And-Ones: 2019 FAs, MVP Odds, Oldest Vets

An ESPN panel was asked where they think some of the top-projected free agents of 2019 might end up next summer. The results were interesting, with the panel making a prediction for five players: Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson.

As we explored earlier this summer, both Irving and Butler have reportedly expressed interested in playing together, and the panel obviously took that into consideration, predicting both players to suit up for the Knicks next season. However, the Celtics were a close second for Irving.

Interestingly, the Lakers were the second-highest voted selection for both Butler and Thompson, and the first-place selection for Leonard by a wide-margin. Meanwhile, both Thompson and Durant are projected to return to the Warriors.

We have more from around the league:

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9 thoughts on “And-Ones: 2019 FAs, MVP Odds, Oldest Vets

  1. Gordon Hayward and Kyrie are good bounce back candidates too.
    Read something that will help keep Kyrie is Boston has a brand new state of the art practice facility. Before Ainge got Hayward and Kyrie, and before he tried to get Paul George, he tried to get Jimmy Butler, but he was with Chicago then and Boston didn’t have all they have now. Ainge has just said he doesn’t want to trade any starters. It looks like it would take Marcus Smart, Marcus Morris and the draft picks to get Butler. Ainge is stubborn.

  2. x%sure

    The bounceback list is pretty obvious. The sorrywillnotbounceback list is the one for a GM to be on top of!

      • x%sure

        The all-nocomeback team.
        5.Jah, Noel, Maker 4.Milsap 3.Jeff Green, Sol Hill 2.Lance 1.Reggie Jackson, Fultz.

        Players here must have had expectations at some point, and a bad year last year.

  3. Fultz is gonna really come good this year, IT will definitely do well in whichever roll he has to play, hopefully Melo will have a good season, cannot really see much coming from Jabari & Gallinari.

    • All Jabari and Gallinari has to do is surpass the amount of games played the previous seasons. I think numbers will stay the same all around. Jabari may avg a few more points and rebounds. Chicago is a dead end stop for now.

  4. Boston would be a better team, one that I would like more to watch if they don’t keep kyrie, I don’t hate him at all, just don’t like his style of play, I like PG’s who pass first, don’t hog the ball & are not shot first.

  5. DuffManCometh

    I hope Jabari Parker has a good year, but having the injury history he has I doubt he will ever be the player he should have been.

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