Atlantic Notes: Nets’ Plan, Valanciunas, Sixers GM Search, Fizdale

The Nets have hit a crossroads, even though they’ll have ample salary-cap space to pursue at least two top-level free agents next summer, Anthony Puccio of opines. While the franchise’s reputation has improved and it plays in a top market, improved play on the court is essential to attract those types of players, Puccio continues. Another eight-game improvement, for example, probably wouldn’t move the needle for free agents like Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving. If the Nets reach the midway point next season and aren’t in playoff contention, they may be faced with the difficult decision of moving assets for an All-Star level player or tanking in order to move into the lottery, Puccio adds.

We have more from around the Atlantic Division:

  • Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas said the DeMar DeRozan trade to the Spurs shows the fickleness within the business, as Lithuanian reporter Donatas Urbonas tweets. “Maybe now while I’m talking all the papers are set and I’m moving to Detroit. You just never know in this business. DeMar was really great, loyal player. But I think you can’t blame anybody.” Valanciunas will return to Toronto on September 15 to prepare for training camp, Urbonas adds in another tweet.
  • The Sixers should have spent more time this summer pursuing young up-and-comers in executive roles around the league, rather than focusing on ‘elite GMs,’ Derek Bodner of The Athletic argues. Philadelphia’s GM search has dragged on for 11 weeks and now it reportedly will focus on candidates further down in their current team’s organizational chart. The Sixers should have been vetting those types of candidates much earlier, Bodner adds.
  • Hiring David Fizdale as head coach was the right move for the Knicks, Spencer Davies of Basketball Insiders opines. His motivational skills and reputation as a player’s coach will help turn the franchise around, Davies continues. His commitment to building relationships with his players was reinforced by his recent trip to Latvia to visit his injured star, Kristaps Porzingis.
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6 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Nets’ Plan, Valanciunas, Sixers GM Search, Fizdale

  1. Dionis

    It’s a business, DeMar had enough opportunity to get over the hump against Cleveland and failed yet again. As a GM you need to change things up, it is what it is. Toronto should have got past Cleveland and faced Boston in the ECF simple as that, had they made the Finals DeRozan would have never got moved.

  2. cesc

    You can hardly blame DeRozan for not overcoming the best player, right? I think the blame should have fallen much more on Lowry/Casey. I don’t think DeRozan drops as much his game in the playoffs.

    • Dionis

      Lowry played pretty good actually it’s just DeRozan did not come through for the money they were paying him. He’s better off in Pop’s system where he can become more efficient on offense and Pop will make sure to get all he can out of him defensively, Derozan is too athletic to be such an average defender.

  3. cesc

    I agree with Brooklyn struggling to get big FA’s next summer, I do believe that the majority of teams hitting next summer with cap space for 1 or 2 big FA’s they don’t have a realistic chance of getting them. You see these guys want to be in a winning situation, not creating one. Not many guys like LBJ around that goes to a team outside of the playoffs to make them contenders. My worry is how this teams are gonna spend the money once they don’t get the big targets. Just worried it will be a repeat of the 2016 summer & many average guys will get paid big, while for example this year many good players got paid very low for their quality.

  4. x%sure

    Cmon Nets writers/fans, 8-game improvements are a good thing. Have another! Y’all’ll get about the same pingpongball rep regardless. The same hoppershare, the same #1 pick odds.

    I’m reading the fish entrails stuck in the Nets pulled from the seas, and they say your second PG will be the best.

    They also say the mods will hold up this post until tomorrow and you’ll miss it.

  5. D$!LLKU$H-og

    Bk shouldn’t even be focused on getting a big name in FA. It’s all about this upcoming season and see who develops and can be long term building blocks. I’d be happy if they made an offer to Trey Lyles (even though he’s restricted) if it’s outrageous DEN may not match. Or try and trade fror Aaron Gordon. If they strike out then switch gears to salary dumps for assists. Now if Kawhi wants to come to bk….you sign him in a heartbeat.

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