Latest Update On 10-Day Contracts

Ten-day signings continue to be the most common NBA transaction taking place at this point in the 2017/18 season, with most rest-of-season contracts only being signed after the player has already played on a 10-day deal or two.

Currently, 11 of the league’s 30 teams are carrying at least one player on a 10-day contract, giving them the opportunity to take a look at that player without being committed to him for the rest of the season.

A week ago, we checked in on the active 10-day contracts around the NBA, but the turnover on those agreements is so frequent that it’s worth revisiting them this week. Because 10-day contracts can be challenging to keep up with, we created a tracker to keep tabs on all the 10-day deals around the NBA. Updated daily, our tracker shows which 10-day contract recipients still have active deals.

With the help of our tracker, here’s a quick roundup of the players currently on 10-day contracts, along with a handful of players whose deals recently expired. The expiration date noted below for each player represents the final day of his contract.

Active 10-day contracts:

Recently expired 10-day contracts that haven’t been renewed:

Players recently signed for the season after their 10-day contracts ended:

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2 thoughts on “Latest Update On 10-Day Contracts

  1. hiflew

    Are the Lakers required to replace Derrick Williams soon or are they just at 14 now?

    • Luke Adams

      Williams was their 15th man — Travis Wear (whose 10-day expires later this week) is their 14th. So if they don’t re-sign either of those guys, they’d have to add someone else before the end of the season.

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