Cavs, Larry Nance Jr. Have Mutual Interest In Long-Term Deal

The Cavaliers and Larry Nance Jr. can begin negotiating on a rookie contract extension when the new league year begins in July and multiple sources tell Joe Vardon of that both sides have “a ton” of interest in striking a deal. However, the team will hold off on any non-LeBron James matters until the four-time MVP makes a decision on his future.

Cleveland’s front office has told Nance Jr. that it views him as a foundational piece to the franchise, Vardon adds. The 25-year-old was the centerpiece for the team in the deal that sent Isaiah Thomas and 2018 No. 1 pick to the Lakers at this season’s trade deadline.

The power forward has roots in Ohio, attending high school in Cleveland. His father, Larry Nance Sr., played for the Cavs for nearly seven seasons, earning a pair of All-Star nods with the club.

During 24 games with the Cavs this season, the younger Nance scored 8.9 points per contest while pulling down 7.0 boards per night. The big man is set to make slightly over $2.72MM next season.

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17 thoughts on “Cavs, Larry Nance Jr. Have Mutual Interest In Long-Term Deal

  1. Luckylefty2

    4/5 for 20/25 can’t picture them offering anything more than that with the all the money dried up.

  2. FromTheCheapSeats

    Those deadline moves by Cleveland really set them up with a nice foundation post-Lebron. Clarkson and Nance were always badly utilized and under appreciated in L.A. Hood is a hell of a player. If his attitude is right, the Cavs should absolutely re-sign him.

    Love still has a decent amount of value – whether it’s on the floor or as a trade piece.

    And if Lebron goes anywhere but L.A. his best option is to opt in and force a sign-and-trade. That could turn into a couple more nice pieces.

    Get it right with the 8th pick, and Cleveland could – seriously – be the fifth or sixth best team in the East next year without LBJ.

    • You just described outcasted bench players from lesser teams as starters with the potential for a playoff visit minus the best player of this generation. If they’re as described, how did Cleveland get swept?

      • Jeff Zanghi

        I actually agree with CheapSeats… I’m a Celtics fan but I think the guys/core they got in that deadline deal are pretty solid. As a team I obviously don’t think they’ll be better without LeBron that would be asinine to think BUT… I think the group of young guys they got plus whatever they can get for Love (Assuming they trade him) and the pick will leave them with a decent and young core.

        I think all of the guys that kind of had limited roles in the LeBron win now or else system will actually take big steps forward once LeBron is gone and they have a full season to play together. I’m not saying they’ve built a squad that can do anything other than get swept but GS but I do think they did a solid job preparing the team for a post-James future.

    • Cleveland without LeBron in a best case scenario is a fringe playoff team. Love is solid but he’s nothing special and I doubt he could take a team to the playoffs as the number one option (he never did so in Minnesota and his weaknesses would be even more exposed as the Cavs #1 option). Without Love, there’s no chance they make the playoffs unless the player they get back has an Oladipo-improvement type of year and I doubt any team is going to offer a player with that type of upside for Love.

      In terms of rankings, the Celtics, 76ers, Pacers, Raptors, Bucks, Heat, and Wizards would all have better rosters. That doesn’t include the Pistons or Hornets possibly having a more stable and bounceback type of year.

      • Dionis

        If Lebron leaves and Love stays I’d assume Kevin Love puts some weight on again to be the beast he was in Minnesota. Love lost a ton of weight to be a spot-up shooter for Lebron. I’m not Kevin Love but if the Cavs decide to build a team around him he should put on the extra weight again to get back to being the dominant post presence he used to be. Re-sign Hood and draft a Mikal Bridges or Miles Bridges to play the 3 and run Hood at the 2.

  3. southbeachbully

    I’d like them to keep him but I hope they don’t pay him anything above $7 mil per.

  4. I do like Nance I think he brings lots of energy & athleticism to the team, just always think both in LA & in Cleveland he should have the chance to play more to prove if he can be a very good starter, but definitely sign him, real exciting player.

    • x%sure

      Agree. But can’t shoot, like TT. The trade was a mistake because it made LAL viable for Lebron.

      One poster said $5mil p/yr, three said over 10. Philly is already not happy with over 10 to Roco and he starts. I’ll go with the 5 and next year at that.

  5. Dionis

    This could be a Tracy McGrady situation. McGrady never got going in Toronto and took off once he got that contract from the Magic. Not saying Nance Jr will become a perennial all-star if the Cavs do choose to build with him but if Love and Lebron are gone, he could develop into an all-star next season.

  6. x%sure

    An allstar based on what? Being tall and active? This is not a Mcgrady situation. Just pull names from your but and apply to your normal form.

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