Northwest Notes: Exum, Wiggins, Towns

Dante Exum will be a restricted free agent this offseason and the Jazz are hoping to re-sign their former No. 5 overall pick.

“We hope to retain him,” said Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey (via Mike Sorensen of the Deseret News). “Obviously there’s a lot of conversations and in a free agent market, it’s hard to predict. Dante’s done his job, he’s had some unfortunate things happen. We don’t think he’s injury prone — things happen to young players. He’s the right guy, he’s got the right level of talent. You don’t get the same package of speed and size. It’s our job to develop him but we’ll see what happens.”

Exum is unlikely to supplant Ricky Rubio as the starting point guard any time soon, so there may be a limit on what Utah is willing to pay him. The 23-year-old isn’t focused on his next payday right now. He’s simply trying to get better this offseason. “I think the Jazz want me back, so hopefully it all works out. My agent’s going to take care of that and I think for me as a player, I just need to control what I can control,” the point guard said.

Here’s more from the Northwest Division:

  • The Jazz would also like to have Raul Neto back, but the soon-to-be 26-year-old may seek a greater role elsewhere, Sorensen relays in the same piece. “It’s always a time you’ve got to think, you got to look at all your offers and opportunities you have and try to pick the best one,” Neto said. “Right now, there’s nothing else I can do. Just keep working and waiting and make the decision I have to make. Sometimes it’s not only the player’s decision, there’s the Utah Jazz, so basically it’s in their hands. We’ll see.”
  • Jon Krawczynski of The Atlantic wonders if the Wolves should try to trade Andrew Wiggins. The former No. 1 overall pick signed a five-year extension worth nearly $150MM, though the scribe hears that a Wiggins-DeMar DeRozan swap remains a possibility should Toronto look to make major moves.
  • Does it make sense for the Wolves to deal Karl-Anthony Towns? Michael Rand of the Star Tribune isn’t so sure, but he notes that Towns hasn’t said anything to quiet down the rumblings that he and the team are “not in a good place.”
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12 thoughts on “Northwest Notes: Exum, Wiggins, Towns

  1. formerlyz

    If they trade KAT, I dont see what they’re trying to do. He is the face of the franchise, or should be. I’d fire Thibs and trade everyone else before doing that. It would take a crazy amount to get him

    Wiggins deals should at least be explored. He hasnt improved in any area, and he still shies away. He also took the most shots on the team and still complained about his role/touches, and then still shies away as I said. No reason he shouldn’t be a great defender. He needs to continue to improve his jumpshot, and especially at the free throw line. And he needs to improve his ability as a playmaker

  2. all in ad

    KAT didn’t see the ball in playoffs. Big mistake. Thought Thibs was better coach. That team has talent but no chemistry.

    • bravesfan88

      Yeah, “all in ad,” it is actually pretty crazy that Minnesota seems to be so disjointed..

      My main question revolves around the ways the Wolves can come to fix their issues..I think it ultimately comes down to further growth internally, and some necessary help from outside their organization as well..

      Starting internally with Wiggins..He is a talented offensive player, but this offseason he HAS TO make some strides defensively. He also has to continue rounding out his offensive game, and become a more versatile scorer..Maturity and Effort alone should help his game..

      KAT has to continue evolving his all-around game, and grow into a leader for this team…Again Maturity, and he needs to show more passion..

      Dieng needs to desperately step up for this team, and be a real force as the first real big off their bench..

      Their bench as a unit needs to step up, although they need more help..

      Going outside the organization..If I’m Thibs and Co., I’m looking to get players that could help add some spacing, and open up the middle so guys like Teague, Wiggins, Butler, and KAT will have space to drive and operate in and around the basket..

      With all that being said, the Wolves should be looking at targeting guys like Joe Ingles, TJ McConnell, Darren Collison, Buddy Hield, Reggie Bullock, Tomas Satoransky, or even an Anthony Tolliver…Of course, you’d naturally want an Otto Porter, but I’m trying to be as realistic as possible, this isn’t

      Out of those seven players, the Wolves should really focus on acquiring Reggie Bullock and TJ McConnell…I think both players are “glue” guys, like a Taj Gibson, that help add a toughness, grit, and fire to a bench and to the locker room as a whole..

      Floor spacing, defense, and building a cohesive unit that communicates well on and off the court are the ways to success in today’s NBA..By adding Bullock and TJ Mac, along with some necessary internal growth, I think this could help pave the way for success for Minnesota…


      • x%sure

        Good underrated names, except Sacto made getting Hield a big deal, so it would be a surprise if they dealt him. And Indiana probably won’t break up their backcourt thing. No way they want a Teague-Collison trade, they just had Teague.
        Mcconnell, Bullock, Tolliver, great add-ons for anyone… but Minn may have to go even deeper than that, externally.

        Towns should be prioritized over Wiggins. Big threes historically are often disappointing, for just the reasons in evidence in Minn.

      • A lack of floor spacing is a symptom. IMO, their main problem is having too many ball dominant perimeter players who are limited in their ability to make plays for other people. The other relates to style somewhat (Thibs is a defensive coach, and isn’t going to play small ball too often), but Gibson and Dieng aren’t ideal as the only big options they can couple with Towns. It’s not just that neither can space the floor, it’s that neither is an efficient post scorer or passer either.

        Adding only bench players is unlikely to change the team dynamic, and the guys you’ve floated, who could see significant minutes (e.g., Bullock), are unlikely to be available.

        I would move Wiggins (essential) and, if possible, move Dieng or Gibson. Replace Wiggins with a starting caliber SG type that doesn’t need the ball. If by trade, it’s likely to be veteran, on a rebuilding team, not a young rotation guy. Next, while going small won’t help Towns or the team in the long run, they need a big or two that can do starting caliber things on offense. There are likely more guys available here than one would think.

        • formerlyz

          What about something similar to the idea I mentioned for Toronto and DeRozan woth Sacramento, but instead substitute Minnesota and Wiggins? Wiggins for Bogdanovic, Temple, Shumpert, and 2018 #37 overall

  3. You see what happens when you try to rush a rebuild this team was setting up nicely for the future & someone did switch to winning now & look what happens, I sooo wish that when teams have a little success wouldn’t wanna rush things, let the process take its time.

  4. ChiCity773

    Twolves are to talented offensively to be as bad as they are Thibs needs to Go his basic approach to the Offense is Killing this Team is he a Defensive Guy|Outside Of Butler & Gibson nobody plays Much D On this Team They need a Offensive Hire Thibs is Stuck in 1995 Basketball

  5. That Wiggins deal looks pretty bad. He’s an average at best 3 point shooter, doesn’t defend well, isn’t a strong rebounder or passer either. But his name and his draft spot earned him 150mil. Minnesota bid against themselves and lost.

  6. Z-A

    Will be interesting how this team shakes out. After next year possible they lose Teague and Butler on opt out. They’d obviously retain KAT on a match. But only 4 guys guaranteed to be back. Hope they draft well, bc 27M to Wiggins is misplaced money, even tho they really had no choice.

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