Knicks Determined To Stick To Long-Term Plan

The Knicks have a plan in place, one that doesn’t involve taking shortcuts or making decisions that don’t align with long-term goals. Team president Steve Mills reiterated that the franchise won’t deviate from that blueprint, as Marc Berman of The New York Post relays.

“We’re going to build this team the right way,” Mills said when asked during a “town hall” forum with some of the team’s season holders if the Knicks would trade for any notable 2019 free-agents-to-be. “We’re not going to trade assets that we can get on our own later. … We’re not taking shortcuts. We’re not going to trade our draft picks. We believe New York will buy into a plan.”

Kyrie Irving has long been rumored to be on the team’s radar. Jimmy Butler seems destined for a new team, as he’s meeting with the Wolves today to discuss his future with the club. Kemba Walker, a New York native, is also scheduled to be a free agent. The Knicks believes it’s too early to know which star would be the best fit.

“Our main focus is the ’18/19 season,” GM Scott Perry added. “As much as we talked about having cap space, we are trying not to get too far ahead of ourselves. This team requires our undivided attention. I understand fans drifting to the future. Part of my job and Steve’s job is to stay grounded. We’ll deal with that class next summer when that arises.’’

The Knicks haven’t made the playoffs since the 2012/13 season and Mills understands that fans, especially those from the Big Apple, are getting impatient.

You have a reason to be skeptical,” Mills said to the season-ticket holders. “All we can do is by demonstrating what we do. We’re sticking with the plan. Since Scott’s been aboard, we’ve been true to what we said we’d do. I’m a New Yorker. I don’t want what happened in the past to happen again.”

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13 thoughts on “Knicks Determined To Stick To Long-Term Plan

  1. Sometimes it seems this is all contingent on Porzingis being the Eastern European LBJ.

  2. Dionis

    Porzingis will be a legend and anyone who doubts it does not know the type of worker this kid is. Whenever he does come back he will rule the East and challenge Giannis and Embiid for Eastern Conference supremacy.

  3. chiefivey

    i feel like behind the scenes the knicks know more about what kyrie and like kd gonna do next year

  4. Getting 1 or 2 big FA’s next summer is hardly going the right way, seems to be a big speeding up, right?
    Anyway they won’t get anyone big so it doesn’t matter they will have to take a few more years before making it to the playoffs.

  5. Getting one or two FA’s next year is the way to go cesc. By that point, they’ll have their young pieces in place (Zinger, Knox, Robinson, high draft pick, and hopefully Frank improves), and adding a difference maker then would push them back into more serious contention.

  6. LivingUnderDaBridge

    Let Noah’s contract run out (or buy out), Or you will regret it later. This year is a write off anyways and a good time to get the youngings some time.

    I am glad they say they will be patient but when the money starts demanding heads, mnagment tends to get erratic and that is what has kept the Knicks in the gutter…. also the owner

      • x%sure

        Yes this one will end in a few days. They will make offers for Butler or get beat out by someone who will, and then may keep him.

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