Warriors Notes: Pachulia, West, Young, Roster

Despite the success of the current group, the Warriors are expected to undergo some roster changes this offseason, writes Anthony Slater of The Athletic. Those changes figure to be made more around the edges of the roster, rather than to the core, but the club has seven players eligible for free agency — of those players, only Kevin Durant is a lock to return.

According to Slater, it’s virtually a “sure thing” that Zaza Pachulia and David West will be gone, perhaps to retirement. It would also be a “stunner” if Nick Young returns, says Slater. As for their roster makeup, the Warriors almost certainly won’t carry as many centers next season, preferring to add a little more depth on the wing.

Here’s more out of Golden State:

  • Tim Kawakami of The Athletic also examines the Warriors’ 2018/19 roster options, identifying several possible free agent targets and noting that the team would like its first-round draft choice (No. 28 overall) to immediately vie for a rotation spot.
  • As Kawakami writes in a separate piece for The Athletic, the Warriors continue to keep an eye on the NBA’s very best players as potential targets, like they did with Durant prior to the summer of 2016. For now, that means they’ll monitor Anthony Davis, who will be eligible for a new deal in 2020. However, that’s very much on the back burner, with Golden State focusing on keeping its current core intact.
  • According to Kawakami, the Warriors grossed approximately $130MM in 11 home playoff games this year. Slightly lengthier series this spring resulted in an estimate significantly larger than in 2017, when the team grossed about $95MM in eight postseason contests.
  • ESPN’s Bobby Marks (Insider link) takes an in-depth look at the Warriors’ roster decisions this offseason, including Durant’s possible contract scenarios, possible free agent deals for Kevon Looney and Patrick McCaw, and what to do with the taxpayer mid-level exception.
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19 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Pachulia, West, Young, Roster

  1. The workings in the summer are part of what makes this team great. Players want to come and play here. Come on over Trevor Ariza.

    • That was a great site. He was so appreciative and so happy. I remember when curry went down with the knee thing he said, I didn’t come here to not win a championship

  2. Looney played his way into serious consideration. I know they declined his team option, but he is the ideal small ball centre, playing excellent switch defense. I think him, McGee and Bell are all they need, plus a bruiser maybe. Still waiting to see how much Jones can give them. They need to develop him or he was just a waste of a pick.
    Casspi would be great, but not sure they can sign him after waiving him. He played very well in the first half of the season. They can just let West and Zaza walk, and don’t need to sign any kind of replacement. Replace Swaggimental, Zaza and West with a long shooter (Casspi/Gay) and two 3 and D guys.

  3. Jeff Radzun

    I’d bring back Anthony Randolph. He’s much better offensive player than Looney and he’d be cheap.
    I’d also consider signing Thomas Robinson. He’s cheap and a great rebounder. Definitely an upgrade over Damian Jones who’s a waste of a roster spot.

    • Anthony Randolph can’t even secure an NBA roster spot, how is he going to play for the Warriors? He doesn’t excel at anything. In today’s NBA you need to be a exceptional at one area. Guys who do everything pretty well get lost in the shuffle.

      Thomas Robinson? Wasn’t he another Kings pic LOL totally forgot about the bust he was at number six. Not sure if it was the Kings or not, just relying on memory.

      Robinson is a train wreck. But he does get consideration because he does one thing really well. Rebound. It’s just that he’s so crappy at everything else. He’s a turnover waiting to happen when the ball is in his hands, he can’t shoot a jumper from 11 or 12 feet. Plus, he’s too small to defend the power forward and not quick enough to defend a small forward.

      • Jeff Radzun

        Gerald Green couldn’t secure a roster spot either and he turned out pretty well. Marshon Brooks looks to be making a comeback as well after 3 seasons overseas. The NBA is very competitive and sometimes it’s matter of right place-right time.
        Look at Spencer Dinwiddie and Joe Harris in Brooklyn. They were given opportunities and now are ready to cash in.
        I agree Thomas Robinson can’t do much other than rebound but he’s worth bringing in for a tryout.

