Kings Interested In Jabari Parker, Mario Hezonja

The Kings are interested in signing restricted free agent Jabari Parker, though their level of interest depends on Parker’s asking price, James Ham of NBC Sports California writes.

Since coming into the league, Parker has torn the ACL in his left knee twice — once in 2014 and again in 2017. Ham notes that the Bucks may be preparing for life without Parker, someone who was once seen as a franchise cornerstone.

Milwaukee can match any offer Parker signs, so finding the right deal could be tricky for the Kings, as the Bucks would likely not let Parker go free on a low-risk deal.

Sacramento will also kick tires on Mario Hezonja, as the former No. 5 overall hits the free agency market. The wing never lived up to his draft status, mixing in moments of high-potential with mostly uninspiring play. Orlando declined to pick up his fourth-year option, meaning he’ll be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

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15 thoughts on “Kings Interested In Jabari Parker, Mario Hezonja

  1. Z-A

    Man.. the Kings have NO idea what they are doing. Why even draft Bagley if you’re going to sign Parker? What’s the point?

    • theking24

      Exactly, unless they want to play one of them at the 3 but both players would probably be better at playing the 4. I’d like to see Mario in Sactown though.

      • Z-A

        Those injuries for Parker pretty much cement him as a 4. He looks slow as a 3 now.

  2. Fbravo63

    I dont see why the magic hate hezonja. Hes not bad. Maybe he just does not fit in their system. I justdont think the Kings should be interested in him

  3. SuperSinker

    I’ve always been enamoured with Hezonja. I hope he finds a team (maybe San Antonio?) where he can get a fresh start.

  4. formerlyz

    If Utah renounces their free agents, minus Exum, it gives them a little over $15 million In cap space. I feel like Jabari would fit really well on that team, if they could sign him to an offer sheet that they can get past Milwaukee

    • brewcrew08

      Milwaukee when they were negotiating with Parker before he became a RFA offered roughly 15M per. Parker wants a max. Won’t get it but the bucks would match a 15M per offer sheet.

      • formerlyz

        What if they poison pill, and/or add a trade kicker into the structure of the contract? They could also renounce Exum as well, which would put them in the $20 million range, allowing them to offer more, and then they could just resign Exum with non bird rights

          • brewpackbuckbadg

            He did refute it but that could be smoke just like the offer could be smoke. All speculation but speculation is fun.

  5. hiflew

    I think if Hezonja goes to the right situation that he could be a major breakout star in 2018-19. I think a move to New Orleans or Detroit could be the best bet for him.

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