New York Notes: Hornacek, Hicks, Crabbe

The Knicks will conclude their fourth consecutive 45+ loss season next month and the future of the team remains unclear. Outside of Latvian big man Kristaps Porzingis — who is recovering from a torn ACL — it appears there are no locks for the roster or coaching staff after this season.

As Marc Stein of the New York Times writes in his newsletter (via CBS Sports), it’s likely that head coach Jeff Hornacek does not return next season despite having one year left on his deal. The organization has moved swiftly to distance itself from almost anything related to former president Phil Jackson, which could include Hornacek.

“It’s difficult to fault Hornacek for much of the chaos that has engulfed the Knicks during his two seasons in charge,” Stein writes. “But there’s no avoiding the fact he was a Phil Jackson selection, which could well doom him now that the organization seems intent on cutting every non-Porzingian tie to the Phil era as possible.”

The Knicks have gone 57-96 under Hornacek since last season, but injuries, poor roster creation, and a rebuilding effort hindered both the head coach and the team from being competitive. Early possible candidates to replace Hornacek are Mark Jackson and David Blatt, Stein notes.

Check out more notes coming out of New York:

  • Whether or not Hornacek is the head coach next season, he feels the Knicks should seek depth at small forward, Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News writes. Sources tell Bondy that the Knicks have scouted both Miles Bridges and Mikal Bridges as possible draft targets, which would echo Hornacek’s suggestion. “I think if you look around at the top teams that are in the league they have multiple guys that are in the 6’7″, 6’8″ range with length. We had a lot of guys that are in the 6’5″ ish range,” Hornacek said. “I think the longer guys you get, it gives you more opportunities to switch on defense, which if you look at the league today, the best teams are switching all the time.”
  • With the Knicks eliminated from playoff contention, the goal for the rest of the season will be auditioning young talent, which includes 23-year-old Isaiah Hicks. In nine games, Hicks is averaging just 4.4 PPG and 2.6 RPG, but he has impressed with his basketball IQ and athleticism, Marc Berman of the New York Post writes. Hicks is on a two-way deal and the Knicks will have to decide whether they want to re-sign him.
  • The Nets‘ record has hovered near the bottom of the league in recent seasons, but the organization has bought into the mantra of building a positive culture with promising talent. Allen Crabbe, who is finishing up a strong first season in Brooklyn, said he is willing to recruit free agents this offseason, Bryan Fonseca and Net Income of NetsDaily relay. “Oh yeah. Whatever I can do, just getting guys on board and looking at the vision that Sean Marks and coach (Kenny) Atkinson have for this organization moving forward, I think guys will buy in,” Crabbe said.
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5 thoughts on “New York Notes: Hornacek, Hicks, Crabbe

  1. Ralow

    I think there is a typo in the 2nd paragraph (“it’s likely that head coach Jeff Hornacek does return next season despite having one year left on his deal.”). Is he likely to return or not? The rest of the paragraph implies he’s gone.

    • Element3

      He Sucks and shouldn’t return next year, just look at his record, here and w/ the Suns, bring Mark Jackson home, Hornacek is not a N.Y. Style person, no toughness and the players don’t like him, we want a defensive coach and he had his chance, I hope to God that he’s gone, can’t take another year of bad decisions and matching players, if he returns the Knicks will have another loosing season period.

  2. I’m struggling with the “auditioning young players” for the balance of the season, and then playing Beasley 30 minutes + a night. Which is it Knicks?

    I do agree that Hornacek needs to go, but Jackson’s personality has not meshed well with younger players in the past. Look at GS, he leaves, Kerr comes in, and the team goes to another level. He would obviously be better than JH, but I would rather see a Jay Wright type instead of a butt buster like Jackson.

    I say all that, but I’m also in favour of bringing back Balky, and watching him hang off of Kanter’s leg the next time he pisses off someone from another team.

  3. Norm Chouinard

    If KP is the only surviving long term asset as I suspect, then move JH for a company man. But the Knicks need to stop the coaching merry-go-round soon for the sake of the players.

    Perspective, Gentlemen and Ladies. The Knicks were expected to compete for the worst record with KP and won’t be all that close to it without him for 2 months. Red Auerbach could not have coached this roster any better.

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