Nuggets To Aggressively Pursue Meeting With LeBron James

While the LeBron James sweepstakes increasingly look like a two-team race between the Lakers and Cavaliers, a wild-card club is trying to force its way into the mix. According to Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports, the Nuggets have been in contact with James’ agent Rich Paul and will aggressively pursue a meeting.

The idea of James choosing to join the Nuggets is a long shot, which the team itself recognizes, per Mannix (Twitter link). However, Denver’s “ultra-aggressive” front office wants an opportunity to sell the four-time MVP on the idea of playing with Nikola Jokic, Will Barton, and Jamal Murray, even if it’s just for one year.

Of course, the Nuggets’ lucrative new agreements with Jokic and Barton present another roadblock to the team’s pursuit of James — Denver currently projects to have a team salary well over the tax apron for 2018/19, which would make the club ineligible to acquire a player via a sign-and-trade. So even in the unlikely event that LeBron wants to play in Denver, the Nuggets would have to jump through several cap-related hoops to make it happen.

While James almost certainly won’t play for the Nuggets, the team continues to display a willingness to go after star free agents. Two summers ago, Denver made an aggressive play for Dwyane Wade before he ultimately chose to sign with his hometown Bulls.

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9 thoughts on “Nuggets To Aggressively Pursue Meeting With LeBron James

  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Nuggets To Aggressively Pursue Meeting With LeBron James

    How can they do this when James doesn’t really want to talk to anybody?

  2. Z-A

    You do not have any money remember? You extended Jokic a year early, gave Barton 12M/yr… put down the weed, go get a burrito and take a nap.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Yes because if he’s really that concerned with money the nuggets could still give him the most.

        • Z-A

          So if you want, go to a Nuggets Feed on Jokic… I outlined the teams with Cap Space (several teams will use it up this year – LAL, DAL, ) and those teams are trash even compared to the Nuggets. Teams that may not spend it all and have the required 25M in space in 2018…

          1 – Bulls (Carter & Markkanen & a rebuild). 3 – Hawks (does he want to go to a complete rebuild?) 4- Kings …. right. 5 – Sixers (Embiid)

          So as I’ve said before, they got bullied by his like uncle or whomever is his agent. And there was almost a less than 0% chance he left in FA. The Nuggets are more on the cusp of contending for a playoff spot, the other teams outside of the Sixers are several years away and the Nuggets had the 5th year trump card.

          • Z-A

            Sorry I had the Clippers in there but their cap space isn’t enough & I didn’t re-number

  3. That would be awesome to watch LBJ & Jokic, ball heaven man… just a dream but the sweetest of the summer.

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