Contract Details: Smart, Gay, Grant, Ilyasova

Marcus Smart‘s new deal with the Celtics will increase in value each season, beginning with an approximate salary of $11.7MM in 2018/19 and ending with a salary of nearly $14.4MM in 2021/22, per Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders.

The total value of the contract is $51,999,900, $100 shy of the reported value of $52MM, and it is fully guaranteed with no options.

Here are a few more details on contracts signed this summer, courtesy of Pincus:

  • The Spurs agreement with Rudy Gay is worth $10,087,200, the highest allowable salary San Antonio was permitted to pay him via his non-Bird rights (Twitter link).
  • Ersan Ilyasova‘s new deal with the Bucks will pay him an even $7MM over three seasons, with a yet-to-be determined guarantee amount and date on year three.
  • The agreement between Jerami Grant and the Thunder is worth just shy of $27.4MM, with a player option valued at approximately $9.3MM for the 2020/21 season.
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9 thoughts on “Contract Details: Smart, Gay, Grant, Ilyasova

  1. Wow seems to me that this guys (Smart, Guy and Grant) got overpaid, well good for them.

    • afsooner02

      Little early to make the decision on grant. He’s 24 and should see a bigger role this season…unless Noel starts playing, which I’m skeptical about.

      • Smart’s also just 24 and was in line to get paid next summer with the spiking cap if he took the QO.

        • bravesfan88

          Yeah, BDUBS, is correct, Noel and Grant play entirely different positions and roles for this team. Noel will play primarily at the 5, and Grant will solely be featured as a Wing for the Thunder. They have zero impact on eachother..

          Anyways, both players should help round out a solid core for the Thunder this season. Grant is exactly what the Thunder needs, in that he’s a slashing, athletic wing, that can defend multiple positions. Also, Grant does not need to have plays ran for him to be successful and effective. His points, rebounds, and steals will all come from his high level of energy and his endless effort.

          Noel, on the other hand, could end up making a solid pick n roll pairing with Westbrook. As the roll man Noel could get some easy lobs, and he can also roll to the basket going after offensive rebounds for some easy putbacks. It’ll be interesting to really see what a healthy and motivated Noel can do, especially when he’s surrounded by high effort and high energy guys like Westbrook, Grant, and Roberson which all three will demand the most out of Noel..

          Noel will definitely have an impact on the defensive end, but he’s going to have to avoid being overly agressive, so he doesn’t quickly rack up a bunch of fouls. If he can be a defensive force, protecting the basket for the Thunder, and be an opportunistic scorer offensively, ie. Clint Capela, then Noel could definitely revitalize his career.

          A similar version of Clint Capela is Noel’s upside, but it is entirely up to Nerlens whether or not he’s going to reach his ceiling..If not, this very well may be Nerlens’ last legitimate shot to earn some regular playing time, and a significant role on a contending team…

          However, only time will tell the tale of Nerlens Noel’s 2018/2019 season..Guess we just have to all wait and see

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