Wolves Owner Wants Jimmy Butler Deal Done Soon

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor has taken control of the Jimmy Butler trade talks and wants to get a deal completed as soon as possible, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Tom Thibodeau, who serves as president of basketball operations as well as coach, had been objecting to a deal, hoping to hold onto the veteran forward for another season. However, Taylor wants the process to end before training camp starts Tuesday and has mandated that a deal get done quickly.

Wojnarowski cautions that no team has entered serious discussion with the Wolves yet, but he identifies the Nets, Pistons, Rockets, Clippers, Heat, Sixers and Trail Blazers as franchises that have shown interest.

Taylor plans to review the offers over the next two days, then present the best ones to Butler and his agent, Bernie Lee, to see which teams Butler would be willing to sign a five-year extension with. That information will be used to help finalize a deal, although Wojnarowski adds that some teams would be willing to trade for Butler with no guarantee of an extension .

GM Scott Layden may have jeopardized his job by refusing to talk to other teams about a Butler deal, according to Wojnarowski. Taylor has demanded that Layden start aggressively pursuing a trade, even to the point of contacting rival GMs. Taylor has been considering changes in the front office for months and may re-evaluate Layden’s role once the Butler deal is done.

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32 thoughts on “Wolves Owner Wants Jimmy Butler Deal Done Soon

  1. Pablo

    Let’s get this done and move on. I’m over all this. I think the right deal will boost the wolves chances and get them back to having their own identity. I know that identity has been losing, but I’d rather win as the Timberwolves than the timberbulls

  2. Josh Jackson, 2019 1st round pick, & Tyson Chandler for Jimmy B! Get it done McD!

    • acarneglia

      Not hating on this idea but kinda curious how Phoenixs lineup would look. Would it be Booker-Butler-Warren-Anderson-Ayton?

    • Z-A

      They wouldn’t give up JJ plus a pick for 2 yrs of Kyrie… doubt they give him up the same for 1 yr Butler.

      • Ya but that was before we all saw that JJ was a dumpster fire of a player. Suns are in win now mode and McD needs to save his job. Butler makes Phoenix a 4 seed.

        • Ptn18

          So Minnesota takes a dumpster fire, Tyson Chandler, and Miami’s 2022 first round pick for Butler. Doubt it. More like Tobias Harris, Jerome Robinson, and another player for Butler. He wants to go somewhere that has cap space for 2 max contracts (Kawhi). Notice Knicks aren’t on this list. They’ve said they won’t trade for someone they can sign this summer. Still hold true?

  3. diller79

    Drummond, Blake griffin, Jimmy Butler would be a top 3 seed in the east

    • cjhubbard17

      What do you think the trade would be I guess Reggie would have to be a part of it.

      • diller79

        I would think the return for Butler would be something like (Reggie Jackson, Stanley Johnson, 1st round pick 2020) and possibly Kennard involved in some way. But if I were the pistons I’d give up anything the twolves wanted outside of Drummond and Blake

        • cjhubbard17

          As a pistons fan, I don’t want us to trade Kennard because I think he would be a good PG in the future but if we can make a decent playoff run I might be fine with it. But yeah I wouldn’t give up Blake or Andre.

      • cba93

        Not sure why the wolves would want a 4th pg. I’d guess they want 2 rotation guys and a pick like Bradley and gallinari or saric and reddick

  4. cba93

    I think saric, reddick and a pick get it done. That’d be one hell of a lineup with Simmons, Covington, embiid and jimmy

  5. augold5

    Bledsoe, Maker, 2019 2nd and 2020 1st. A line up of Brogdon, Middleton, Butler, Giannis and Lopez would be pretty deadly.

    • FlaveFlava

      I don’t think the Wolves want a PG unless you’re taking Teague back in that deal, but then the salaries don’t work

  6. Twins Fan

    Butler is a problem, he was in Chicago and is one in Minnesota. I’m a closet T’Wolves fan and would love nothing more than for Thibs to follow Butler out the door. These two guys have hampered this organization. Yes they got to the playoffs but that was a given with their talent. Thibs can’t coach younger guys. This team needs a Brad Stevens type coach to get through to the 20 something’s. I don’t have a trade proposal because frankly I don’t care. Just get rid of Butler and move on.

  7. Owner just cut what they’ll get for him substantially. He needed to have this conversation with his BB people, not the media. Placating a franchise player (KAT) is nothing new, but in this case it means the team goes from a top 3-4 team in the West to one that might not even be in the playoffs.

    • x%sure

      Apparently they didn’t listen!
      By going public, he is putting more pressure on other teams to get their offers in. He may even threaten to make them public, to show up sluggish FOs. Fans want to know if an effort was made!
      And Taylor wants to move on ASAP.

      Taylor does need to fire the GM, who had to have recommended the max for Wiggins.

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