Georgios Papagiannis May Return To Europe

After two unproductive NBA seasons, Georgios Papagiannis is considering a return to the EuroLeague, according to Aharale Weisberg of Walla, an Israeli news site.

Papagiannis is still under contract with the Trail Blazers, but his $1,544,951 salary for next season doesn’t become guaranteed until July 19. He appeared in just one game for Portland after signing with the team in March.

The 21-year-old center was the 13th pick by the Kings in the 2016 draft, but was never able to establish himself in Sacramento. Papagiannis spent most of his time in the G League before being released in February. He appeared in 38 total games for the Kings, averaging 4.2 PPG and 3.2 RPG per night.

If Papagiannis does return to Europe, his former team, Panathinaikos is among the front-runners to sign him, along with Olympiacos.

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9 thoughts on “Georgios Papagiannis May Return To Europe

    • DuffManCometh

      Somebody has to run a cellar dweller into the ground. And I can’t think of anybody more fit for the job.

      • Z-A

        It was supposed to be a No Show jobs set up by his uncle Yuseff, no one knows why he keeps showing up and trying to be the GM.

    • yoyo137

      They’re nostalgic for the early 2000’s Kings teams. That’s why Peja is assistant GM. If Mike Bibby was available you can bet he’d be the coach.

  1. Man this site is full of Sacramento haters, give it a break. If teams like Sacramento were better run your teams would be the new Kings, so be grateful for them. Also this kid is not bad, just needs a chance, but I think he will do better going back to Europe, one day they will come back for him.

  2. SacTown Rob

    In the last 18 months, Vlade didn’t waste 200 mil by signing Cousins and has assembled a roster with DeArron Fox, Buddy Hield, Bogdan Bogdonavich, Harry Giles, Marvin Bagley…..certainly a couple of questionable decisions along the way but if the young talent continues to develop I think some minds will change. Maybe it’s time to stop hating.

    • tyork21

      It’s time to stop hating when you have a Gm that doesn’t trade your first round pick next year for player he could have gotten without the trade .. and with no 1 st round pick next year and less than 30 wins your a lottery team with no too pick.. it’s not all his fault that team has been run poorly since 2006 .. I don’t understand why Kings fans put up with it .. 12 13 years no playoffs and bad management it’s old

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