Co-Owner Wyc Grousbeck Confident About Celtics’ Future

Celtics co-owner, managing partner, and CEO Wyc Grousbeck appeared today on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston before tonight’s Game 2 between the Celtics and Cavaliers to discuss a bevy of topics, as relayed by Adam Kaufman of WBZ-AM NewsRadio 1030 (click here for links).

Perhaps most interestingly, Grousbeck uncovered the fact that the Cavs were interested in obtaining/would have accepted Jayson Tatum instead of the Nets’ upcoming pick in the 2018 NBA Draft in last summer’s blockbuster trade that sent Kyrie Irving to the Celtics. Ultimately, the Celtics preferred to send the pick instead of their prized rookie, which sure appears to have been the right decision as we sit here today.

Faced with the upcoming free agency of Marcus Smart this summer and the potential free agency of Irving, Al Horford, and Terry Rozier next summer, Grousbeck was also asked to discuss the Celtics’ willingness to dip into the luxury tax if necessary. Per Kaufman, Grousbeck said the Celtics are prepared to “pay for performance” and “to do whatever it takes to win again.”

As for Irving’s knee injury that has kept him out of this year’s postseason, Grousbeck said that he has no long-term concerns about Irving’s knee, which parallels the report from about a month ago that Irving was already seen walking around without a noticeable limp just a little over a week after his surgery.

Given Irving’s positive prognosis, the relative youth of the Celtics’ roster and head coach, and the prowess the team has exhibited so far this postseason without Irving, Gordon Hayward, or Daniel Theis, it’s no surprise that Grousbeck feels very confident about his team’s future, even going as far as to say he’d be disappointed if the Celtics aren’t back in the same position they’re in now for the next five years.

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15 thoughts on “Co-Owner Wyc Grousbeck Confident About Celtics’ Future

  1. tfence

    Cavs would have accepted the #3 overall pick, as opposed to a pick that could be anywhere in the top lottery? How shocking!

    • Clark Crum

      True – but the allure of being able to select the player you want, not to mention the opportunity to obtain the No. 1 or No. 2 selection, adds value to the pick.

  2. Connorsoxfan

    Wyc isn’t wrong, but that’s a bold statement to make about making the ECF 5 years in a row without a generational talent.

  3. slapnuts

    Well, they’ve made it to two in a row without one, so it’s not bold at all

  4. cesc

    True they have made it to 2 in a row… but now the sixers are coming, not with 1 generational talent but with 2… so boston needs to do something big to keep up, maybe trading all-stars like Kyrie & good players like Gordon to try & get a superstar to compete while letting the young core grow.

    • jrwhite21

      Embiid is not a generational talent. Neither is Simmons until he can learn to shoot.

    • LASTSON86

      We have Kyrie who is absolutely a generational talent. He’s the one who made the clutch shots for the Cavs when they beat the Warriors in the Finals a couple years ago.

  5. x%sure

    I would more like to know if the Cavs pushed for a Rozier add-on, which was plausible if IT was not ready to go, which was pretty quickly discovered.

    Cavs should have gotten the right to acquire Rozier for their first rounder this draft, expiring Feb.15th, if IT was not going to be ready. At the time, in August, it would not have been asking for that much from Boston.

  6. cesc

    Well Boston hasn’t had any player of BS & JE class since the days of Larry Bird, so generational or not this 2 are far better than anything Boston’s got now or gonna have any time soon, barring big trade where they fleece someone, like they did with Brooklyn.

  7. LASTSON86

    Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are becoming GREAT players right before everyone’s eyes. They will continue to develop and make Boston a FA destination Bc they will be one of the top 2 teams that can off the best chance at winning multiple Championships.

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