Jamal Crawford Talks Butler, Thibodeau, Free Agency, Future

Jamal Crawford is coming off his 18th NBA season and was part of the Timberwolves‘ first postseason team in 13 seasons. The seasoned veteran once again played at least 79 games and proved that he can be a valuable asset to a playoff team.

After his first season in Minnesota, Crawford can hit free agency if he decides to decline his 2018/19 player option — it has been reported that he’ll do so. The 38-year-old has played for seven teams in his career and could be headed for an eighth.

Crawford, who averaged 10.3 PPG this season, joined Alex Kennedy on The HoopsHype Podcast to discuss his first season in Minnesota. Crawford also discussed his admiration for teammate Jimmy Butler, criticism of head coach Tom Thibodeau, and his future.

On playing with Butler:

“No, we don’t talk about him enough. To go back a little bit, it was even better playing with him than I thought it would be. He’s such a great teammate, he’s such a great person, he’s as solid as a rock as far as if he gives you his word, that’s it — you don’t have to worry about that. On the court, he does everything for you, he creates offense for his teammates, he creates offense for himself. He hits the big shots, he wants the big shots. He locks up the best player on the opposing team; he can lock up anybody.”

On Thibodeau being criticized for the idea that he plays certain guys too heavily:

“That’s a tough one to answer. I’ll just say that we guys on the bench can absolutely bring something to the table and help in some way. I think as you see teams in the playoffs especially, it takes more than five guys. Thibs is a smart guy, he understands that as well. He likes what he likes and we have to do the best we can to support and try to stay as ready as possible.”

On whether or not he has made a decision on his player option:

“No not a firm decision. I don’t have to firmly make a decision until a couple of weeks from now. I’ll take time with it and deal with it then”

On how much longer he thinks he will play:

“I don’t know, I honestly don’t know. I’ll definitely know when it’s time [to retire].”

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9 thoughts on “Jamal Crawford Talks Butler, Thibodeau, Free Agency, Future

  1. Dionis

    They should really consider signing Isaiah Thomas to run the point. Dump Teague.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      That’s a real good idea.

      Not sure why no one has ever said “Lebron to Minnesota”, though. Butler, KAT, James. Yikes.

      • Dionis

        You want Lebron to make Butler,Towns, and Wiggins spot up shooters? That would be unbearable to watch.

  2. Djones246890

    Thibs is Thibs. He has a great basketball mind and passion for the game, but his stubbornness is what gets him in trouble.

    He has 7 or 8 guys that he leans on all year, and then they’re all burnt out by the playoffs. That’s why his teams never go all the way.

    Simply making the playoffs really isn’t an accomplishment in the NBA, where half of the teams make it. That’s a huge number.

    • justinept

      I understand the narrative. But the reality is that He’s only had two teams that were legit contenders. One team got beat in the ECF. And the other team lost its best player in the first game of the series.

      Other than that, when has his ‘stubbornness’ even had a chance to get in the way of his team’s success?

  3. Dionis, really IT, the problem in Minny is too many guys wanting the ball, Butler, Wiggins & KAT, if you add IT, though I like him, man… they will need to play with 3 balls, Minny needs a passing PG, more a la Lonzo Ball, Rondo…

    • Dionis

      Thomas is an exceptional play-maker plus he’s a floor spacer, he’s twice the playmaker Teague and Rose are.

  4. Not sure I’d take everything Crawford says to heart. It’s not like he’s been the poster child of great success. How many teams has he played for…?

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