Chris Bosh Not Closing Door On Playing Again

Chris Bosh hasn’t closed the door on playing in the NBA again and will give himself until the All-Star break to make a final determination on his future, as he tells Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News. Bosh hasn’t played since the 2015/16 season because of blood clots and the former No. 4 overall pick admits the situation is still “complicated.”

“It’s up to the team doctors from that team. And then we go from there,” Bosh said of the process for a franchise to sign him.

The NBA and its players’ union previously ruled that Bosh’s clotting issues were career-ending. Bondy notes that the risk with blood clotting is that contact could result in internal bleeding.

Bosh remains focused on coming back and he’s open to playing for any team that’s willing to take the risk with him. Bondy asked Bosh if he could envision himself playing for the Knicks to which Bosh replied, “If they make me a deal, yeah.”

New coach David Fizdale was Bosh’s assistant coach in Miami. Bosh credits Fitzdale with helping him reinvent his game.

“He helped me so much as far as dissecting offenses,” Bosh said. “Film work. And just mentally preparing for every night challenge. We felt a bond just trying to figure out how I can be effective in a free-flowing offense we had. And sometimes it was just having a beer and talking and leaving all the offcourt stuff to the side. But he’s just a tremendous person, tremendous coach. And he knows his basketball.”

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8 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Not Closing Door On Playing Again

  1. Otogar

    Bosh should really move on and forget about playing in the NBA again. He was a great player, but that was a long time ago and no team is going to risk playing someone who might die on the court. And he shouldn’t be willing to take the risk either.

    • cakirby

      It’s understandably difficult for him, though. His career was stolen from him from something no one could control. I feel for the guy. It makes sense why he would still be clinging to something he was forced to leave when he wasn’t ready to leave it.

      • Otogar

        When dreams are not only unfeasible but also life-threatening, it’s not that bad to give up on them and move on.

  2. daboyz1965

    Bosh should look into being a broadcaster for an NBA team. He would be a natural

  3. Guest617

    follow the steps of juan howard- collect boat loads of cash, retire and coach/mentor

  4. Dionis

    If you are coming back sign with a team which would give you some run and a shot at a title at least.

  5. Jim Bernstein

    He has lived his dream! He had a long career in the NBA, won a championship ring, and made a boatload of money. Unless something with his clotting problem has changed dramatically, I cannot imagine the NBA letting him back on the court with his condition.

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