Mavericks Notes: Doncic, Spalding, K. Antetokounmpo, Brunson

Coach Rick Carlisle is telling Dallas fans that they’ve got something special in rookie Luka Doncic, relays Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News. The Mavericks have been thrilled about the 19-year-old’s potential ever since they were able to engineer a deal with the Hawks to acquire the No. 3 pick. That excitement grew last week as Doncic was in town to play pickup games with a few of his teammates.

“Off of what I’ve seen over the last two days,” Carlisle said, “anybody who doesn’t jump on season tickets now is going to sorely regret it later, that’s all I’ll say.”

Doncic was among the most celebrated players in Europe before entering this year’s draft, being named EuroLeague Most Valuable Player and winning the league’s Final Four MVP honors last season. J.J. Barea, who was among the players at the pickup sessions, came away impressed with his new partner in the Mavericks’ backcourt.

“He’s not quick, but he’s going to play at a good pace, always under control,” Barea said. “He’s tall and can pass over people. He’s a great passer. And he can shoot it, too, so you’ve got to guard him.” 

There’s more tonight from Dallas:

  • The Mavericks gave second-round pick Ray Spalding a four-year contract, but he’ll probably have to prove himself in the G League this season, Sefko writes in a player profile. The 56th player selected, Spalding will be stuck behind free agent addition DeAndre Jordan and a host of veteran big men on the Mavericks’ depth chart.
  • Two-way player Kostas Antetokounmpo has a long way to go to catch up with his famous brother, Sefko notes in another profile. He will be limited to 45 days in the NBA if he remains on the two-way deal. Like Giannis, Kostas possesses tremendous athleticism, but Sefko states that he will have to get stronger and improve his offense to become an effective NBA player.
  • Dallas thinks Jalen Brunson might be the steal of the second round, but playing time could be an issue, Sefko adds in a separate piece. The reigning Wooden Award winner is stuck behind Doncic and Dennis Smith as the starting backcourt and will compete for minutes with Barea and Wesley Matthews.
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15 thoughts on “Mavericks Notes: Doncic, Spalding, K. Antetokounmpo, Brunson

  1. paladin

    Luka Doncic is going to be a great NBA player. He is going to have a much more successful career than both Trae Young & Lonzo Ball of ”Ball in the Family” Fame. Training camps begin 3rd week of Sept….Oct. 16 we play Ball in the Family for real. Time will tell and performance will decide the issue of who the great NBA player will, so let the games begin. T Young will get minutes but Zo might be on the outside looking in at maybe 15 to 20 minutes playing time after Rondo beats him up & out of a starting position. Maybe he can last more than 50 games….

    • Noel1982

      Donic is gonna be a god send to mavs bc Smith jr is absolutely no future star ! Looking beyond the neat and cool slam jams Smith jr does nothing that matters when it comes to winning ! He shoots a lot but barely at better percentages then ball and does everything else worse

    • You all will be surprised at how average the kid is.

      You can’t teach quickness or pick it up in hours of practice.

      Poor place to pick Doncic,.., should have been picked in the teens.

      • paladin

        Performance will decide. “That’s all I’ll say” Not you or I or the dotard Mio.

        • Lol, yup it will be interesting and fun to watch this year unfold. I hear he’s a great kid and so many of the Europeans have such humble attitudes.

          You know my only issue is everyone labeling him a superstar picking number 3 and calling him the next great thing. They will realize how tough it is in the NBA and how there’s so many good players that will take it to him. I don’t think he has the quickness to survive and he’ll just be average or maybe a nice little player.

    • Lol.

      Just like everyone said Lonzo ball was going to be a superstar…. after his first year they’ll say as they do Ball, oh he’s just a rookie.

      After his third year they’ll say oh he’s a young player give him time.

      Lonzo needs to change is shot and Luca is not fast enough to play guard.

  2. The only thing you need to know about the Mavericks scouting skills is that they’re also saying Jalen Brunson is going to be a player.

    He rode the bench in the championship game on his college team in the fourth quarter.

    Can’t get his own shot, he’ll get schooled don defense, he’s short, squatty.

    He may hang around because he’ll be a great teammate and a third point guard in a two point guard rotation.

  3. Skills always trump speed, athleticism, length & all this silly things that teams so focus on in this days. Look I know is in a total different position, but look at Jokic, is too slow, has no athleticism & so on, but he is as a matter of fact is one of the top 4 centers in the league, top 3 if DMC never goes back to his old form. Skills & talent trumps physical attributes, clearly Doncic hasn’t yet play a minute in the league, so we don’t know, he might well be a bust but on the other hand he can be a legend, at least he is much more mature & ready than any player that can come from the NCAA, but he will need to adapt to life in the USA & a new culture & style of life, though he is used to play the long season of the NBA unlike college kids. So all in all I am very excited to see him play.

  4. greg1

    Manu wasn’t exactly a blur either, he wasn’t fast, he was quick, resourceful, and creative. He made the euro step an art form, which is a move that every slower player should perfect.

    Doncic will be just fine.

    • Manu wasn’t counted on to be THE point guard. He could just fly around and do whatever you wanted as the off guard or wing.

      Plus back then his game was brand new to the league with that Euro stuff( I know he’s Argentinian.)

      And the craftynesss he has is almost Harden-esk. Not many guys have that.

      • justinkm19

        Doncic is going to start at the 4. Make sure you know what you’re talking about before spitting out worthless opinions. He will handle the ball but DSJ will bring the ball up the majority of the time. Good luck stopping the pick n roll with DSJ and Deondre

    • greg1, that’s what I EXACTLY what I agree with…. he will be just fine…

      and should have been picked 12 to 18 not number three or four or whatever it was.

  5. x%sure

    About a week after the opener, ESPN will show Doncic vs Young…
    HAWKS vs MAVS, 7pm Wed. Oct.24 espn

    Then I will have a firmer opinion on Doncic. Until then I am with Gary,Greg,Cesc.

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