Pistons Notes: Van Gundy, Jackson, Coaching Search, Izzo

Stan Van Gundy and the Pistons parted ways this week, putting the organization in the market for a head coach. As for Van Gundy, he still had one year left on his contract with the Pistons. However, that does not put him out of running for other coaching opportunities, per Vincent Ellis of the Detroit Free Press.

“If the right situation came along, I wouldn’t dismiss it,” Van Gundy said. “I’m not going out on the terms I would like.”  

Ellis notes that there no restrictions on Van Gundy pursuing other opportunities as a head coach, even though there’s still one year left on his Pistons contract. Van Gundy has an extensive coaching resume, which includes stints with the Heat, Magic, and Pistons. Van Gundy led the 2009 Magic to the NBA Finals but lost to the Lakers. During his stint with the Pistons, the team only made the postseason once, which prompted Detroit to explore making changes.

Check out more Pistons notes down below:

  • Reggie Jackson has not been healthy the past two seasons, missing 30 games last season and 37 games this season due to injury. In an interview with Rod Beard of the Detroit News, Jackson expressed regret for not being able to help his team and former head coach by being healthy and effective on the court. “Being injured the past few years, I wish I could have done more and been healthy more to help us win games and to secure our future as a whole and (Van Gundy’s) future,” Jackson said. “I wish we could have been better the past few years and not have to get to this point.”
  • Michigan State president John Engler said that Tom Izzo, the school’s basketball head coach, will remain a Spartan for life and will not pursue the Pistons’ head coaching vacancy, tweets David Jesse of the Detroit Free Press.
  • Keith Langlois of Pistons.com breaks down the upcoming NBA calendar and how it will impact the Pistons’ search for a head coach.
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7 thoughts on “Pistons Notes: Van Gundy, Jackson, Coaching Search, Izzo

  1. Dionis

    Reggie Jackson is a dweeb, Stan lost his job because of you meanwhile you got that fat contract And can’t stay healthy.

    • I’m not his biggest fan. Found it odd that he wanted to run a team at the time he did, given that he was a just-slightly-better-than-average backup to Russ in OKC. As soon as he got to Detroit he developed an annoying swagger. He dribbles far too much, into trouble most times. His relationship with Van Gundy (watch Game of Zones) can be encapsulated with the memory of him walking off court after sinking a shot trying to high-five Stan. Stan ignores the proffered hand, despite pleading from Reggie, ‘C’mon coach’…

      • Dionis

        Yup Van Gundy always stuck up for him whenever he got mentioned in trade rumors saying “We’re not trading Reggie” and he lost his job because of him, it’s sad honestly how these coaches are treated.

    • Reflect

      Players get injured. A good GM is prepared for that by acquiring multiple good players instead of making such a top-heavy team.

  2. Van Gundy wasn’t treated badly Dionis, he had control of the roster decisions as well as coaching. Reggie Jackson was his fault, it’s not like another GM straddled him with Jackson. Brett Brown getting the garbage he did his first years in Philly is unfair.

  3. miggycabby24

    SVG has no one to blame but himself. He put the team together, failed miserably drafting players, and signed marginal players to huge deals. The pieces didn’t fit, and the Blake Griffin deal sealed his fate by compromising the franchise’s future, giving up flexibility to improve the team.

    • yoyo137

      I agree and I don’t think he intended for things to play out the way they did, it’s just what happens when you don’t separate the coach and GM roles. That’s too much work for 1 person.

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