Nuggets Looking To Move Kenneth Faried

The Nuggets are “aggressively” looking to shed salary by trading Kenneth Faried, reports Michael Cunningham of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, citing a source with knowledge of the trade market.

Cunningham, an Atlanta-based reporter, notes that the Hawks are open to the possibility of accommodating Denver in a deal for Faried. The Hawks would want to acquire draft picks or young players for taking on Faried’s $13.76MM expiring contract, according to Cunningham, who adds that Malik Beasley and Tyler Lydon are among the Nuggets’ young players who may be expendable. I’d add Juan Hernangomez to that list too.

As I explained when I previewed the Nuggets’ offseason earlier this week, signing Nikola Jokic and Will Barton to new deals this summer would take Denver’s team salary well over the tax line unless the club can cut costs elsewhere. The best way for the Nuggets to trim salary would be by cutting or releasing players like Faried and Darrell Arthur, who are on pricey expiring deals. As such, it comes as no surprise that Faried is on the trade block.

As for the Hawks, this is the second time today that we’ve heard about their willingness to eat salary in a trade if it nets them valuable assets. Atlanta could have more than $30MM+ in cap room, depending on whether players with non-guaranteed contracts or player options return, and the club probably won’t make a splash in free agency, so it makes sense that GM Travis Schlenk would be open to taking on other teams’ unwanted contracts.

The Hawks and Nuggets both figure to have other potential trade options available, as Cunningham notes, so there’s no guarantee that the two teams will come together on a deal.

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21 thoughts on “Nuggets Looking To Move Kenneth Faried

    • yoyo137

      I agree with this. They already fleeced Denver for Nurk and a 1st, might as well try and see if they’d take Meyers Leonard.

      • Jedi Master

        Hahaha we got fleeced bro? Getting a sevicable center(plumlee) isnt getting fleeced. Getting fleeced is trading us a 1st round pick, Barton, Robinson and claver for the ghost of afflalo and Alonzo gee. Or drafting Greg Ogden instead of Kevin Durant. Or drafting sam Bowie instead of Michael Jordan that my friend is getting fleeced.

        • formerlyz

          To be fair about that Barton trade, nobody knew Wes Matthew’s would immediately tear his Achilles, and LaMarcus Aldridge would get hurt

        • yoyo137

          If you seen my posts at all you’d know I hated the Arron Afflalo deal and the Blazers did get fleeced but that doesn’t change that the Nuggets did too. Did you see how much they paid Plumlee?

        • yoyo137

          Also if you wanna bring Durant and Jordan into the discussion, that’s 2 things that if they had happened differently, the Blazers would be the 3rd greatest franchise of all time. The Nuggets aren’t close to being a great organization lol they’ve never won a championship or been in a position to and they won’t be in the next 5 years at least

  1. inside source

    Nuggets Get: DeMarre Carroll and 28th Pick
    Nets Get: Kenneth Farid and 14th Pick

    • That defeats the whole purpose of making the trade. The nuggets dont want to take salary back. Plus Carroll makes way more money so why would we give up the higher pick and take back more salary?

      • formerlyz

        It gives them a 3 and D wing they need, but I dont think its enough to justify moving down that many spots. It’s not way more money. Both are expiring deals. Carroll gets like 1.4 million more than Faried. To be honest, I like the deal for Denver more b/c Carroll is more useful, but they should probably just draft a wing

        • Connorsoxfan

          Carroll for Faried and one or two second rounders might make some sense if they can’t find someone to take on the salary and just decide to put the money to better use.

  2. I hope they don’t give up in a trade Juancho, I know he had a bad season this year, but he had that illness & thinks just didn’t workout for him, but looking at his rookie season I think he’s got some potential & works hard, so hopefully they will keep him while getting rid of Faried, Arthur, Harris & a few more that have high contracts, also for young ones Beasley, Lydon & Lyles for me they could go with some of the vets to sweeten the deal.

  3. I remember when the Sixers used to do this every year. Good luck Atlanta. It’s rough.

    • Z-A

      It’s a solid rebuilding tool. You just waive the guy or keep him and try and flip him at the deadline for more assets. Idk why other teams haven’t done this more. Like they’ve done it poorly for sure – taking Mozgovs 3 years lol.

  4. Sure, move him. But I can’t see them giving up a 1st to do it. He’s an expiring contract, and they have others, and their luxury tax concern is a one year concern (lots comes off the books after next season). This situation is exactly what the stretch provision was intended for (unless they feel they need every dollar of cap space after next year for something). Attaching those young players (in lieu of 1st), who knows. One was just drafted. Not a good practice to trade a 1st round pick after one year.

    • hiflew

      Highly unlikely Knox is still there at 14. Word is that he has been moving up draft boards due to his age. I expect him to go in the 9-11 range.

      • Z-A

        Yea I’ve heard him going even higher. Radio guys brought up a good point… why did SGA take over that team if Kevin Knox was supposed to be the high level recruit and basically The Guy at Kentucky? Will he have the “well he was impressive but not that impressive, turn into a jackpot” a la Devin Booker or will he suck like James Young?

        I wouldn’t be excited if the Sixers drafted him at 10. If the Knicks drafted him at 9 and Mikal fell to the Sixers I’d be estatic though. Any team that over-drafts one of these guys just means Mikal gets closer to being a Sixer.

  5. GuruGray

    This has been a story for like 4 seasons now. Not much of a place for him in today’s game

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