Rockets’ Chris Paul Out For Game 6

Rockets point guard Chris Paul will be sidelined for Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals on Saturday due to a right hamstring strain, the team confirmed today (via Twitter). According to the Rockets, Paul will be re-evaluated after the club returns to Houston.

Paul suffered the injury during the final moments of the Rockets’ Game 5 win over the Warriors, having reportedly felt “a twinge” when he landed after taking a shot on one of the team’s final possessions. As Golden State took the ball back up the court, Paul got to his feet but was unable to get back on defense. He came out of the game at the next whistle, as Houston held on for the victory.

It’s a devastating blow for both the Rockets and for Paul, who has dealt with injuries in the past and has never made an NBA Finals appearance during his 13-year NBA career. With CP3 on the shelf, Houston figures to lean more heavily on Eric Gordon to make plays out of the backcourt alongside James Harden. However, the Rockets – who had already been playing a shortened rotation – will face an uphill battle in Game 6 with the series headed back to Oakland.

If the Warriors pull out Game 6, it would set up a potential Game 7 back in Houston on Monday. Paul will certainly do everything in his power to try to return to the court for that deciding contest, though Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter link) suggests there’s an “unmistakable” pessimism emanating from Houston about the point guard’s potential availability.

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16 thoughts on “Rockets’ Chris Paul Out For Game 6

    • Clark K

      I don’t know why the Warriors or anyone would be celebrating another player getting injured, if you do then you’re a disgusting human. Not to mention I think even without Paul Rockets still win the series, Warriors have played incredibly sloppy and the Rockets defense has made them pay.

      • shane7ramsey

        He obviously didn’t mean it like that but you can take it as it is if it makes you feel better

        • Z-A

          No Draymond probably went out partying u saw him in that Saint Laurent suit at the presser. He knows the series is over for the rockets.

      • CubsRule08

        He wasn’t saying they’re celebrating Paul’s injury. He’s saying it makes the odds easier for GS to force a Game 7 and to come back and win the series if he can’t play.

  1. JrodFunk5

    Ugh… here come the Rockets excuses similar to Cleveland 2015 and GSW 2016. Wish these injuries didn’t have to happen!

    • joemoes

      Warriors run good. Key players are always out for them it’s a big difference losing your 5th or 6th man vs your best or 2nd best player

    • In 2015, the Cavs had to play the series with KI and Love due to season ending injuries. In 2016, the Warriors lost Green for a game over a punk move. Not comparable. The Rockets survived a horrible performance by Harden, so they can win a game without CP3. But they won’t be the same team going forward if he can’t play again this season.

    • politicsNbaseball

      Umm he gets hurt and misses time in the playoffs every year, why is he a “gamer”?

  2. Dodgethis

    Sucks, even with the loss last night’s game was the best in th series so far. If the warriors get iguodala back and the rockets lose Paul, that’s a huge swing.

  3. Connorsoxfan

    If the rockets pull this out and Paul is still out, the Celtics might accidentally stumble into a championship.

  4. In your dreams Boston wins the championship stumbling. They haven’t beaten the king as yet.

    • It’s amazing the Celts are where they are to begin with. Yeah, they’re going to the championship series.

  5. Reflect

    Rockets are done if Chris Paul doesn’t come back 100%. And even then they’re probably still done. Terrible ending to what was a great series so far.

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