Haslem May Play Overseas To Continue Career

Udonis Haslem has only suited up for one team in his 15-year NBA career, but if he wants to continue his career, he may need to do it outside of South Beach. The longtime Heat big man said he may play in China or Europe as he seeks more playing time, Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald writes.

“I know they want me to come back, but there’s also the selfless part of me that gives, gives, gives and a part of me that says I’ve got to start thinking about myself sometimes,” Haslem said. “That’s where I’m at. That’s the dilemma for me. I’ve got to start thinking about myself. I love being around the guys. I enjoy giving life to the guys. I enjoy working out with the guys, and I enjoy seeing the things we do off the court manifest on the court and having success. But you know at the end of the day I still go home a little bit frustrated because I can still play. Part of that is deciding whether I want to deal with that.”

The 38-year-old has taken on more of a mentor and leader role with the Heat in recent seasons. Haslem has played in just 67 games the past three seasons and averaged just 0.6 PPG and 0.7 RPG in 2017/18. While Haslem admits he’s no longer capable of playnig 30-plus minutes each game, he believes he can contribute something of value.

Haslem also noted that if his former teammate, LeBron James, entertained the idea of returning to Miami, he would be part of the recruitment to lure him back. Haslem and his longtime teammate and friend Dwyane Wade reunited this past season when the Cavaliers traded the veteran guard back to Miami. Like Haslem, Wade has yet to make a decision on his future. At the end of the day, Haslem supports his friends, but also wants to make the best decision for himself.

“As a friend I support LeBron in any decision he makes. So we’ll see,” he said. “Am I going to be a part of the recruiting process? Hell yeah. If we talk I’m going to throw it out there. But you just never know.”

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3 thoughts on “Haslem May Play Overseas To Continue Career

  1. formerlyz

    UD should play more. When he does, he looks like he did 10 years ago. He still has it. Hes in crazy shape. The last 2 years I felt like there were games we could have used him in to matchup, and we could have won games we ended up losing b/c ot it. He shut down DeMarcus Cousins a couple of times in the last couple of years. That’s just 1 example.

    I wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to sit on the bench the way he did these last 2 years. I just wish he gets the chance to play as his career nears its end. He deserves it

  2. Why? All the players should wanna play more & be upset/frustrated when they don’t, that is called been professional, he will have time to think of his after playing career, but to him & fans want to see him playing, otherwise why he gets paid for?

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