #9 has 22 wins.

    NYK projected #10, with 23 wins.

    This is all after NY had a 4 game losing streak.

    Follow my painful journey with me

  8. sportsjunkie24

    He probably will miss the entire next season depending on how his injury heals

    • Might be in the Knicks best interest to do so if his recovery falls closer to the 12 month time frame. Doubt the Knicks would be any good without KP so let him take as much time as he needs. Maybe near the end of next season they can try to get him in (at least this way he has some progress toward being in game shape opposed to being a year and a half away from a meaningful game).

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