Sixers Weighing Trade Packages For Kawhi Leonard

The Lakers and Celtics are in talks with the Spurs about Kawhi Leonard, but they’re not the only teams interested in making a play for the star forward. According to Jake Fischer of, the Sixers have held “serious internal discussions” about trading for Leonard within the last couple days, and the front office has taken several trade scenarios to team ownership for consideration.

Fischer reports that the Sixers have yet to present the Spurs with a formal offer for Leonard, but their internal discussions have revolved around various young players and future draft picks.

One team source tells Fischer that, based on preliminary discussions between the Sixers and Spurs, San Antonio appears to have “strong interest” in a package that includes Dario Saric, Robert Covington, and a future first-round pick — perhaps the Heat’s 2021 first-rounder, which the 76ers acquired last Thursday from the Suns.

Markelle Fultz isn’t mentioned in the report and Fischer confirms in a follow-up tweet that last year’s No. 1 pick isn’t part of any of the proposed packages that team management has brought to Sixers ownership.

According to Fischer, the 76ers showed little interest in parting with either Saric or Covington in pre-draft trade talks when they explored moving up from No. 10. That doesn’t mean that either player would be off-limits in an offer for Leonard, but Philadelphia appears to strongly value the on- and off-court contributions it gets from Saric and Covington.

Interestingly, the Spurs have informed teams that Celtics forward Jayson Tatum is their preferred target in Leonard talks, sources tell Fischer. Other clubs believe this is a negotiating tactic though, since Boston is unlikely to surrender Tatum. Per Fischer, it’s “widely believed in league circles” that the C’s would propose a deal centered around Kyrie Irving and draft picks. We heard earlier today that Boston had yet to discuss Jaylen Brown in talks with the Spurs.

While Los Angeles is Leonard’s preferred landing spot, a source close to the situation suggests to Fischer that the star forward is open to other major markets. That could bode well for teams based in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York, though the Nets and Knicks are unlikely to be players for Leonard.

The Sixers’ offseason will be fascinating to watch, particularly if the team takes a major swing on a player like Leonard. The franchise currently doesn’t have a permanent general manager in place, with head coach Brett Brown holding the position on an interim basis after Bryan Colangelo‘s dismissal. For what it’s worth, Fischer notes that Leonard and Brown are believed to have a good relationship, dating back to their time together in San Antonio.

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45 thoughts on “Sixers Weighing Trade Packages For Kawhi Leonard

  1. Connorsoxfan

    If Boston could do something like Morris, Rozier, Yabusele, and another roster player making enough to balance it our salary wise, plus the Sacramento pick, and whatever other picks they want, that would be ideal for Boston, but I’m not sure San Antonio would go for that unless LA won’t offer Ball/Ingram.

    • Lol, Bostonfan. Rozier + Trash + Pick won’t be enough, especially if Report is true that Leonard is open to other markets

    • Lol — Rozier + trash + pick in weak draft won’t get it done, especially if report is true that Leonard is open to other markets.

    • I can understand Tatum being off-limits but not sure why the word out of Boston is that Brown is also untouchable especially since people have been recently noting that Brown’s progress is no where near Tatum’s after just one year and he still has major ball-handling issues.

  2. stretch123

    6ers would be idiotic to give up both Covington and Saric for Leonard. I’d offer Saric, Fultz and two first rounders. Still a large package that I think San Antonio should be happy with. If I were Boston, I’d offer Brown, and Rozier along with two firsts

    • cba93

      Idiotic? To put the best defender in the nba and a late in the shot clock shot creator next to Simmons and embiid?

  3. greg1

    Spurs are going to want Covington, he’s a ready made replacement for Claw. Fultz makes more sense for the Sixers to keep as well, RCo and Kawhi play the same position, whereas a healthy Markelle with his stroke back fills out the starting five better.

  4. I read the Celtics could offer Hayward ($25 million) and Rozier, or Kyrie ($20 million) and the Sacramento pick and maybe Clippers pick.
    They could also offer Brown, Rozier, Marcus Morris, the 6’8″ from Germany and picks.
    Last year Ainge wanted to offer Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart and the Celtics own picks to the Pacers for Paul George. Kyrie and picks for Kawhi makes a lot of sense. It would be the Spurs best offer.

  5. Z-A

    You guys are overvaluing RoCo. I’d deal him for sure in any package for Kawhi. I’m not up for dealing Saric. Much harder to replace that talent at the 4.

    Year 1 to 2 huge jump…
    41 to 45% FG, 31 to 39% 3PT, and 76 to 86% FT

    RoCo, Zhiare, Heat Pick. Not adding anything else without an extension and physical or hell I’d want a workout, all these teams should be like.. where is he health wise truly?

