DeMarcus Cousins Expected To Meet With Pelicans, Lakers

DeMarcus Cousins received calls from the Pelicans and Lakers after free agency officially got underway early Sunday morning, reports Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated (Twitter link). According to Spears, Cousins is expected to schedule meetings with both teams.

Brad Turner of The Los Angeles Times confirms (via Twitter) that the Lakers have spoken to Cousins about setting up a meeting, though no date has been set yet, per Turner’s source.

We heard on Saturday night that Cousins may be emerging as a top target for the Lakers, who saw Paul George commit to re-signing with the Thunder early in free agency. No NBA team has more cap room than Los Angeles, but with George returning to Oklahoma City and LeBron James still weighing his decision, the Lakers haven’t had a chance to use that cap room on anyone yet.

As for the Pelicans, they project to be over the cap, but they hold Cousins’ Bird rights, so they could make him a significant offer, especially if they’re willing to cross into luxury-tax territory.

It’s not clear yet what Cousins’ next contract might look like. The standout center was in the midst of a career-best season – with 25.2 PPG, 12.9 RPG, and 5.4 APG in 48 games for New Orleans – and was headed for a probable long-term max deal before he tore his Achilles earlier this year. Teams interested in signing him will have questions about his health and his ability to bounce back from the injury. A shorter-term deal may be a possibility for the All-Star, who turns 28 next month.

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24 thoughts on “DeMarcus Cousins Expected To Meet With Pelicans, Lakers

  1. Thronson5

    Come on Lakers get him! I’ve been saying this since before he go hurt and to me the unity doesn’t change that. Get him and Lebron or even just one and bring back Randle.

  2. Chuck Weldon

    Get cousins and LeBron try to trade for Leornard or wait till he’s a free agent next year we can still kick Russell Westbrook butt like we did already.

  3. Chuck Weldon

    Get cousins and LeBron try to trade for Leornard or wait till he’s a free agent next year

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    I see a lot of teams out there were busy and Hoops Rumors were just as busy if not more busy. However, the Sixers taking a snooze as usual. Marvelous. Then again I was taking snooze too, but still

    • x%sure

      At least the Sixers got a ceremonial meeting. Cavs got a phone call. They have done squat. It’s not like the Cavs can’t get room anymore. No lux tax, bigger MLE + BAE, or stretch Smith & go under the cap…

  5. moazetongue

    James can still sign where ever he wishes, but Geesch, the pickings in LA seem to get lower and lower. Now, LA has to hope for an injured Boogie that won’t be good to go until at least January and Kawhi that hasn’t had a full healthy season since I don’t remember so no one knows what kind of shape he’ll be in. Plus LA would have to give a king’s ransom for Leonard. In other words, James would have to play most of next season with a couple former stars that may or may not be fit to go by playoffs with a skeletal remains of that roster. Yuck.

    • Nothing has changed. It’s still LeBron and two friends.

      Just because Paul George stayed home OKC that’s not a wrench in the plans. LeBron obviously didn’t want him to come over.

      It’s LeBron, Kawhi, cousins will be ready and in form by mid-season… that’s pretty imposing. Get another guy or two on minimums chasing rings and they’re solid.

      • jpjst4

        Cousins isn’t going to be back to form at any point next year. Achilles injuries are just like that. Look at anyone who’s torn an Achilles. It takes a whole year + if they ever get back to where they were and most don’t

        • Yes that’s true for guards, but big men don’t need quickness and burst of speed as much as smaller guys.

  6. Z-A

    1. Achilles Injury
    2. Lazy
    3. Wants a Max-Contract

    3 Red Flags. Just go look at Elton Brand’s stats vs Boogie. Same injury, Same Age, Same Stats…

    • justinept

      You’re missing the 4th bullet point…

      4- He’s a douchebag with a reputation of having attitude problems. You want to comp him to Brand with the injuries? You can also comp him to Howard with the attitude.

      • Z-A

        Howard is not as competitive as Boogie… like Boogie wants to embarrass you. So I’ll give him the gamer edge. Like Kobe – Boogie could co-exist. And watching Boogie with AD he did show up and not do a lot of boneheaded playing like in Sac, but still he’s never been in shape.

  7. Jason kapono

    The Lakers would be better served signing no one this offseason, playing for the lottery and then trading their picks and some players for picks in the 2020 or 2021 draft when high schoolers are also available.

    Cousins isn’t going to be the same player. Don’t get desperate and lose the more valuable asset of draft picks.

  8. Grant

    I know it won’t happen but it would be awesome if he ends up on the Wizards with Wall some day

  9. Z-A

    Banana Boat…. Melo stretched, LBJ LAL, Bosh cleared medically and CP3 gets recasted in State Farm commercials by Boogie.

  10. DMC problems in Sacramento where the fault of the team not his, in NOLA he is been perfectly behaved. Also is a top NBA player in the community with his help & charity work, probably the best player, is a nice guy, so all his team mates say & articulate, I wish people would stop hating, DMC is a an absolute beast of a player, when healthy he is the best C in the league. Also he said he would be back in October at the beginning of the season so… who knows, but he would be a great signing for the Lakers, better than PG13 or Kawhi.

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