Atlantic Notes: Fultz, Knicks, Brown, Crabbe

The Sixers need to make some hard decisions this offseason on where top pick Markelle Fultz fits into their future plans, David Murphy of the Philadelphia Inquirer argues. Now that they’ve established themselves as a playoff team, they have to decide how to get as deep as possible in future seasons with Fultz playing a bigger role. If Fultz isn’t a playoff-caliber two-guard by this time next year, the dream of a championship season could be dashed, Murphy continues. Ideally. Fultz will soon establish himself as a legitimate third option but they have guard against the possibility it never happens, Murphy adds.

In other news and musings around the Atlantic Division:

  • Knicks president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry have taken a much more thorough, well-thought-out approach to their coaching search, unlike predecessor Phil Jackson, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post. The amount of candidates interviewed has reached double digits and the duo has traveled across the country and over the Atlantic Ocean in order to find the right fit, Berman continues. They don’t pretend to know everything and that’s a stark contrast to Jackson, who stopped listening and learning, according to Berman.
  • Celtics swingman Jaylen Brown vows to play Game 2 of the series against the Sixers on Thursday, as he told A. Sherrod Blakely of NBC Sports. Brown, who was a game-time decision in the opener, is nursing a right hamstring injury. “I’ll be back. I’m playing,” he told Blakely, though he added, “I’m basically trying to come back in two days from a two-week type injury.”
  • Nets guard Allen Crabbe promises to improve his efficiency and production in his second season with the club, according to Crabbe averaged a career-best 13.2 PPG and set the team record for most 3-pointers made, but his long-range percentage dropped from 44.4% to 37.8%. “I didn’t have the consistent season I wanted to have,” Crabbe said. “But I got one year under my belt [in Brooklyn] and I know where I can be effective on this team and what I can bring – what I can do. Just go into off-season and come back a completely different player.”
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14 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Fultz, Knicks, Brown, Crabbe

  1. Philly Fan

    Philly should trade Covington, Fultz, and 2018 LAL 1st for Kawhi and Danny Green.

    Kawhi instantly elevates the 76ers to championship caliber by providing the ability to score in isolation, shoot, and be a lockdown defender. Danny Green can slot in as the starting SG (I would let Redick walk to preserve future cap room since Kawhi would be signed to an extension).

    The Spurs make this trade because they improve in both the present and future. Fultz and Murray could become a dynamic backcourt or perhaps one becomes the other’s backup. Covington gives the Spurs flexibility to either resign Anderson or Gay or let one of them walk. The LAL 1st might end up being Carter Jr, who could be the future starting center for the Spurs.

    • Dionis

      I like it, make it happen. Kawhi on the Sixers would make the Sixers favorites for the ring, I could totally see Fultz flourishing in the Spurs system since he’s so crafty and has that in and out motion like Ginobili.

    • Z-A

      Focus on Free Agents first, LeBron or PG13, Gordon or Parker, and Evans if they strike out 4x. 4 of those players are an upgrade at SF. Evans should not cost too much capital to bring in a capable compliment to RoCo at SF.

      Kawhi is an unknown, tbh why trade for a guy coming off injury? Give up assets and possibly have an Andrew Bynum or Isaiah Thomas situation? Also, Spurs are the only team that can offer him Supermax. He isn’t going anywhere. All he has to do is say he won’t re-up and the team trading for him will balk.

    • x%sure

      Spurs can do WAY better. Roco plays Aldredge’s position. Green better than Fultz though Fultz is cheaper. Lakers may make a FA splash. Leonard is an allstar.

      • Itrainsontuesday

        RoCo and Aldridge do not play the same position. Aldridge is a PF who can play some Center when needed, even though he prefers PF. RoCo is a 3 who can guard 2s and 4s, but he is not a 4 on offense. Saric and Ilyasova play the 4 when they’re in together.

      • Z-A

        The only 4 RoCo is guarding is on a switch or like a Harrison Barnes type. Basically 3s that are playing the 4.

      • Philly Fan

        Covington is a 3 who can play small-ball 4 when Aldridge moves to the 5. Fultz will be far better than Green next year and the LAL 1st is for this upcoming draft, making the pick likely to be 10th overall. Neither the Clippers, Knicks, nor Lakers could offer anything better. If needed, Philly could even through in a few 2nd round picks

        • x%sure

          Okay, and also, the pick is about 10 this year not next. I must have been in a rush to reject the trade. But I think the Spurs would too, still.

  2. Dionis

    Mike Budenhelzer would have been good being that he coached Hardaway Jr in Atlanta but there is no way I take any coach over Blatt. He’s such a good defensive coach has a philosophical approach to the game, I like what he would be able to do for a guard like Frank Ntilikina.

  3. bowserhound

    Interviewing a dozen candidates translates into knowing what they are doing? Sounds like they have no idea what they are looking for in a coach at all. Typical Knicks.

  4. I disagree bowserhound, I think interviewing that many candidates is well thought out. You learn something from every one of them, and you start to formulate your “ideal” coach based on the variety of insights you have received. Just giving the job to Fish, and then Horndo were mistakes, ones that were rushed in to.

    Dionis, Blatt is not the only choice. Yes, if he’s the guy, I’m good with that, but I believe Bud, Stack and Borrego are also reasonable options.

    • padam

      Really? What are they going to learn interviewing a coach whom they fired not too long ago? That they were right for firing him?

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