Yogi Ferrell Discusses Backing Out Of Deal With Mavs

It might be fair to say that not many people back out of deals with Mark Cuban, but over the last four years, he’s had two NBA contracts disintegrate from his hands. DeAndre Jordan backed out of an agreement with the Mavericks during the 2015 offseason – an event that caused a Twitter-Emoji party – and this offseason, Yogi Ferrell had a change of heart after initially making an agreement.

“I decided I needed the chance in my career. With my style of play, I feel like it fits better with the Kings than the Mavericks,” Ferrell said on The Jim Rome Show (h/t SportsDay).

Dallas had reportedly told Ferrell that he’d occupy the backup shooting guard spot when he made the verbal agreement to re-sign with the club. It’s unclear the exact role the Ferrell will now play in Sacramento.

The combo guard will get a bump in salary on the Kings compared to what he would have received in the Mavs’ deal. Sacramento is paying him $6.2MM over two seasons, though the second year is not guaranteed. Dallas’ contract would have paid him $5.3MM over two years with the same stipulation on the second year of the deal.

“Cuban, he was the one that gave me my first opportunity in the league,” Ferrell said. “Coach [Rick] Carlisle is a great coach. When he first put me in, I’ll never forget my first practice he told me I was gonna start. The next day we were playing the Spurs, so everything was coming pretty quickly.

“I was fortunate they were able to put me in the position that they were in. There were no hard feelings.”

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24 thoughts on “Yogi Ferrell Discusses Backing Out Of Deal With Mavs

  1. Dodgethis

    Seems to me the evidence points to people having no problem backing out of deals with mark Cuban. The guy is a scumbag, so it’s not really surprising.

    • What makes you think he’s a scumbag? He’s probably one of the most loyal owners in the league.

      • Natergater77

        Dude probably got rejected by Mark on Shark Tank, blames him for blowing his life savings.

        Mark takes care of all his employees in all his businesses and lets the sports people do their thing.

      • Agreed. He’s one of the most loyal, is willing to spend, is active with the team (but doesn’t overstep), and by all accounts is a very player-friendly owner. There’s nothing to suggest that he’s a scumbag. He’s a business man so he makes shrewd decisions, but so is every other competent owner in every other professional sport. Does he talk to the media too much? Probably, but he’s usually defending his players/coaches when he does. Again, he’s active with his team in regards to interacting with his players and coaches but he also isn’t one of those owners who tell his players, coaches, and front office personnel how to do their jobs.

        • Spike4christ

          He whiffed on not paying Steve Nash and Tyson Chandler. Those were both Cuban’s call. The team has not recovered since then. He also has a major scandal now too. He covered it up. Cuban has issues.

        • gammaraze

          Walking sexual harassment in the White House, you can’t tell me voters didn’t know.

  2. Dionis

    I see no way how Ferrell should get minutes over Mason in Sacramento. There was times I felt Mason should have started over Fox last season so Ferrell is a 3rd stringer in this Kings’s roster. Rotation should go:

    Starters: Fox-Bogdanovic-Jackson-Bagley-Willie
    Bench: Randolph-Mason-Giles-Hield-Ferrell-Bjelica

    The Kings are super deep.

    • schnoah

      Are you serious? Mason is freaking terrible. Every single breakdown of his game shows this. Then in summer league he showed ZERO growth and that’s why this move was made.

      Frank will only see time with injuries this year, he should be in Stockton most of the year till he shows any sort of improvement in his game and decision making

    • x%sure

      JV team starters. Jackson did nothing to deserve to start in his 1500 minutes.

      • moazetongue

        Yes. My life had taken a dark, dark turn in recent days. Now with Dionis back, it’s much brighter as the laughter has come back into my life.

    • The kings and the post LeBron Cavs the two deepest teams in the league right Dionis

      • Dionis

        The Cavs are pretty deep.


        Bench: Sexton,Korver,Osman,Zizic,Clarkson,Nance Jr

  3. greg1

    If Mark’s a scumbag, why is DJ there now? Turned down the same money on his option from the Clips.

  4. nrmoffett

    The bottom line is that teams need 3 pg’s anyway. Especially the Kings considering Fox has gotten hurt a bit and they probably don’t want to burn him out. Yogi can play with Fox too against smaller lineups. As far as bogdan or hield, there’s no clear answer. If you want an offensive spark off the bench, you bring hield off the bench. Personally, I’d rather start hield and bring bodgan off the bench cause he’s more versatile and they have yogi for offensive spark now. They do need to address the 3 position though. The roster has work to do with way too many bigs that can’t play small ball. I’m really hoping they don’t give up on Skal, cause I think the dude can really play and has a ton of talent if he can figure out how to play D.

    • Detlef kempf

      I had you log in to agree with this comment, it’s exactly what I was thinking on all points. I’m not a kings fan but they are an Interesting group, most teams are with the exception of a few. I’m most interested to see Skal and Giles, both have big time potential but who knows if they have the psychological aspect to be a great player.
      Bagley, Randolph, Cauley-stein and Belica is best as stretch 4, that’s 6 guys for 2 spots, that’s crazy. And didn’t they just trade for round 2 of Ben McLemore?

      • nrmoffett

        Yeah I don’t think they will keep mclemore. They also have Kosta Koufos. I don’t dislike any of the players in particular, it’s just an uneven squad. As a former big guy, I think Vlade has too much of an affinity for big guys. Bagley is not gonna be able to play the 3 like they think. I don’t understand why they haven’t taken a bad contract to get a draft pick too. They have the room and could at least try to get a non-lottery 1st round pick for next year. I thought they’d try to do that with some of the vets last year too, but nothing. Anyway, thanks for chiming in.

      • nrmoffett

        Oh and I thought Doncic was their perfect pick. Was shocked they passed. A small forward that can play point just seemed too perfect. I like the idea of having multiple players on the court that can run the show. Maybe there’s more to it than we know and I hope Bagley was the right pick.

  5. Cannot see anything wrong in Cuban, just happens to be a better offer financially from Sacramento, & as a professional Yogi had to take it, good for all, as much as I would have liked him to stay, he ain’t gonna be a huge loss to Dallas or a huge gain to Sacramento, is a good player but that’s it. Hopefully he does well in Sacramento.

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