Knicks To Interview Mark Jackson Wednesday

Mark Jackson will interview for the Knicks head coaching job on Wednesday, Chris Haynes of ESPN tweets.

The former Knicks point guard and Warriors head coach has already been named a candidate for the job and this confirms the Knicks’ interest. New York’s brass interviewed Jerry Stackhouse on Tuesday. Stackhouse has been coaching the Raptors’ G League team, Raptors 905, after a long playing career.

Ex-Grizzlies coach David Fizdale, former Cavs coach David Blatt and ex-Knicks coach Mike Woodson are among the other known candidates for the position.

Jackson, an analyst on ABC’s top NBA broadcasting team, compiled a 121-109 record with the Warriors from 2011-14 and took them to the playoffs in two of his three seasons.

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25 thoughts on “Knicks To Interview Mark Jackson Wednesday

  1. Godgiftsjoejr

    Mark Jackson let’s go, make sure u have a good interview so u can become the next knicks head coach

  2. Reflect

    He was very underrated with Golden State. He got them to the playoffs before they even finished building the team… and I liked the development he did with Curry and others…

    My concern is that New York is not California. I don’t know how the Fifth Baptist NBA Locker Room is gonna go over in the NYC. I heard he wasn’t even that popular amongst the Warriors at the time. He has the coaching skill but I can’t help but see a trainwreck coming.

    • padam

      He grew up in Queens, NY and went to St. John’s. While I’m hoping they don’t offer him the job, he’s the best qualified of the candidates mentioned to handle NY.

    • I agree with your first paragraph.

      Your second paragraph, remember that many black athletes are believers and have strong faith in God so that stuff resonates well….mostly. He has a good locker room and players love him it’s the Press, upper management that have issues sometimes.

      He’s a player’s coach. He was a player, he understands all that. And to give the man the benefit of the doubt perhaps he learned a thing or two from his first gig.

      • Itrainsontuesday

        The city where he coaches has nothing to do with where the players are from. The Knicks can all be, and usually are from far away from New York.

  3. liamsfg

    Please hire him so that I don’t have to listen to him talk about the Warriors during the playoff broadcasts next year.

    • I definitely love him more as a coach than as a broadcaster. Seriously I’m not sure why he does the games?

      I love what he did for the Warriors brought us from multiple 22 win seasons and Decades of futility to the playoffs and 50 wins. I give him a lot of credit for that, with the ownership and Jerry West Bob Myers and of course the players.

  4. Dodgethis

    Yes hire Jackson. The coach who had virtually the same lineup that won 73 games but couldn’t figure out how to coach the talant. Warriors fans who watched before Steve Kerr came to town know what’s up with this clown. He couldn’t figure out how to coach draymond and was generally not liked. But, I’m sure there is some mystical reason Jackson wasn’t to blame and he’s actually a good coach…

    • liamsfg

      I’d argue that he can improve a team’s defensive culture like he did with the Warriors.

      Bring him in for 2 years then if the team hits that threshold, then bring in a new guy to take them beyond.

      • You’re exactly right and it’s quite possible he learned a thing or two from his first and only head coaching job. Perhaps he’s improved in areas where he was weak? Imagine that.

        But yeah I like your idea bring him in, improve the culture, get to the playoffs possibly and then you’re on your way.

    • I think you’re off base with your take. He had this current team when they were first second third year guys. He had to teach them defense first of all. He had to give these guys confidence.

      David Lee was the starting power forward on a big-money deal and you can’t just bench him to play Draymond Green.

      I think he did a good job and calling him a clown is uncalled for. In fact I’d like you to go to a game walk over to his broadcast table and call him a clown, and then tell him where you’ll be after the game.

      That would be better than calling someone a clown anonymously on a website. Just my opinion.

    • MZ311

      And none of the players on the team were the players they are now. They can thank Jackson for coaching and teaching them.

  5. the dude

    As a player, he didn’t rub his sweaty face in Honor of his kids like horny did, he’s already better

  6. GMBuzz

    None of the reported candidates are inspiring if I’m a Knicks fan.

    Think a little longer, a little deeper and come up with better prospects. Your fans deserve some more intelligent decision making.

    • Djones246890

      I agree. These guys are just the same old recycled garbage. You know exactly what you’re getting from all these clowns, and that isn’t a good thing. Hiring any of them will just produce more mediocre/below average performances.

  7. Djones246890

    To everyone praising this guy, you do realizes he’s an extremely divisive
    clubhouse figure, correct?

    If you’re trying to be a head coach (leader, mentor, manager), this is probably like the number one quality you should NOT have.

    • Mark Jackson was divisive within the organization, but hopefully he’s learned from that experience. People can learn from earlier mistakes at the first job, correct?

      As far as the locker room the only guy on that team that didn’t care much for Mark Jackson was Andrew Bogut. Everyone else went to the mat for him.

      Many were upset that he was let go, but spoke how they supported the GM and owners decision. Turned out to be fantastic decision and I’m glad to be a Warriors fan. I just think Mark Jackson deserves another chance and he did wonders for the Warriors when he was there.

  8. D-NBA

    Jackson took that Golden State team from 23 wins to 47 and then 51. He gave Curry the green light to be who he was, he could do an even better job with Frank.

  9. dust44

    Jackson is definitely the guy. Just don’t wait too long. Hire him and don’t let the Suns try to steal him

    • padam

      Suns are too smart… They’re going to sign Budenholzer. The list of coaches the Knicks are going to interview is just reflective of the idiots running the team from above.

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