Joakim Noah Unlikely To Remain With Knicks

The Knicks are planning to part ways with veteran center Joakim Noah before the start of training camp, according to Adrian Wojnarowski and Ian Begley of ESPN. League sources say New York will use the stretch provision sometime after September 1 if it can’t find a trading partner before then.

The 33-year-old has been a disappointment ever since the Knicks gave him a four-year, $72MM contract to lure him away from the Bulls two years ago. Noah still has two seasons and $37.8MM remaining on that deal, which has tied up a significant portion of New York’s salary cap and has limited the team’s options in free agency.

By waiting until September 1, the Knicks will lock in Noah’s $18.53MM salary for the upcoming season and can stretch the remaining $19.295MM over three years. That amounts to roughly $6.4MM a year and will open an additional $12.9MM in cap space for next summer, when the Knicks hope to be major players in the free agent market.

Noah had expressed hope that this summer’s coaching change could give him a fresh start in New York, but he doesn’t appear to be in David Fizdale’s plans. Sources told ESPN that GM Scott Perry has been trying to work out a deal involving Noah since February’s trade deadline, but hasn’t been willing to give up a promising young player or future first-round picks. Perry has continued his efforts through the summer without success.

Noah was limited to seven games last summer through a combination of injuries, suspensions and coach’s decisions. He never returned to the team after a heated argument in practice with former coach Jeff Hornacek in January.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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28 thoughts on “Joakim Noah Unlikely To Remain With Knicks

    • Hannibal8us

      Deng shockingly has way more value than Noah. Deng is a high character guy unlike Noah.

      • agentx

        Deng has more value than Noah, but the Lakers may have missed their chance to get anything for him.

        Their best chance may have been muscling in ahead of Charlotte and trading Deng to the Magic for Biyombo in a similarly structured three-team trade.

        • Hannibal8us

          They can wait until next year when his deal will be a little less painful to swallow for another team. Not a huge need to do it this year.

  1. Senioreditor

    “Sources told ESPN that GM Scott Perry has been trying to work out a deal involving Noah since February’s trade deadline, but hasn’t been willing to give up a promising young player or future first-round picks.”????? How did they attempt to trade him then? Straight up? Seriously, someone’s going to take him and not expect a significant return? They’d be lucky if the Lakers would trade Deng for him. The Knicks, a clueless organization.

    • elcarim_23

      Seriously… The Lakers had a hard time attaching assets with Deng…can you imagine with Noah who as we can all agree has less value. As someone who lives in NY, once this deal was agreed upon, I knew it was going to be a disaster that plantar fasciitis from years ago ruined him.

  2. Agree with Senioreditor, if they don’t attach assets really they haven’t been trying to trade him, just plain lies for the fans. Can’t wait for Noah to be able to get rid of the nightmare he has suffered in NYC, the guy has always worked very hard & has been a very important player in this league, deserves so much better than how he has been treated by the Knicks, not his fault the contract.
    Also to me is shocking how he got attacked by Hornacek & got blamed & maligned for it, but when Spree did it to that tool of a coach he had it wrecked his career, my question is why Knicks didn’t fire & ban Hornacek? Really bad form from them what they have done to Noah.
    BTW he is not one of my favorite players, never has actually, but you got to respect the great career he has had & the hard work he has put, a true pro.

  3. Phattey

    Finesse them for all they are worth Noah! Truly living the dream getting paid millions to literally do nothing

  4. BDUBS5218

    Wonder about if the Knicks had talks with Sacremento. Seems like Noah/Thomas/ Highly protected 1st ( conveys 2 2s) for Shump/Randolph makes some sense.

    • ClancyJ

      Finally Thibs can pick up Noah and then trade Dieng for Deng. It will complete the TimberBulls

      • I had actually never thought about trading Dieng for Deng. But now that you say it… I could get behind that. Shorter contract at a position of need.

      • BDUBS5218

        Interesting trade. I like it. Seems like a possible scenario for both teams. Depends on if Twolves think Patton can be the sole backup to KAT. Might have to bring Cole Aldrich back off the garbage heap.

        • If they pick up Noah for vets minimum, they wouldn’t need Patton to play major minutes.

  5. GoesToTwelve

    Trade him for Mozgov. Both go home: Mozgov to the team that signed him, Jo to central Florida where he was beloved as a Gator. Were Noah to actually play, he could spark local fan interest in the dullest franchise in the league, while Mozgov would improve the Knicks if he could manage to sit on the bench and cheer his teammates without incident.

    • BDUBS5218

      You are painting quite a rosey picture for those two players but I don’t see it happening. Noah wouldn’t get minutes. Vucevic is still there and obviously much better. Also the Magic won’t want to take minutes away from Bamba’s development. In addition the trade wouldn’t save the Knicks enough money, they wold have to flip Mozgov again to achieve the goal of clearing salary.

  6. DynamiteAdams

    Noah may have a bloated contract but it’s not like he’s bad enough to not sit on the bench. Washington can probably swap Mahinmi for him and both teams would be better off. Tbh there are too many overpaid role players in this league to not have a trade go down

    • BDUBS5218

      Eh he is close to bad enough. Ever since he stopped juicing hes been hurt and ineffective. Maybe Tibs can get a little out of him but he would be hard pressed to get a lot of offers to continue career. The NBA has changed so much since he was at his peak, making him ill suited even more-so to break back in and get quality minutes.

  7. There is absolutely no reason to W&S Noah before next summer, and doing so could well cost the Knicks in FA next summer or beyond and certainly indicates the new FO is clueless.

    It’s simple. Let him sit home for another year, and, next summer, the team will more clearly know the benefits and detriments of deferring the cap hit.

    If Noah wants to play next year, then he can ask to be bought out. Or his agent can solicit and propose trades. The Knick FO shouldn’t waste any more time on him. Yeah, its a bad contract. So what? Everyone has them, deal with it like businessmen.

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