Gentry: Pelicans Organization Wants Cousins Back

Everyone in the Pelicans organization wants DeMarcus Cousins to re-sign with the club, coach Alvin Gentry told ESPN’s Mike Triplett and other reporters on Monday.

The Pelicans made the playoffs despite Cousins’ season-ending Achilles tendon injury in January and then advanced to the conference semifinals by sweeping the Trail Blazers in the opening round. That hasn’t changed the team’s desire to retain the Twin Towers pairing of Cousins and Anthony Davis. Cousins is an unrestricted free agent this summer.

“I don’t really talk about free agency. But the bottom line is that obviously we’d like to have him back on our team,” Gentry said. “Anyone that thinks you’re better having a guy that averaged [big numbers] not on your team is really kind of not in tune to what it takes to win in this league. So there’s just so many factors that enter into it. But there’s not one single person, player or coach or in the basketball ops department or ownership that doesn’t want him back.”

Cousins indicated in an extensive interview last week that he hadn’t spoken with anyone in the front office “in awhile.” That hinted at a potential disconnect between the two parties, or even that the Pelicans might let him walk without an offer.

Gentry’s comments debunked that notion. Cousins did say in the same interview he was interested in re-signing with them, though he’d let the process play itself out.

Whether the Pelicans or any other team offers Cousins a max contract remains a mystery, given that Cousins is coming off a major injury, along with his reputation as one of the league’s most temperamental players. The Pelicans reportedly had internal discussions about offering Cousins a two- or three-year contract worth less than the max. It’s also expected that most of the teams with significant cap space this summer won’t pursue him.

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13 thoughts on “Gentry: Pelicans Organization Wants Cousins Back

  1. Dionis

    Too bad Gentry you will get fired and Cousins will be in a Dallas uniform next season.

    • Clark K

      You know a bit ago you were starting to make sense with your comments but man, it literally seemed like you picked a random player and team out of your *ss and said yeah he’s gonna go there. There’s been nothing to suggest he’s going there, and why would he chose Dallas over the Pelicans or Lakers?

        • Clark K

          Pelicans can offer more and Lakers can offer the same, so check off money. And barring a second big FA he’d be the featured go to guy on the Lakers.

          • wdwyer

            Yea but he was the guy in Sacramento and hated it because they sucked. He wants to win and signing with the pelicans gives him the best chance to win while still getting a max.

              • wdwyer

                I don’t know why everyone says that. There hasn’t been a single report out that Boogie doesn’t like playing with Anthony Davis. They worked together over the summer, granted I can’t say myself but I feel like if there was tension something similar to the report about KAT would have came out.

    • sirgant

      Gentry is not getting fired. Cousins could well be on the Mavericks though, not gonna get a max deal however.

      • x%sure

        Coaches whose teams overperform don’t get fired; like @clark says it was a name Dionis pulled out of his a–.

        Interesting if Cousins going to Dallas would save Laker a– by not stealing Randle instead.

        There will be wide variation in Cousin’s offers, it depends on what the Pels offer compared to a team more desperate.

  2. Reflect

    I’m not even a Pelicans fan and I hope he re-signs with them. I think that team was a legit title contender with Rondo, Boogie, and AD. It would be fun to watch.

  3. It really is great fun to have them together, IMO the best twin tower duo ever in the NBA. But I am not so sure that is the best fit, for them to play together, having 2 ball dominant guys playing in the inside, I think both of them should have the leadership & be the man in their team, so I would like to see Boogie in Dallas or Lakers.

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