And-Ones: Long, LiAngelo Ball, Spain

Ex-Sixers forward Shawn Long has signed a contract with New Zealand Breakers, according to a Sportando report. Long played 18 games with Philadelphia in 2016/2017, averaging 8.2 PPG and 4.7 RPG in 13 MPG. He toiled in the G League last season with the Delaware 87ers, averaging 14.6 PPG and 7.7 RPG in 33 games following a seven-game stint in China. The Timberwolves took a look at Long during a free agent mini-camp in June.

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12 thoughts on “And-Ones: Long, LiAngelo Ball, Spain

  1. afsooner02

    Or Liangelo #1) you’re not that good. 2) people watched you suck in Europe vs much easier competition than the nba and most importantly 3) no one wants to deal with your annoying a$$ father and his antics.

    Should have stayed at UCLA….

    • grizzled sports vet

      I agree with all 3 points but I think the father is reason #1 & his lack of talent #2. Why would the rest of the NBA want to deal with the freak show dad for a lesser player in LiAngelo. Hell, the Lakers may get away from all of them if they can find a trade partner.

    • whodacoon

      I agree for the most part. Definitely not NBA talent, daddy issues, and unnecessary confidence are all problems with him. I must say though, he was actually better than decent in Europe and will probably have a nice career over there eventually.

  2. Why would the Lakers trade Ball? He is absolutely great man, he had a smashing rookie season & is only gonna get better. He will be one of the stars in this league. Only Big O, Magic & Simmons have ever had a stat line like his as a rookie. Why does people hate so much on Lonzo for his father? I don’t understand it. SMH

    • paladin

      If I was a Zo fan I would have to wonder why bring in Rajon Rondo at 9 mill? Lakers FO didn’t bring RR in to hold Zo’s BK bag. RR love him or hate him is a fierce defender and will compete hard for the lions share of minutes at PG. If Zo did have meniscus surgery (big if) he is going to be further behind. Although RR is not famous for his outside shooting he is definitely better than Ball who has very serious shooting mechanics issues he does not choose to fix. I would be surprised if he was starter at beginning of season. Lebron likes veteran presence around him. Playing 50 games doesn’t look good when Tatum/ Mitchell are doing like a 100. I hear thru the grapevine he gets out worked by Kuz, Hart, BI etc. Lazy might be too strong a word but too easy going would not be…Time will tell soon enough.

    • Great rebounder for his position. Great passer.

      Historically bad shooter. Being a 36% shooter from the field, 30% from 3 and under 50% from the FT line makes him dead weight at times – its difficult to carry anyone who is that bad, let alone a point guard.

      There were huge question marks about his shooting coming out of college, and so far, those questions have been validated.

  3. bennyg

    Quote of the year right there….
    “LiAngelo said after the draft that he thought his shoplifting arrest with UCLA in China might have played a part”

    • paladin

      It is easier to believe that, than admit that he has limited basketball skeels. When the fat lady & her orchestra start singing ”You’re no good, You’re no good, Baby, you’re no good” You can pretend not to hear the music for only so long. I must admit I enjoyed the line that he was in contact with the Lakers that day. Really! He must have been waiting by the phone for Magic to call with Ball in the Family production team in line…Oops what kind of parallel universe do some people live in?

  4. D$!LLKU$H-og

    Liangelo is gonna go pro mark my words. The Russian pro league or Australian Bball leauge will have him warm the bench at some point. Not sure why Barcelona doesn’t scoop him up. They hate giving up prospects to the NBA they can take one, albeit a pretty terrible one, from here and put him on their B league team.

  5. x%sure

    Why did Liangelo specifically think LAL & PHX– his home teams– would be the ones to draft him? Why not, say, MIL who has liked to draft stretchy players. Or DET who drafted two r2 PGs who will probably get chances with Jackson injuries.
    I think the kid may be delusionable.

    • He’s been fed nonsense for a long time. It’s no surprise he’s delusional.

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