Mavs Notes: Jordan, Marion, Doncic, Mejri, Barea

As part of an ongoing series in anticipation of Mavericks training camp starting later this month, Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News asks whether newly-acquired All-Star big man DeAndre Jordan is on the downslope of his career.

Now a 10-year veteran, Jordan actually averaged 12.0 points and a career-best 15.2 rebounds per game last season for the Clippers, but the team did not perform well, finishing 10th in the always tough Western Conference. Moreover, Jordan’s field goal percentage of .645, while still excellent, was his lowest output since the the 2012/13 season.

While it remains to be seen if Jordan’s game is on the decline, the Mavericks at least somewhat hedged their bet by only signing Jordan to a one-year contract for the 2018/19 season, which will allow the club opportunity to see how Jordan meshes with relative youngsters Dennis Smith Jr., Luka Doncic and Harrison Barnes.

If Jordan ends up descending into the twilight of his career, the Mavs can simply let him go next summer. But if he can continue to average a double-double and be near the top of the NBA in rebounds and field goal percentage again this season, Sefko opines that the Mavericks will gladly re-sign Jordan next summer at whatever price tag is needed.

There’s more from Dallas:

  • Now that the 2018 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame class has been enshrined in Springfield, Joe Nguyen of The Denver Post takes a look at some candidates for election next year. Among the first time candidates is do-it-all forward Shawn Marion, who helped the Mavericks win an NBA Championship in 2011.
  • In an appearance on KRLD-FM, Dirk Nowitzki (per Sportando) presented a glowing endorsement of Doncic, admitting that the Slovenian rookie is better than Dirk was at the same age. “Oh yeah (he’s better). I could shoot a little bit but I never had the court vision … the savviness that he brings to the game… He’s going to be fun to watch especially with bigs like DeAndre (Jordan) and Dwight (Powell) rolling to the rim … He’s going to pick defenses apart and it’s going to be fun to watch.”
  • In another piece for The Dallas Morning News, Sefko profiles big man Salah Mejri and his role on the Mavs this upcoming season. Mejri, 32, signed a one-year contract for the veteran’s minimum this offseason. And even though the addition of Jordan won’t do any favors for Mejri’s playing time, the Tunisian big man will be ready to play when needed, as always.
  • In yet another player profile piece, Sefko opines that backup point guard J.J. Barea may be one of the most underrated Mavericks of all time. Barring injury, Barea will later this season become the seventh player in Mavs history to play in 600 games with the franchise.
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10 thoughts on “Mavs Notes: Jordan, Marion, Doncic, Mejri, Barea

  1. KCelts

    Marion sort of strikes me as a “Hall of Very Good” player. He certainly was good during his career and had a time where he was a fan favorite, but I’m not necessarily sure that’s enough to get him in the Hall of Fame.

      • LivingUnderDaBridge

        Yeaaaaaa but if every decent player/occasional all star made the hall, would it really mean anything.

        Also hall of very good player fits him perfectly

      • I give no fox

        Made four all star teams and was all nba third team twice. I wouldn’t say that’s a lock for the hall of fame. While he was a freak athlete and crowd favorite, I wouldn’t punch his ticket just yet. He’s on the bubble, but ultimately I think he gets in because of his versatility

      • KCelts

        He was absolutely fierce in Phoenix, but I’m just not sure he has the body of work that screams Hall of Famer. What sort of hurts him too, albeit unfair, is that he didn’t really accomplish anything with Phoenix. He never won a conference or championship there even though he was close. There were some division wins for Phoenix, but then you ask are division wins good enough for a Hall of Fame enshrinement. For me, when you think of those good Phoenix teams, I think Nash first, then Stat, and then Marion. I just don’t think it winds up being enough.

        • RockHard

          But he won a title in Dallas and was the key cog on that team.. he played great against LeBron in the finals

          • KCelts

            I don’t know if he necessarily was the key cog. I’d say he was a good (even great) role player that series, but I don’t know if he was more key than Dirk, Kidd, or Terry.

  2. yoyo137

    Mejri is such a dirty player, hopefully he doesn’t have to play this year.

    • RockHard

      Mejri plays hards and physical. He isn’t dirty at all. That’s the game he has to play to survive in the NBA bc he lacks athleticism. I enjoy watching him play because he is max effort at all times

  3. I totally agree with Nowitzki, at his age Doncic is light years better than he was, for example even Pau Gasol at his age was so much better, you couldn’t believe it. But then again when you see now at the end of their careers, Nowitzki has been way better than Gasol, though Gasol is an absolutely legend, he won the last 2 rings for the Lakers. So it doesn’t mean that Doncic will be better than Nowitzki but it is a very good starting point, that’s for sure. Can’t wait to see the kid playing.

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