Lakers Notes: Ball, Stephenson, Bosh, Thompson

Lakers guard Lonzo Ball wasn’t concerned with his name being in trade rumors this past summer, relays Christian Rivas of USA TODAY’s Lonzo Wire. Ball was rumored as potential trade candidate in a deal involving Kawhi Leonard before the Spurs moved him to Toronto.

“There’s trade rumors every year,” Ball said. “Athletes in general, you’re never really 100 percent safe. Wherever you’re at. Anything can happen, especially in the offseason, so all I can do is just make sure I’m ready to play at the best of my abilities.”

The Lakers ultimately opted to keep Ball on their roster, and it’s unclear if the team ever seriously pursued a trade involving him. Los Angeles reached a buyout agreement with Luol Deng this past week, which gives the team the cap flexibility to pursue Leonard again once he becomes a free agent in July.

Ball, 20, is set to enter his second season with the Lakers. He’ll compete with veteran guard Rajon Rondo for the team’s starting point guard position when camp opens in three weeks.

There’s more from the Lakers:

  • Lance Stephenson is focused on helping the Lakers earn a winning season, studying game film of LeBron James and other teammates throughout the summer, Scott Agness of The Athletic notes. “He worked harder than most guys that I’ve ever seen over a summer period,” NBA trainer Rob Blackwell said.
  • Free agent Chris Bosh continues to eye an NBA comeback, but a number of hurdles would stand between him and the Lakers on a potential deal, writes Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus. Bosh must show a significant improvement in his condition or any potential treatment options in order to be cleared by the league.
  • While he may be a long shot to leave the Warriors in 2019, Klay Thompson shouldn’t be overlooked as a potential free agent target for the Lakers, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. As Anthony Irwin of Silver Screen & Roll details, Shelburne observed during an appearance on ESPN Radio that Thompson’s skill set would be an ideal fit for the Lakers, but acknowledged that the All-Star guard “feels like a Warrior for life.”
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19 thoughts on “Lakers Notes: Ball, Stephenson, Bosh, Thompson

  1. Dionis

    I feel the same situation with Allen leaving Boston happening with Klay. Klay will sign with the Lakers just like Ray signed with the Heat.

    • bravesfan88

      Not exactly sure those two situations are the same. Klay will still be in his prime, and Allen was simply chasing more rings at the tail end of his career.

      Even so, I understand your point, basically saying, with the bond Ray Allen had with Boston and his teammates, most people didn’t think he would leave, yet he ultimately left the Celtics high and dry for greener pastures…

      • You started off correct but then you are wrong at the end there was no bond for ALLEN in Boston that’s exactly why he left LOL.

        Also Ray Allen was jumping around Seattle Boston Miami Milwaukee played for a bunch of different teams Klay Thompson likes routine likes playing with Steph is comfortable in the Bay Area close to home but far enough away. He’s kind of like a college kid still.

  2. captainsalty

    The Lakers aren’t exactly a rival with GS at the moment though…hopefully this season changes that

    • Dionis

      Lakers are a 8th in the West max.

      1. Warriors
      2. Rockets
      3. OKC
      4. Jazz
      5. Spurs
      6. Pelicans
      7. Wolves
      8. Lakers

      I’m leaving out the Blazers and this is assuming Dame stays all season and they make no moves.

      • Kenleyfornia74

        “in the west”. Newsflash they have Lebron James. That makes them among the good teams in the west. Not on GSW level but no one else is. None of the 4-7 seeds you listed are no brainers over the lakers. heck OKC isnt even

      • dust44

        Spurs have a bunch of mid range shooter in this modern age of 3 or dunk basketball. Wolves r spent physically by the playoffs as is any Tibs coaches team. Pelicans have no outside shooters. The Jazz have 1 difference maker even tho they do have the second best coach in the West. I’d take any roster LeBron is on over any roster Westbrook is on. Don’t be shocked if they r the 3 seed behind Houston and GState. The roster the lakers have is way better then the Cavs roster from last year.

  3. Noel1982

    Don’t know who they will get but they will get somebody if not klay! Can’t see them losing out on star free agents to teams like mavs clippers and nets! Probably not even Knicks either

    • NBA players do make more money by staying at home. Fans that go to games prefer the stars do.

  4. Truly I don’t think Ball was ever on the trade block. That is probably why, San Antonio didn’t trade Kawhi to the Lakers, because, Ball, Ingram & Kuzma were not available. I think is just rumors from the press & fans hating his dad. But Ball should be a Laker for the long run.
    By the way Lakers are gonna be the #2 seed in the west.

    • Spurs wanted a star, not to rebuild. Lakers had no star. Remember they have Aldridge and Gasol. There’s no starting over in San Antonio.

  5. greg1

    Number 2 in the West? Come on cesc. I love the “LeBron factor” belief that he alone can push the Lakers into the top 4. Did he not play all 82 games for the Cavs last year at an MVP level? And where did they end up in a much weaker EC? 4th.

    LBJ alone will lead the Lakers to the playoffs, but there are still too many holes in this team to believe they’ll end up any higher than 5-6.

    • Yes and five, six will be fine. Regular season doesn’t mean much they just got to get in. Then LeBron does his damage and plows through the rounds. Going to be a great postseason this year.

  6. Just thought of this while reading the article, but could you imagine going against Rajon Rondo in practice and fighting for the starting job?

    If you think he’s a villain in games where refs control any grabbing and pushing and scrapping, imagine practice !! Ball has no shot that success and confidence with stuff like that going against this guy.

    The only X Factor is if they tell Rondo to tone it down cuz the kid is going to play no matter what and we need to build around him for the future. Even then I still see Rondo as a practice pain in the rear for Ball.

    • jump shot

      Lakers better not baby him… Every pg in tge West is gonna try to bust his ass on a nightly basis. It wont slack up in the East, either, with Kyrie (and Rozier and Smart), Wall, Walker, Bledsoe, Simmons, and Sexton coming at his neck. Lakers better NOT try to coddle him lol

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      I think Rondos work ethic will rub off on Lonzo. Remember 2 years ago in CHI he stood up for the young guys when Butler and Wade were talking s? Also, As a young kid who wanted to be a pass first, get rebounds type guard, who was a pretty great one with the Celtics he could emulate/had similar skill set? Mr. Playoff Rondo

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