Pacific Rumors: Ellis, Clippers Arena, Cousins, Lakers

The Kings have officially hired Ty Ellis as head coach of their G League affiliate, the Stockton Kings, according to a team press release.  Ellis was head coach of the Suns’ G League team in 2016 before being elevated to an assistant coaching position with Phoenix last season. Ellis replaces Darrick Martin, Sacramento’s G League coach the last two seasons.

We have more from the Pacific Division:

  • A new lawsuit targeting the proposed Clippers arena in Inglewood alleges that two city-linked boards violated state laws governing open meetings, Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times reports. The suit also claims those boards also violated the environmental impact of construction projects in June when they approved the disposal of land to clear space for the arena, Fenno continues. The Clippers signed an exclusive negotiating agreement with Inglewood last year for a new arena but the team’s lease at Staples Center runs through 2024, Fenno adds.
  • The Warriors were expecting to use their mid-level exception on a wing player until they got a call from DeMarcus Cousins agent during the second day of free agency, Drew Shiller of NBC Sports Bay Area relays. GM Bob Myers revealed his summer plan during a 95.7 The Game interview. “We had been preserving our taxpayer mid-level exception for somebody that might fall through the cracks and not get paid in a very tight free agency market,” Myers said. “But mostly we were thinking wings. I figured if something like that were to happen it would happen July 8th, 9th, 10th.”
  • The Lakers won’t make the postseason, Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports predicts. Mannix made the comment during a NBC Sports Boston podcast, believing that the players around LeBron James won’t mesh well. “You have to assume it’s 48 wins to get into the playoffs in the Western Conference,” Mannix said. “I don’t see that team making up that difference.”
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22 thoughts on “Pacific Rumors: Ellis, Clippers Arena, Cousins, Lakers

  1. Between the Lakers, Clippers, OKC, Trailblazers, Jazz, Mavericks, Nuggets, Timberwolves, and Memphis, I think it’s too close to call for the playoffs in the west. I think Golden State and Houston are the only sure things.
    I hope the Clippers get their own arena. I can rember when they were the San Diego Clippers.

    • Hannibal8us

      Clippers and Memphis are likely out and the Mavs would have to have as big of a turn around as the Lakers to make the playoffs. I think that leaves plenty of room for the Lakers. Spurs will also surprise and certainly have a better shot than the Clippers.

    • bennyg

      GSW, Houston and Jazz are the only sure thing. Spurs will be a surprise packet and keep Pops streak alive. Nuggets will be a Top 4 seed. OKC at 5th seed. Phoenix to sneak into the 6th position – my surprise packet.
      Portland will be a 7th/8th seed…. pending injuries and possibly imploding! New Orleans for the other spot.
      Wolves, possibly after trading Buckets they’ll be fine, but that’ll be by Feb.
      Lakers, Clippers, Memphis to be able to sneak into the 8th seed though

    • I messed up and forgot San Antonio and New Orleans. I wouldn’t touch who’s in or what order. I can’t ever remember a conference being as close as last season.

    • the dude

      I honestly think the kings are the only team with absolutely no shot. Blazers might disappoint though.

  2. Dodgethis

    With all of California’s fake “environmental studies” the clippers would be lucky to get a stadium built by 2024.

  3. Thronson5

    People are crazy saying the Lakers won’t make the playoffs. The young guys have gotten better each year and won more games than the year before, they won 35 games last year and that was without the best player in Basketball and I think Rondo will be a very nice addition plus they kept their young core with the exception of Randle.

  4. Kenleyfornia74

    Anyone who thinks the Lakers will miss the playoffs is on something. They had a decent team last year, the problem was they could not close out games. With Lebron they will close out those games. And as much as people hate the 1 year guys they signed to come off the bench they are still productive players the team did not have last season. Lakers could finish with a top 4 seed.

  5. D-NBA

    That team would have made the playoffs had Ingram and Lonzo not missed 53 games combined( Lonzo 30,Ingram 23). There is no way they miss the playoffs after adding the best player in the game in Lebron James. They’ll win 49-55 games, Lonzo,Ingram,Hart,Kuzma will all be way better and you add on Lebron? Come on.

  6. AGAVE

    Mannix a bit Bxxt hurt over a professional NBA basketball players’ freedom to choose his own destiny?
    Keep feeding James.

  7. AGAVE

    Clippers FO should have every desire to miss the post season and open up their pissibilities.
    Jerry ain’t worried wither way

    • If Clippers make the playoffs, they owe their first round pick to Boston. Mannix is concerned about the misfit personalities hurting the chemistry.

  8. AGAVE

    Damn predictive text program
    “Open up their possibilities”
    West ain’t worried either way

  9. bravesfan88

    No way the Lakers miss the playoffs..GS, Houston, Utah, OKC, and the Lakers in some order will easily make the top 5, then to think there are much less FOUR OTHER teams that’ll beat out the Lakers…That’s just incredibly dumb..

    The writer clearly just wanted some click bait, that’s the ONLY reason ANYONE would write such a dumb article..Absolutely nothing else makes sense, unless the guy is THAT dumb, which I highly doubt..

  10. Totally agree, unless LBJ is injured most of the season in no way Lakers are out, I feel confident enough to say they will be #2, you can never overstate the effect that the King will have in any team. Already last year they were quite a good team, as Dionis mentioned 35 wins with their 2 main players missing considerable time, you add LBJ, good vets & hopefully healthy youngsters, they are a lock for the playoffs & a firm candidate to #2 seed.

    • Whatever! Curry+Durant+Thompson+Cousins+Draymond=1 seed. Harden+CP3+Capela=2 seed. Westbrook_+(Laker, sorry make that OKC)George+Roberson+Adams=3 seed. Aldridge+Gasol+Gay+DeRozan+Murray=4 seed. Lilliard+McCollum=5 seed. Davis+Randle+Holiday+
      Jackson+Moore=6 seed. 7&8 are up for grabs.

  11. Phattey

    Lakers gunna win the west and sweep the playoffs once they sign gelo , with lonzo’s smooth jumper and gelo’s natural ability to produce steals nothing will stop this team

  12. kenly0

    No way Lebron doesn’t make the playoffs. And, most likely win at least one playoff series. My early predictions are GS, Houston, NO, LAL, Minnesota, Denver, Utah, and OKC. Yup, no SA and no Portland.

  13. Dark14ry

    C’mon laker fans, why stop short. Just say this team is gonna be 75-7 and sweep the playoffs. As Mio, broke down the rosters above, Lakers will fight for 7/8.
    Not sure why nobody talks about this but LaBron is NOT going to be playing 40 mins a game. He will likely play 30 mins and average a Normal 25/7/5.

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