Sixers To Meet With LeBron James’ Representatives

Representatives for LeBron James will meet with the Sixers today in Los Angeles, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. James will not attend the session, which will be led by 76ers ownership and interim head of basketball operations Brett Brown.

Philadelphia has been floated as a possible destination for James for several months, although recent rumors have focused more on the Lakers and Cavaliers. The Sixers are close to having enough cap room to offer a maximum deal and already have two young stars in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

James talked to the Cavaliers on the phone last night and is expected to meet with the Lakers soon. The Nuggets are also pushing for an interview with this summer’s top free agent.

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24 thoughts on “Sixers To Meet With LeBron James’ Representatives

  1. JamesW26

    Even though the Nuggets will cross over the luxury tax line with their reported agreements, isn’t a sign-and-trade theoretically possible until Jokic and Barton officially sign on the dotted line?

    • Luke Adams

      If they complete a sign-and-trade, they can’t go over the tax apron at any point during the league year. So it’s theoretically possible, but it would seriously hinder their ability to actually finalize those Jokic/Barton deals.

      • Z-A

        Furthers the argument that they are morons for extending Jokic. If they had somehow managed to land LBJ, and Jokic was on the 1.6M deal, next season he would be insane to leave a team with Murray, Harris, Milsap, James, and himself.

      • Reflect

        Is that true in reverse as well? If they sign Jokic and Barton, they are unable to complete a sign and trade?

        • Luke Adams

          Barring a ton of salary dumps, yeah. Basically, completing any sign-and-trade hard-caps them from that point on, so they’d have to finish the trade below about $129.8MM (the tax apron / hard cap), and stay below that mark for the rest of the year.

    • JM1976

      A sign and trade deal for LeBron? He already opted out. He’s a free agent. He’s no longer a Cav at the moment

    • If LeBron wanted to go to Denver, it wouldn’t be that hard to make work, and, of course, the Jokic and Barton deals would be honored. The difference between Denver and (say) Houston is that Denver has many paths to get below the apron (immediately) and even the tax line (eventually).

      But I doubt LeBron wants to go to Denver.

  2. wright0525

    Magic better pull the finger on the KL trade, or LBJ might be in Philly!! They also can make a trade for KL, and then sign Bron. That would be a out cold team.

    • It’s not up to Magic, it’s up to the Spurs. If The Spurs don’t want to trade with the Lakers except for Ingram, Kuzma and future 1st round picks, theirs nothing Magic can do. If the Spurs traded Kawhi to Boston or Philly, the Lakers would have to save cap room for him next summer.

  3. dust44

    Philly should b the front runner. But, Simmons needs to learn to shoot for starters. And if they trade Fultz and Saric for Leonard (not sure if the salaries match that’s just hypothetical) then it’s puts Simmons and LeBron as the PGs. And doesn’t match them up with the Warriors well still. Who guards Steph then? LeBron should really b looking for a team with a good defensive PG who can shoot and 2 more wing defenders with him. The only way he beats the Ws is if he can step off from guarding Durant the majority of the game and guard Draymond mostly. Turning LeBron into a point 4

    • bobaganoosh5

      Celtics would be the ideal team for lebron…. they are so much better than the sizers already and they are just as young with better players… Tatum is best player on either team and Brown is better than Simmons at the moment … brown could turn Into Kawhi 2.0 and be one of the best 3 and D players in league …

      • Bryzzo2016

        Right, except Kyrie made it clear he didn’t want to play w/LeBron, which is why he’s in Boston to begin with.

      • Moel Embiid

        is this Bill Simmons? Sure Brown will be just as good as Kawhi, and TJ McConnel is the next Magic Johnson. Only reason Celtics won last year was because of experience, which the Sixers desperately needed and got

  4. suburbanwarren

    With Paul George gone, Lebron need to stay with the CAVs one more year, it’s possible in the East to Reach the finals but not in the West! Check out Young Bull and whatever Free agents you can bring to Cleveland!

  5. Who is the last big name free agent to go to Cleveland? How much cap space do the Cavs have? LeBron knows if he stays they won’t be able to make roster moves. They are trying right now and nobody wants their players. Charlotte closed the door on Kemba Walker.

  6. Man what’s your weed, Simmons is right now better than Tatum will ever be, & it is simply embarrassing for Brown to be compared with Simmons, since he will never ever ever be 1/8 as good as Simmons, BTW Embiid is also better than those 2 put together, so please Boston fans, you wonder why other fans hate you, you don’t help yourselves with idiotic comments like that.

  7. Until LeBron (physically) leaves LA, I’m assuming he’s a Laker. I think it’s done, probably has been for awhile, subject to him having a change of heart, and then he’ll go back to the Cavs.

    Sixers send a contingent to LA and only get to meet with his agent, not him, when he’s right there. They’re at best a plan C.

  8. FBA17

    Ummm when Lebron the dink sends his reps to meeting with Philly tells you no chance.

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