Thunder, Bulls, Others Eyeing Rodney Hood

The Thunder, Bulls, and Pistons are among the teams showing interest in Jazz guard Rodney Hood as Thursday’s trade deadline nears, according to Tony Jones of The Salt Lake Tribune. League sources tell Jones that the Nuggets and Magic have also displayed “at least a passing interest” in Hood.

The Jazz have reportedly been exploring the trade market for Hood for at least the last few weeks, and Jones suggests the team is seeking “an asset” in return. While a first-round pick would be ideal, Utah may need to take on a bad contract in order to land a draft pick of that caliber, and it’s not clear whether the club is willing to do that, says Jones.

Hood, 26, is having the best offensive season of his career in 2017/18, averaging 16.4 PPG and shooting 38.7% on three-point attempts — both marks are career highs. However, he has once again been limited by injuries, a recurring issue throughout his NBA career. A fourth-year guard, Hood has only played more than 59 games in a season once so far.

As for Hood’s potential suitors, it’s no surprise that the Thunder, Bulls, and Pistons would have some interest, as all three teams could use another young shooter. However, Oklahoma City’s trade assets are limited, and Vince Ellis of The Detroit Free Press tweets that Detroit’s interest in Hood was stronger before the Blake Griffin trade. With Griffin’s long-term salary on their books, Ellis notes, the Pistons are less inclined to explore a swap of Stanley Johnson for Hood, since Johnson’s affordable rookie contract runs through 2019, while Hood will get expensive in restricted free agency this summer.

Meanwhile, Alec Burks is also generating some trade interest around the NBA, according to Jones. However, Jones cautions that Burks’ contract, which pays him $11.5MM in 2018/19, is limiting his appeal to some extent.

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11 thoughts on “Thunder, Bulls, Others Eyeing Rodney Hood

  1. hiflew

    Buyer beware. I think Hood is a classic example of a player looking better than he should because of the lack of options on a bad team. I believe Donovan Mitchell and Kyle Kuzma fall into this category too. Put Hood on a deeper team like the Thunder and I think he becomes just an average guy.

    • Bryzzo2016

      I agree 100%! Not only re: Hood but also DM and Kuzma. I hope the Bulls PASS on this, they’re rebuilding anyway, I can’t see them having a piece they’d move for hood except maybe Grant, but that move wouldn’t make sense for Utah. Picks are way too valuable in the next two drafts, especially for a rebuilding team like the Bulls.

    • Kuzma I agree. I think most teams should view Hood as a solid scorer, but not a top tier/elite scoring option. I disagree about Mitchell. I don’t see Mitchell becoming an elite scorer either, but I think he has a good chance to average 15-20 ppg and maybe 5-8 apg. Solid numbers but nothing that should scream overrated.

    • yoyo137

      Man, Donovan Mitchell and Kuzma are rookies. They’re obviously going to keep developing and are on rosters that are due to be upgraded, but their ability to produce in volume will lead to better shooting percentages/less turnovers in smaller roles. Same way Ray Allen changed his game in Boston vs. when he was in Seattle.

  2. thadimus

    If you noticed they said the jazz would also take expiring contracts which the bulls just received two of so no draft picks would be dealt.

    • Bryzzo2016

      The Bulls would have to at least take on a bad contract in addition to giving up expiring contracts if they don’t want to part w/ a draft pick. I don’t see a fit. It’s more likely they move Lopez, Grant for a draft pick + a bad contact. Similar to what they did with the Pels. They didn’t give up a Mid first rounder for Niko straight up, they forced the Bulls to take Asik’s contract or it woulda been a hard no from the Pels.

  3. Adam37

    That’s crazy to say about Donovan Mitchell! He’s certainly getting more early opportunity to have the ball in his hands and shoot etc. but he’s really really good. Kuzma as a rookie has displayed awesome offensive potential too. Again More opportunity for sure but I don’t think anyone is calling him a future star. Hood is no star but if a team with a great medical staff can keep him healthy he’s a pretty damned good 3rd or 4th option on a team

    • Bryzzo2016

      I get where the tempered excitement is coming for Mitchell and Kuz. They are volume shooters playing for bad teams. They wouldn’t get those shots, those plays run for them on a contending team or even a playoff team. Kuz has already cooled off big time and we’re not even at the AS break.

      • Adam37

        I would contend that Utah is not a bad team. Not good but certainly not bad. And Kuz is a volume shooter for a bad team sure, but Mitchell is also already a really good defender.

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