Central Notes: Love, Van Gundy, Pistons, Parker

The Cavaliers lead the Raptors in their Eastern Conference Semifinals matchup, 2-0, as the series shifts to Cleveland. Kevin Love helped his case with 31 points in a Game 2 victory after struggling for most of the playoffs. As the postseason progresses, the Cavaliers’ coaching staff will need to monitor Love’s play at the center and power forward position, Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com writes.

“We’ve been very successful with Kev at the 5, but we have to listen to what Kev needs as well,” teammate LeBron James said. “If there’s times throughout the postseason or a game where he’s feeling a little worn down because he’s battling with a lot of bigs, then we’ve got to make the substitution properly. I think Coach Lue has done that, obviously with the start of Game 7, being able to start Double T at the five and allow Kev to play his natural position.”

Check out more Central Division notes:

  • The Pistons would like to bring back Stan Van Gundy, but with an adjusted role. After missing the playoffs for the past several seasons, it may be time for both sides to part amicably, Bob Wojnowski of The Detroit News opines.
  • There were 12 teams that had the chance to draft Donovan Mitchell before he fell to the Jazz and had a historically great rookie season. Looking back, the Pistons not selecting Mitchell is right up there with the Darko Milicic blunder from 2003, Shawn Windsor of the Detroit Free Press writes.
  • After two torn ACLs and a frustrating showing in the postseason, Jabari Parkers value is not at an all-time high heading into the summer. As a restricted free agent, it’s possible Parker’s tenure with the Bucks is over. Frank Urbina of HoopsHype breaks down Parker’s four best choices in free agency.
  • As the Lakers enter the summer with major cap space and an eye on the NBA’s premier free agents, Mark Schanowski of NBC Sports Chicago examines the possibility of the Bulls pursuing Brandon Ingram in a trade.
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16 thoughts on “Central Notes: Love, Van Gundy, Pistons, Parker

  1. x%sure

    That’s a whopper outa Detroit. Picking Kenard at #12 instead of Mitchell last draft, is worse than picking Milicic instead of Bosh or Wade at #2???

    Hey, it’s another year at the office when the GM blows the #12 pick. But it’s real bad blowing the #2. And we don’t even know how Kennard turns out yet, while Milicic was a wash.
    Kennard had solid #s across the board with a highlight of 42% from3, which is what he was drafted for.

    I hate this after-the-fact second-guessing.
    Mitchell plays one of their big 3’s positions. It was a normal choice. Mitchell went about where he should have, maybe earlier.

    • LordBanana

      Yeah funny that none of these sportswriters were saying to draft Mitchell early before the draft

    • I’d also add that Woj said the Pistons had missed the playoffs for several seasons when in fact they just played the Cavs (got swept) two seasons ago.

  2. diller79

    Stan Van Gundy has 2 huge misses in the draft during his tenure with the pistons.

    2015- picks Stanley Johnson #8 and then Devin Booker goes 13th (both play same position)

    2017- picks Luke Kennard #12 and Donavan Mitchell goes #13

    If you switch those 2 picks the pistons would be running out the starting 5 of:
    Reggie Jackson, Donavan Mitchell, Devin Booker, Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond.

    They would be the best team in the east by far and have 4 guys that could make the all star team any year

  3. augold5

    If Jabari is leaving the bucks, it won’t be via free agency. They will do a sign and trade if they think the RFA offer is too much. No way they let they’re #2 pick from 4 years ago just walk with nothing in return.

    • Luke Adams

      It’s not entirely up to them. If Parker formally signs an offer sheet, a sign-and-trade would be off the table (they have to either match or let him go in that scenario).

  4. jericola

    Van Gundy’s time is up.

    The Roster was put together by him and it is clearly either here or there (Nt Tanking but also not challenging)

  5. all in ad

    Lue is terrible. It took him all season and to the brink in game 7 to figure out Love is PF and not a center. TT is respectable….Love will leave ASAP….and who could blame him…LBJ gives him anxiety and Lue plays him out of position.

  6. tfence

    Explain to me why:
    A.) Jabari would sign any of these deals?
    B.) The Bucks wouldn’t match every single one of these deals?

  7. Z-A

    How does this Schanowski not know Randle is G O N E. As bad as my Lakers friend. All he does is postulate trades using Randle. Randle cant be traded…. So when this guy talks about the Lakers having 2 forwards in Randle and Kuzma he shows his lack of knowledge. In any world where they get 2 FAs at max. Randle is gone.

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