      • Z-A

        I honestly do not trust Sixers doctors, not at all. They gave the green light to Andrew Bynum, mishandled Jahlil Okafor, Simmons/Fultz I think involved some front office b.s. but still they do not have a good track record even changing doctors has not worked.

  6. cba93

    My hopes are to see lebron and kawaii on the same team. It’d be there chance to go Jordan and pippin. Toss in pg13 and that team is winning it

  7. socalbum

    Leonard is a great player when healthy, but not worth breaking up the young core of the C’s with his stated desire to play for Lakers and UFA after next season.

  8. todd-3

    If Pop is targeting Tatum, Covington isn’t worth a hill of beans compared to Tatum.

    Realistically the only talent the Sixers have that could be offered is Saric. Fultz is not worth anything right now, Zhaire is a project and the Celtics 1st round pick is stronger than Zhaire is right now.

    Sixers do have the picks.

    But the question for any east team, is gambling a teams future worth on a very low percentage of keeping Leonard. He is pretty adamant about going to laker land.

    Pop should just keep Leonard and Trade him at the deadline next season to a team competing.

    I’m not giving up multiple firsts and one of the better young talents (Saric or Tatum) for a guy most likely bailing on you after a season.

    Sixers could use the money to lock of reddick or go after a different sg, get a sf and lock up their existing free agents.

  9. Ezra77

    Celtics shouldn’t trade for him, they should try trading for Davis or Porzingis

    • todd-3

      I would almost rather see the Celtics go after towns.. I just don’t see Davis wanting out of NO anytime soon, where there are already rumors of towns wanting out of Minn

  10. michael102160

    Kawhi would fit in so well with the Sixers. Rather have him the LeBron.

  11. Celtics can kick the tires on KL, but unless one of KI, Hayward or Horford were in the deal (and SA would only want KI), they’d be looking at four guys making over 30 mm per in 2019/20. Even if they figured out a way to get KL and still keep all 3 existing max guys and Brown and Tatum, how do they pay them all? (up in 2020 and 2021).

    If Philly trades Fultz, it would be for pennies on the dollar (relative to his draft value), so its smart not to do it (unless they think that’s all he’s worth). Saric doesn’t fit with Simmons longer term. So, Saric, Smith and picks (they can do up to 3, with some protection due to Miami), and/or taking Gasol (for Bayless) and/or some foreign stashes that SA might like. They can put together a decent package if SA is looking to rebuild.

  12. Per Yahoo. Kawhi has reached out to LeBron and told him he’d like to play beside him.

  13. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    The Sixers are Balloon Heads!
    The Process was all about the draft and now they want to trade away their future and sign high priced veterans who do not want to come Philly!

    The only one who is worth a gamble is Demarcus Cousins. However their coach stinks, their GM even worse and worse then them all is their owner Josh Harris! he is Awful

    • No, the process was always about accumulating assets and flipping them faster than the houses on HGTV. That includes assets currently on the roster.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        How do you build a team doing that?
        With a Coach like they have?
        With a GM they have?
        An Owner like they have
        The Sixers are a disaster!

    • Z-A

      You realize their Coach is the GM currently. Like they have other front office guys, but he’s the acting GM – Brett Brown.

      Also. Boogie Cousins is coming off a torn Achillies. The Sixers have 1st hand knowledge of a 27-yr old 20PT 10TRB guy coming off an Achillies injury – Elton Brand – He’s the GM of their G-League squad. Elton Brand was NEVER the same. Boogie may never be the same, could be half the player he was – that is not a gamble I take, not to pair with Embiid. It cost you dollars, but those dollars in reality cost them their entire future.

  14. Dodgethis

    Honestly, trade him to Cavs for a package of lance, hood, sexton and whatever other player they want. James, Leonard and love would be a terrific threesome that could compete in the finals. They would still need a good shoot first guard but that would be my goal if I was Cavs. That and finding a real coach.

    • Hood can’t be part of principle trade (even if he was agreeable, it’s his call, not the Cavs’). Unless the Cavs plan to renounce LeBron.

  15. beermefool

    Spurs are dumb. Take what the Lakers are offering. If they don’t, Leonard will just join the Lakers next season and then Spurs getting nothing from the current LA roster. Even if they do trade him to the East so what?…they miss a chance to steal young talent away from LA and will inevitably make the Lakers a stronger team next year when they still have all the young talent and Leonard…

  16. Kawhi is not worthy of getting Saric, if they do that trade man I will be disappointed. RoCo is all I would give… & 2nds.
    Also Tatum, I think San Antonio are having a laugh, for an unhealthy player that don’t like SAS, they would never ever get near the talent of Tatum, keep on dreaming Pops.

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