Hawks To Hire Lloyd Pierce As Head Coach

6:10 pm: Pierce has reached an agreement with Atlanta to become the team’s next head coach, the Hawks announce via press release.

“As we set out to find a new head coach for our team, it was critically important to find a dynamic teacher who could connect with and develop our young core while instilling the culture and high standards we feel are necessary in a successful program,” said Hawks GM Travis Schlenk. “Lloyd Pierce checks every box, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him leading the Atlanta Hawks into the future.”

Pierce said that he’s been working toward this moment for a long time, adding that it’s an honor to become the Hawks’ new head coach.

“I have great respect for [Schlenk] and strong belief in his plan to bring a championship to the city of Atlanta. After spending time with ownership, it’s clear they have a deep investment in and commitment to making this a model organization. This opportunity is a perfect fit for me, and I’m eager to get started,” he said.

5:49 pm: The Hawks are closing in on a deal with Lloyd Pierce to make the Sixers’ assistant their new head coach, Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports reports (Twitter link) and Marc J. Spears of ESPN.com tweets that the Atlanta will announce Pierce as its head coach on Monday.

The contract will contain three guaranteed years with a team option for the fourth, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.com reports (Twitter link). Pierce had his third meeting with the club today.

Earlier today, we heard that Atlanta was likely to present Pierce a contract offer and on the surface, the pairing makes sense. Pierce has been with the Sixers organization since the 2013/14 campaign, spending several seasons on the sideline as the team went through their long rebuild. The Hawks are in the midst of a similar situation, though it’s unlikely Atlanta’s rebuild carries on for as many seasons as Sam Hinkie’s Process did.

The Hawks mutually parted ways with Mike Budenholzer late last month and we heard rumblings that it had to do with the direction of the franchise. Budenholzer reportedly wants to be with an organization that’s committed to winning and Atlanta appears to be more focused on talent development.

Pierce is open to the challenge of building a team from the ground up and he believes his time in Philadelphia will help him with the Hawks.

“The main reason is just looking at their young players,” Pierce said earlier in the week. “They got four guys in the draft. They got a couple of young players that are on their roster. So what’s most important when you are dealing with young players and young talent, it’s the development and relational side of that. It’s kind of my track record. It’s anybody’s track record of how do you communicate, how do you work with players, how do you develop, what does that mean?”

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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11 thoughts on “Hawks To Hire Lloyd Pierce As Head Coach

  1. Lloyd, will you take the smallest salary of any head coach in the NBA? “Of course sign me up.”

    It’s going to be a long season in Atlanta. Probably two.

  2. D-NBA

    He’s got John Collins and Taurean Prince to work with. Both those guys can develop into stars, my guessing is they’ll move forward with Schroeder as the point guard so maybe getting a center like Bamba in the draft would be ideal. Doncic might be gone by the time they pick so Bamba would be a safe pick to build with at the center spot.

    • Steve

      I seriously doubt either becomes stats and I watch most of the games! Good players? Yes! But I think you’re aiming high if you say stars!

      He has been given a lot of credit for working with Embiid and others, so his hire is encouraging! As far as the draft……. If the Hawks leave Bagley III on the board and draft Bamba, I’ll be pissed! I’ve read and heard that Bamba has worked on his jumper and from what I’ve seen his defense could be Tyson Chandler ish’. So Bamba At 5,6,7? Yes. Bamba with Ayton, Bagley, or Donic on the board? He’ll No! I actually believe the Hawks are ready to move on from my current favorite Hawk Schroder! To the point that I will be mildly surprised if they don’t trade him this off season.

      I do think Bagley and Collins or Collins and Ayton can play together as all have shown the outside touch at times. Jackson and Collins not as much because of the silly fouls both pick up going for blocks.

      Overall I like the hire, although Fizdale was my first choice.

      • ffjsisk

        How do I thumbs up this reply? Solid players, no stars. Trade Dennis for another lottery pick and leave with Porter and Sexton, both have star potential.

        • D-NBA

          Dude getting Sexton and Porter Jr would be insane, no way they get both. Prince is a beast, he’s perfectly fine at the 3 and Collins will be really good too. No way I give up on Dennis, he’s unguardable and just has to get his 3 point percentage up.

          • Steve

            The reason DS will be traded has little to do with actual basketball. His contract has 3 seasons left on it, which Atlanta will be rebuilding. He’s also had somethings go on in the locker room that will question his leadership

            As our only player ( and my favorite player) with star potential, it’s hard! But you have to think and wonder if DS actually wants to play for a rebuilding team.

            As far as Sexton and Porter!….. yes they both have star upside! But would you really want to pair them together? That’s a lot of shots at just two positions, as both of them are volume shooters and neither are dominant at anything else ( no I don’t believe Porter will be a 10 rebound guy in the NBA). So If Ayton, Bagley, and Donic are off the board, it would be time to consider Porter or Bamba. If the Hawks do indeed land a late lottery pick for DS, I would consider Sexton only if we don’t draft Porter….

            Players can be stars without being volume scorers! It only works with GS because they shoot so well! Porter May is breed be the second coming of KD, however Sexton is more Westbrook than Curry and you see where that led. I wouldn’t mind Sexton or Porter, I’m just hesitant about them together.

            • D-NBA

              Sexton is not erratic like Westbrook. Westbrook is a superstar but his attitude is quite obnoxious.

              • Steve

                As much as I like the kid, that jump shot is! I’m not saying he can’t improve it! But two guys that want 18 or more shots in a rebuild, isn’t exactly ideal. And it’s just not about Sexton, it’s he two of them together. Do you see where I’m coming from?

                • D-NBA

                  I don’t, if you draft two top level prospects the point is to let them develop and get in as much reps as possible. It’s the only way you’ll find out what kind of player they can be. Sexton is certainly a better shooter then Westbrook was coming out of UCLA.

                  • Steve

                    No the point is to get players that can actually play together. Having 2 guys that play with the ball in their Hands, can create a bigger problem than solution! Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

                    • Steve

                      One question as you seem to really be high on Sexton, dose he being from Atlanta have anything to do with it? If not how do you feel about Duvall? Similar size and athleticism. Duvall is a better distributor m, however his jump shot needs emergency surgery!

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