Western Rumors: Rozier, Williams, Durant, Rockets

The Celtics’ Terry Rozier and the Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie are two of the logical trade targets for the Suns in their search for a point guard, according to Frank Urbina of HoopsHype. Rozier is a solid two-way player coming off a career year but the Suns would likely have to offer a package that included an unprotected first-rounder to catch Boston’s attention. A trade for Dinwiddie would be more plausible and he’d be a good fit with Phoenix considering his size, perimeter shooting and pick-and-roll prowess, Urbina continues. The Clippers’ Patrick Beverley, the Cavaliers’ George Hill and the Hornets’ Kemba Walker are some of the other names Urbina throws out as potential targets. The Suns are searching for a starting point guard after trading away Brandon Knight to the Rockets last week.

We have more from the Western Conference:

  • The Pelicans signed Troy Williams, Kenrich Williams and Garlon Green to partially-guaranteed contracts in the hope of finding one reliable small forward, Scott Kushner of the New Orleans Advocate notes. That trio will compete for a roster spot, though the potential addition of swingman Tyrone Wallacesigned to an offer sheet on Monday — could change that. “They just told me they’re bringing some guys in and having them go head-on to see who wins a spot,” Kenrich Williams told Kushner.
  • By buying out Luol Deng‘s contract and using the stretch provision, the Lakers gave themselves a chance to offer Kevin Durant a max salary in free agency, as Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders examines. The Lakers now project to have $38.2MM in cap space, which would be just enough to afford Durant, Pincus continues. If they can’t land Durant, they’ll certainly have enough to bring in another All-Star level talent. Other high-level potential free agents, including Kawhi Leonard, Klay ThompsonDeMarcus Cousins, Jimmy Butler, Walker and Kyrie Irving, could command a first-year salary of $33MM, leaving the Lakers with another $5MM to spend in other ways, Pincus adds.
  • The Rockets took a frugal approach this summer and it could cost them a title, Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post opines. They traded away Ryan Anderson and allowed two key wing players to walk in free agency. In turn, they signed three players on veteran’s minimum deals and adding a couple of bench players in the Anderson trade, Bontemps notes. So while Houston execs had said they were unconcerned about the luxury tax, their actions showed they wanted to save some money, Bontemps adds.
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34 thoughts on “Western Rumors: Rozier, Williams, Durant, Rockets

  1. Of all the names thrown about for Phoenix I think Rozier would make the most sense, as he really needs to get a starting gig for his development & to see how good he can be, also his age fits the best with the rebuilt in Phoenix.

    • supercollider

      Booker and Ayton are off the table, and don’t see anything else the Celtics would take for Rozier. Would need to get a third team involved.

  2. Cannot see KD or Klay going to the Lakers, though it would be an intriguing prospect. Kawhi don’t see his fit with the Lakers with LBJ, Ingram & Kuzma, no need for another wing really. The same for Kyrie, having Ball why on earth would you want Kyrie? No need. So only Butler if he comes to play the SG or DMC if he is back to 100% next season. So I am not really sure they will get any of those guys.

  3. Bad time for Houston to start penny pinching, new owner just wants to make money not win rings, that is life, it is what it is.

  4. D$!LLKU$H-og

    Dinwiddie, DEN 1st and a future 2nd to PHO for Josh Jackson. Jarrett Allen and JJ could be the fro bros. #frobros

    • whodacoon

      Not even possible. they wouldn’t even trade Jackson for Kyrie or Love.

      • D$!LLKU$H-og

        Just trying to speak it into existence brother! It worked for Lavar. Well…moreso Lonzo. The dream of all the boys playing for the lake show seems unlikely at this point.

        If I’m the Nets do you give up Dinwiddie for Bender? Maybe with a pick like the article says but he’s on the best contract in the league as far as cost per win share. JJ is who they would want. And with acquiring a cpl 1sts, and the ability to save $3-4 mil and sign Melton to a 4 year deal, PHO might (however unlikely) make that move.

        *change DEN 2019 1st and future 2nd to BK 2019 1st (top 5 protected) and BK 2021 1st (lottery protected) if necessary

  5. Rewane

    If I remember correctly, 2021 is the super draft. So, Melton and 2021 unprotected first might be enough for Rozier. With two more top ten picks coming in the next two year and Rozier, if Suns still can’t make the playoffs, then might as well blow up the team and rebuild again. For the Celtics, since Smart just got paid and Irving will get a max, they can use a cheap pg and the current FO could find another gem with a mid-late first round pick.

    • Supposedly Celts won’t trade Rozier because if Kyrie goes down, they have no backup. Smart will back up Brown at the shooting guard.

  6. From reading the web: I’m sticking with the betting sites to forecast my favorites. I know we have to wait until next summer to find out who goes where. What has been said: Media says Butler is most likely to leave. Thibodeaux says Butler hasn’t talked to him about any rift and he’s confident he’ll re sign. My opinion on Kawhi is he said he didn’t want to go to Celtics, he wants his own team. That doesn’t sound like Lakers. Kawhi doesn’t talk to anybody. Behind Kemba, Charlotte doesn’t have a 2nd best player. Kupchak talked to Kemba this summer and they had mutual agreement to stay. Danny Ainge has said he wants to keep both Kyrie and Rozier. Horford may opt in. Durant said he took a discount this summer so he could sign a 5 year max next summer. Klay and his dad have said he’ll take a discount to stay. Between winning titles and having a new arena in the near future, the owner is still making money. He made money last year. For Demarcus, his mental and physical problems create questions. Just like this summer, who wants to sp[end the money to take a chance on him?

    • From Amico Hoops and @golfodds betting site, their latest NBA championship odds. Warriors 1/2, Celtics 5/1, Rockets 7/1, Lakers 12/1, Raptors 12/1, 76ers 14/1. Everyone else is too far back.

    • I like@oddsdharks. They have Luca Doncic to in ROY. For win totals they have Warriors 64, Rockets 56, Lakers 56, OKC 50. In the east they have Celtics 58, Philadelphia and Toronto 55, Indiana and Milwaukee 47. You won’t make any money betting on the Warriors to win the championship, they blew everybody away. You can guess who they have as MVP. I won’t say it.

      • Sorry, that’s @oddssharks. They are the ones that had LeBron going to L.A. and Kawhi to Toronto.

  7. hiflew

    So the Suns trade away a good, albeit overpaid, PG in Knight for a good, albeit overpaid big guy in Ryan Anderson who plays a position they really didn’t need. Now they have to give up another asset to find a starting PG? Why not just keep Knight and be done with it?

    • Maybe they were unsure how knight would be after coming off his big injury? Who knows?

    • x%sure

      Knight is not good. He was average in 2015 in his contract year. Then he went back to not good.

      Canaan would have taken over regardless, but now they have a desirable prospect in Melton. They should play out what they have IMO… too many questions… How will Ayton and Booker get along?– and don’t just say fine. Will Ayton get entries?– if not then the PG can just move along. Thanks bye.

      Dinwiddie and Hill, but not Rozier and maybe not Beverly, could be counted on. Walker is NA.

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