Pacific Notes: Ball, James, Kings, Cousins

Lonzo Ball has returned to full-contact practice with the Lakers, the team posted on social media. His status for Sunday’s preseason opener against the Nuggets is uncertain, but he was able to play through practice Thursday on the third day of the team’s training camp.

Ball, the second pick of the 2017 NBA Draft, underwent arthroscopy surgery on his left knee in July. The operation was conducted to repair a torn meniscus suffered last spring, with Ball now focused on his second season as a member of the Lakers.

“Lonzo practiced in full today,” Lakers coach Luke Walton said. “He looked really good. It was good to see him out there cutting, making his reads and his passes.”

There’s more from the Pacific Division:

  • Despite having a talented roster, Lakers forward LeBron James knows there’s still plenty of work to do before catching the Warriors. “We got a long way to go to get to Golden State,” James said, according to USA TODAY’s Josh Peter. “They could pick up right where they left off starting with training camp if they start today. We’re picking up from scratch, so we have a long way to go.”
  • The Kings remain interested in serving as a third team in any Jimmy Butler deal, tweets Sam Amick of USA TODAY. Sacramento is willing to take on a bad contract, but the team will be cautious with its future cap flexibility.
  • New Warriors center DeMarcus Cousins published a piece on The Players’ Tribune about why he chose to sign with Golden State this offseason. “It was the best basketball decision I ever made,” Cousins wrote.
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19 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Ball, James, Kings, Cousins

  1. Dionis

    Would Kobe have this same thinking going into this coming season? No way. Kobe didn’t even have the amount of talent Lebron currently has when he went back to back 09-10. LeBron is clearly going to coast this year and wait for Magic to get Klay,Kawhi,AD,or Durant next summer which is sad if you ask me.

    • imindless

      How is it sad lol, theres nothing else the can do but with what the got. You dont turn good in one year…just look at gsw 2 years early exits with jackson then finally pushed through. Making playoffs is first task for lakers.

      • Dionis

        They would have made the playoffs last year if Ball and Ingram had played at least 70 games last season. As the leader of the team the goal should be championship not none of this process BS. Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan would be thinking title with this roster not making excuses or saying they need a year or two to gel.

        • bennyg

          Who cares if they need a year or two to gel. Pretty sure Brons goal is to win a chip during his stay in LA.
          Doesn’t matter what he says, he may say this season, he may say in two seasons time, either way people will say “He’s failed” if it doesn’t happen right then and there.
          Accept greatness for what it is and be thankful for it.

            • jump shot

              Doesn’t matter what he says….they said, “Not 1, not 2, 3, 4, 5, 6….” the night he committed to Miami and how many did they ultimately get? 2! Is that failure? NO!
              What LeBron says in when interviewed is just talk for an interview. What happens on the court is what matters. He knows that. Instead of telling the truth that they are nowhere near Golden State (or Houston), should he instead have said, “Not 1, not 2, 3…”? Lol!

              • Dionis

                He should have said we feel like we can compete with Golden State and I’ll do everything possible to teach,inspire, and lead this team to championship.

                • jump shot

                  Lol! Well damn….since he didnt say it right then to the media he cant possibly say it to his teammates in the locker room, in-house, huh?

            • Sirsleepit

              If Lebron is not greatness then you obviously don’t know basketball. He’s easily a top 5 player of all time and closer to 1 than 5. If that is not greatness then idk what is

    • The day is never complete at HoopsRumors without the usual Dionis anti-LeBron agenda. He’s living rent free inside your head dude.

  2. Ptn18

    Free agency will be fun to watch next year. This year LeBron is the only marquee free agent not to stay home. My opinion is next summer won’t be much different. Klay has said he’s staying. Kyrie said he can’t do any better than where he is at. Nobody will trade for Butler unless they can get him to sign an extension. Kemba says he’s staying put. Durant only says he’s year to year, but won’t leave. Kawhi? These guys saying they’ll get a major guy are putting the cart before the horse.

    • Ptn18

      Demarcus Cousins and DeAndre Jordan too, but they were because their home team didn’t want to pay them.

    • bennyg

      Just because something is said no, does not mean it to be true by seasons end. ANYTHING can happen. People say things just to please their current system Hell, look at Detroit w Griffin. They sold him as being a retired jersey, NEK MINNIT he’s traded…..
      Stop believing whats written/reported and enjoy the moment

  3. Guest617

    lebron looks like a dummy for leaving the cream puff eastern conference. smh

  4. x%sure

    Soooo… Sacto is willing to take on a bad EXPIRING contract for a 1st. Like anyone else.

    Anyone know why their underthecap status gives them special importance in a three-team trade?– outside of just having a lot of room to work with.

    If they are not interested in Shumpert, they have a hole at the 3– that seems like their main feature in this.

  5. Ptn18

    ESPN’s Bobby Marks and Brian Windhorst suggested that Whiteside/Richardson for Dieng/Butler would be the best offer Minnesota would get. When Philadelphia inquired, Thibs told them he wanted Ben Simmons. I remember San Antonio asked the Lakers for Kuzma, Ingram, Hart, and the right to swap 2 1st round picks for Kawhi, so this is par for the course.

    • jump shot

      There’s this perception amongst fans that Simmons is the next Magic Johnson when, in reality, he’s more of an (on-court) Lamar Odom – without a jumpshot. Butler would actually be a better fit for Philly today but somehow there’s this perception that Simmons is untradeable. But, I get it. He’s a good player with a ton of potential. How great he becomes is all speculation. All that said, would I include him in a Butler deal? Hell no.

  6. Grant

    I wonder if they look at a 4 team trade.
    Suns get Jones to fill their PG need to add assets to the Heats offer, Kings get a Heat wing plus a pick to eat a contract and make money work, Heat get Butler, and T-Wolves get a package of assets from Suns/Heat as well as cap relief. Everyone wins. My proposal:
    Heat get Butler
    T-Wolves get Warren, Richardson, 1st rd pick from Heat
    Suns get Jones, McLemore,
    Kings get Waiters and picks for sweeteners.
    Suns and T-Wolves Might need more sweeteners to pull the trigger

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