Latest Update On NBA’s 10-Day Contracts

With the end of the NBA’s regular season less than two weeks away, teams continue to sign players to 10-day contracts, but those signings aren’t quite as frequent as they were in the weeks following the All-Star break. More and more clubs are filling their final roster spots with players who may have initially signed 10-day deals, but are now on rest-of-season (and often multiyear) contracts.

When we first checked in on 10-day contracts around the NBA earlier in March, there were 14 active deals. As of last Monday, there were 12. Currently, only nine players are on active 10-day deals.

We may still see a few more 10-day signings completed in the coming days – the Rockets are said to be signing Tim Quarterman, for instance – but time is running out. As of next Tuesday (April 3), any contract signed would only run for nine days, meaning it would make more sense for a team looking to fill a roster spot to simply sign a player to a rest-of-season contract.

With this year’s 10-day contract window winding down, we’ll use our tracker to identify the players currently on 10-day deals, who could be candidates to receive rest-of-season contracts once their current pacts expire. The expiration date noted below for each player represents the final day of his contract.

Active 10-day contracts:

Recently expired 10-day contracts that haven’t been renewed:

Players recently signed for the season after their 10-day contracts ended:

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