    • Damian Jones was the last pick in the first round a couple years ago. He’s coming up on the same situation as Looney last year. Do they sign him to that rookie thing or let him become a restricted free agent the following summer?

      With Looney he had not produced enough to Warrant an extension to that point. He lost his first year to the hip injury surgery and his second year he had a lot to learn.

      Fortunately for Looney and unfortunately for the Warriors he played great this year and will probably sign a nice fat contract elsewhere.

      Damian Jones at 6-11 is a fantastic athlete who’s also big and strong. They love Damian Jones athleticism and are hoping his game comes together as well.

      The last pick in the first round is when you take flyers on physical specimens. That’s not a waste.

      • Jeff Radzun

        Damian Jones is a great athlete but that’s about it. He can’t shoot or pass and looked lost during his limited playing time this season.
        He’ll need another 2 seasons at least to develop into a
        somewhat useful/productive player and that’s just not worth the roster spot. Same thing for Chris Boucher.
        Dwayne Dedmon would be great for this team but he’ll be way too expensive.

  4. Golden State keeping their “Core Four” and signing/trading for Anthony Davis is a pipe dream unless somebody is willing to take a significant pay cut. Even if AD came out and said he’s signing with the Warriors at his next contract, I still don’t see a trade where the Warriors acquire AD without giving up at least one of Thompson or Green, if not both. Even waiting to sign AD with their core four would throw the Warriors even further into the projected luxury tax nightmare they are likely to enter when they resign Thompson and Green.

  5. formerlyz

    Lol a lot of this isn’t unlike what I said previously.

    June 8, 2018
    If GS doesnt add someone that can help them in their rotation, I could see them being vulnerable to Boston or Philly next year, depending on what philly does. It will be year 5 for them, and a couple of their guys are starting to get a little older, like Livingston and Iguodala, and it’s still not clear if David West will be back as a big that can defend and stretch the floor a bit and pass out of the high post. They could use 1 or 2 guys for reinforcements for next year. That being said, they’re the obvious favorites barring anything crazy

    I think Zaza is gone, Javale is gone, Nick Young is gone, West retires, McCaw might be gone, Jones might be gone.

    They should try to keep Looney if they can.
    I could see Anthony Tolliver, Trevor Booker, Seth Curry, someone on the wing if they have their mid level although there isnt much out there, the 28th pick (There should be a potential 2 way wing in those spots), and I can see them giving Okafor a look to possibly replace Zaza, although he would probably barely play

  6. chiefivey

    they grossed an extra 35mil in 3 games. money is starting to get too big to not fix some of these games ‍♂️

  7. I don’t see why teams worry about the luxury tax, you see Golden State made 130MM revenue with tickets, parking lot, food & so on… for the playoffs alone, so this is way way more than they can pay in tax, not counting tv money or RS, the tax money is peanuts for this teams, I think more of them should do the same & go for the glory, instead of trying to stick with a silly salary cap.

    • totoiv

      Plus, Golden State is moving into a new billion dollar arena in two years. They will want to keep season tickets at a all time high. So paying a little extra on the luxury tax Is a must for long term revenue.

    • I might be getting it confused with baseball’s luxury tax rules, but I’m pretty sure the luxury tax penalties increase every consecutive year they are in it. 4 max contracts for their core four (roughly $110m+) plus the contracts for Iguodala and Livingston could see the Warriors paying a luxury tax that is a couple hundred million dollars. Its easy to say just deal with it when you aren’t the one signing the checks. The ownership group will do their best to keep the group intact but at some point the luxury tax will become too big of a burden.

      • Luke Adams

        NBA luxury tax penalties don’t increase EVERY year, but if a team becomes a “repeat” taxpayer (paid tax in three of last four seasons), the penalties become more punitive.

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