DeMarcus Cousins Talks Achilles, Pelicans, Free Agency

Speaking to Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, DeMarcus Cousins expressed optimism about his recovery from his season-ending Achilles injury, suggesting that he thinks he can be ready to go for the start of training camp. While that’s hardly a lock, Cousins said his own personal goal is to be able to play in the 2018/19 regular season opener.

Of course, given his upcoming unrestricted free agency, it’s not yet clear what uniform Cousins would be wearing if he makes it back for opening night. Asked about his free agent decision, Cousins said he won’t rush the process, and plans to make “the absolute best decision for DeMarcus Cousins.” The big man added that his ideal landing spot would be a contending team where he’d “be appreciated.”

Spears’ conversation with Cousins is worth checking out in full, and includes his explanation for why he unfollowed the Pelicans on Instagram. Here are a few other highlights from the veteran center:

On the idea that the Pelicans were better without him:

“It’s silly. I don’t think anyone in that locker room believes that. Not to take any credit from my team, but they stepped up, and that’s what you expect from your teammate when adversity hits and that’s exactly what they did. I’m super proud, and I give them all the credit in the world for being able to come together and make that happen.”

On how good the Pelicans looked just before his Achilles injury happened:

“It was scary, and at that moment we thought that we could battle with any team in the NBA. It didn’t matter. It’s crazy because I remember [Rajon] Rondo saying, ‘Man, it’s clicking.’ And the way we were meshing together, everybody was flowing together. I can remember him talking about it saying we’re clicking, it’s looking so good out here and, you know, it happens.”

On whether he’s interested in re-signing with the Pelicans:

“Oh yeah, for sure. This is my first time in free agency, but I’ve been around this business long enough. I know how things work. I’m not out here trying to hold a grudge or anything like that. I’m going to make the best decision for me, and I believe teams are going to do the same thing.”

On the level of interest from the Pelicans’ side:

“I know for a fact my teammates want me back there, but you know it’s a business. The people in the front office are going to make the best decision for the team or whatever they feel is the best decision. You know, we’ll see what happens. I honestly can’t answer that question, I haven’t spoken to the front office in a while, so we’ll see what happens.”

On playing in New Orleans:

“The city of New Orleans is super dope. The Southern hospitality is through the roof. Only a Southerner would really know what that Southern hospitality is like. It’s genuine love down there. They are crazy about their sports teams, the Pelicans and the Saints. Whenever I was out and about I was always shown love. … I appreciated the time I did have there, if it is the end. But if it’s not, I can’t wait to be back around.”

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21 thoughts on “DeMarcus Cousins Talks Achilles, Pelicans, Free Agency

  1. acarneglia

    I love Boogie and I hope he ends up in a great situation whether it be back in New Orleans or elesewhere.

  2. Dionis

    No way he re-signs if New Orleans low balls him with a 2-3 year offer. Dallas,Chicago, and LA could offer him max money and there is no way he doesn’t take it. The experiment in New Orleans was intriguing but he would be ideal on the Lakers. The Lakers don’t need 2 max free agents, Ball,Ingram, and Kuzma are going to be crazy good and Cousins would be the cherry on top. Signing George would be nice but is he willing to play the 2? If yes than the Lakers will be absolutely amazing.


    My god.

          • Dionis

            He can dictate how he wants to play there and not have to play in any other coach’s system. With Lue he can do as he pleases and JR,Love, and Korver are his puppets.

            • In my opinion he is done in Cleveland. He fulfilled his obligation to the City by coming back and winning a championship. It’s not fun there anymore and he’s not a youngster.

              He’s going to do something for him again and that means the Lakers. Plenty of fanfare, excitement of a new Young team, and he’ll bring a buddy or two with him.

    • Conman

      Amazing? That’s a stretch. Ball and Ingram are overrated. George is past his prime. No way that lineup could compete in the West. Maybe a 7 or 8 seed at best.

    • stillerfan

      The Lakers will be lucky to be a perennial 8-seed. There isn’t enough money to lure the talent necessary for the Lakers to represent the west for a long time.

    • NOPelicanFangirl696969

      Lol hes not gonna go to the lakers id bet he would go to washington before he goes to LA.

    • Dionis

      Nice I like that deal, never thought about it. A Wiggins-Davis tandem has some really good potential.

      • My bad got confused for a second absolutely N.O. would have Davis Wiggins and co while Minnesota would have cousins towns butler and co.

  3. If Boogie goes to Lakers & is in anyway near the level prior to the injury, with all the young talent in LA… that would be scary, definitely Lakers doesn’t need any forwards like Lebron, PG13 or Kawhi, they have Ingram, Kuzma & Randle & with a great playmaker like Lonzo would be amazing they just need a SG (by the way I thought Lonzo this year despite his luck of rythm due to injuries was just as good as Donovan Mitchell & better than Jason Tatum)

    • chiefivey

      i thought lonzo was solid this year. everyone wanted himto be this otherworldly player but he played within his strengths. and hes only 19

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