Free Agent Rumors: Gordon, Cousins, George, Favors

Having stated in the past that he hopes to land a maximum-salary contract as a free agent, Aaron Gordon reiterated that stance this week, according to ESPN’s Ian Begley. However, Gordon also said that he’d prefer to simply negotiate a deal with the Magic rather than having to procure an offer sheet from another team.

“Hopefully we just get it wrapped up with Orlando,” Gordon said. “That would be fantastic.”

For what it’s worth, Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders hears from league sources that the odds of Gordon landing a max deal this summer seem remote. As Kyler observes, two potential suitors for Gordon – the Suns and Kings – addressed their frontcourt with the top two picks in the draft and may be less inclined to be aggressive in pursuing the Magic power forward.

Here are a few more free agent notes and rumors, with the new NBA league year right around the corner…

  • Kyler’s latest article also includes some items on DeMarcus Cousins, Chris Paul, and Paul George, along with a couple other top free agents. According to Kyler, there’s a sense that Cousins may get a contract like Joel Embiid did last year — Embiid’s extension included guarantee triggers and exit language in the event that he has recurring injury issues. Meanwhile, Kyler also confirms that the Lakers and Thunder are the strong frontrunners in the George sweepstakes.
  • In conversations with Tony Jones of The Salt Lake Tribune and Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, Derrick Favors said that he’d like to remain with the Jazz, but admitted that he’s looking forward to testing his value on the open market. Per Spears, Favors is also into the idea of visiting teams in free agency. “I don’t think you get a really good feel over the phone,” Favors said. “I’d rather be face-to-face in a meeting, ask questions and kind of figure stuff out.”
  • Kevin Pelton of explores whether the Sixers might be an ideal on-court fit for LeBron James, while Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer outlines how Philadelphia could plausibly sign James as a free agent and acquire Kawhi Leonard in a trade.
  • Free agent shooting guard Chris Babb, who spent last season with Russia’s Lokomotiv Kuban, has received a workout invite from the Clippers, per international basketball reporter David Pick (Twitter link).
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17 thoughts on “Free Agent Rumors: Gordon, Cousins, George, Favors

  1. D-NBA

    I don’t know if Gordon is worth the max, they do need scoring badly though so their best bet is bringing him back.

  2. Ironmonger835

    Why the hell does every above average player think they deserve a Max? Gordon hasn’t sniffed the playoffs or really done anything…

    • D-NBA

      He’s ever improving though. They need scoring pretty bad man, he’s super young also plus he makes a pretty intriguing combo with Isaac and Bamba in the frontcourt assuming they start Isaac over Simmons next season.

          • Z-A 2

            The problem with the “max” for rookie extension, is most of these guys develop in year 3 or 4 so you are stuck and almost have to give above average players max just to keep them. Otto Porter – love him as aplyer, just isn’t worth Max.

    • mcmillankmm

      Agreed. His most notable accomplishment was the dunk contest a few years back. Seemed like he was more focused on dunking than improving his game. To me, I think 5 years 75 million would be more than fair to him. I’m not a huge fan of his game, but that factors in his age and the fact the Magic are somewhat committed to him already. Otherwise I would even say 5/75 is an overpay.

      • D-NBA

        If that’s your contract offer he’s gone. Pretty sure someone will pay for his versatility,athleticism,and perimeter shooting. 5 years 100 million sounds ideal.

    • x%sure

      Gordon is below average. He started hot and people remember that but he faded to his level.

      He seems like a $20mil guy but GMs are getting wiser or at least stingier.

  3. formerlyz

    I feel like 4/$72 million is the absolute most Aaron Gordon should get, and in this market, I could see it being closer to $64 million

  4. imindless

    Philly is in no way getting one let alone both kawhi and lebron. Keeping in mind that simmons is ineffect off the ball and lebrons shown no idecation of become a spot up shooter. Second in order to do both you have to give up all your young assets that just helped you win 52 games. Depleting your bench for a player like kawhi who has said he intends to go to the lakers after next year, this is the type of deal that gets an executive fired. To many moving parts for lebron to go there and a bunch of what ifs, he can just go to a lakers team that can keep its youth and gain 2 max free agents.

    • blakeh11

      What moving parts? Only a few guys that are going to be free agents the big one being Reddick. The sixers have a better core than the lakers do anyway. While it would take them dumping Bayless’ contract and probably Covington’s as well it is possible. Not sure that is the route I would take because I still believe in Fultz but the Lakers young players aren’t really that special outside of Ingram. Even he doesn’t show up all the time. Kuzma is good but doesn’t play defense and Lonzo need that shot fixed as bad as Fultz does. Who knows if they bring back Randle and outside of Hart there isn’t anything noteworthy. Sixers have Simmons and Embiid who are proven talents and Saric who is a quality player as well as young guys in Korkmaz who is still raw I will admit and Bolden if he decides to come over which I think he fits nicely as a stretch big as well as TLC (book is still out on him.) Not to mention any of the guys Philly just draftee.

  5. padam

    Problem with players wanting max contracts is that others a couple of tiers below are raking in salaries close to max. Bad contracts out there make these players and their unrealistic dreams believe they can obtain such requests. I don’t believe Gordon is worth a max contract, nor $20 mil per, but someone may pony up and pay him. Max though – I don’t see it happening. But it doesn’t hurt to start there at the top…

  6. Luckylefty2

    orlando offered around 90 to Aaron and he turned it down so 75 seems unrealistic. I can see him get a 5/110.

    • formerlyz

      So would that make Issac a trade chip,or does 1 of them play out of position at the 3

      • x%sure

        ISAAC is above average, way above. If it’s between Gordon and Isaac then no need to take Gordon’s calls. Not sure it is though.

  7. El Don

    Gordon is a good player, a good starter, but he isn’t & it will never be a star, so he shouldn’t be near wanting a max. I think the best for Orlando is letting him walk & focus in developing Isaac & Bamba together. Don’t think is much difference between Isaac & Gordon right now, but Isaac will come much cheaper & is got a bigger upside, as he can develop more. As mentioned before, Gordon started hot but ended very average, or below that even.

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