Budenholzer Seeks To Unlock Bucks’ Defensive Potential

Mike Budenholzer will prioritize improving the Bucks’ defense, Genaro C. Armas of the Associated Press reports. Budenholzer, who agreed to a four-year contract last week to become the team’s head coach, feels Milwaukee’s roster has plenty of good defensive pieces and it’s his task to put them together. “I think with the individual talents we have in Milwaukee … I think one of the words I used in the interview process was, ‘How can we unlock this talent defensively?'” Budenholzer said during his introductory press conference on Monday. “I just think there’s so much to work with.” Milwaukee finished 17th in the league’s defensive ratings last season, 21st in defensive field-goal percentage, 22nd in opponents’ second-chance points and 23rd in points allowed in the paint.

In other notable items from the press conference:

  • Budenholzer believes he can help All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo expand his game. He has already had breakfast with the team’s superstar and Khris Middleton. “He’s a smart player,” Budenholzer said. “I think together, he and I will probably push each other. But I look forward to pushing him. He believes it, I believe it. He’s going to get a lot better.”
  • GM Jon Horst interviewed at least seven candidates, according to Matt Velazquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Horst wanted to find someone with whom he could engage in casual, productive conversations. “It was just an enjoyable time the entire period of time,” Horst said of his initial interview with the ex-Hawks coach.
  • Budenholzer wants to his staff to be mainly comprised of former Hawks assistants. “I’m very hopeful that the majority of my staff will come with me,” Budenholzer said. “I’m a huge believer in my group that’s been with me the last five years.”
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9 thoughts on “Budenholzer Seeks To Unlock Bucks’ Defensive Potential

  1. kripes-brewers

    The little I’ve paid attention to the NBA and the Bucks over the years, even I know the last 4 (at least) coaches have paid lip service to defense. We all know they need to play both sides of the ball, but they never hold to it. We shall see…

    • Sterling1

      In reality, Kidd put more emphasis on defense than offense. He just had adefensive system that didnt work.

  2. formerlyz

    This is what I said when he was up for the job. I think that’s the most important thing, and very possible with him there. There is no reason that shouldn’t be a top 5-7 defense. I think he will also help Giannis assert his will more often. That has been a problem, in my opinion, and I didnt feel like he did that enough in the Celtics series.

  3. Danthemilwfan

    Giannis, Brogdon, Bledsoe, thon, Henson, Middleton and snell are all really good defenders. They can all play one one but we played constant zones the last few years. Also Parker is a really good on ball defender. He reminds me of the way Zaza used to play defense. Won’t block a shot but will always stay in front.

    • SuperSinker

      I’ve never seen one person mistake Jabari for an average NBA defender until today.

    • driese62

      First off the fact you mentioned thon as a good D guy still is making me laugh behind Henson he’s the 2nd biggest waist of space on this team.
      They have a major hole it’s the 5 position until they get a quality physical center they will never do crap.You can preach D all you want but if your 3 centers are as soft as Charmin as rebound like 5th graders you will never be a great team.
      They were dead last in rebounds for a reason extremely bad rebounding fundamentals 101 and it all comes back to pansy ass Henson and maker 2 7 footers who couldn’t box out or out rebound my 80 year old grandma

      • x%sure

        Agree, Bucks need to commit to winning, and Maker is just an annual prospect. They needed a coach to prioritize winning– got that– now a center.

    • Rico35

      He’s the reason we lost to the Celtics we had their number he give up too many buckets. He’s a bad fit a carmelo to Milwaukee

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