Heat Official: Price Too High For Butler

Jimmy Butler trade talks between Miami and Minnesota have fallen apart again, and an unidentified Heat official tells Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald that the Timberwolves are asking way too much in return.

The source says the Wolves have unreasonable expectations and joked that they want “the first born of all our kids.” He added that a deal could still be completed if Minnesota eases up on some of its demands.

Jackson hears that the Wolves are seeking several of Miami’s most valuable assets, a list that includes Josh Richardson, Bam Adebayo, Goran Dragic, Kelly Olynyk, Justise Winslow and the Heat’s No. 1 pick for 2019. Miami refused to make Richardson available at first, but has changed its mind, a source tells Jackson.

The Heat would like to find takers for Dion Waiters, Hassan Whiteside and Tyler Johnson, but Waiters’ injury history and the huge contracts for Whiteside and Johnson make them difficult to move. The Timberwolves apparently don’t have any interest in those players, but may be willing to take on some salary for the chance to unload backup center Gorgui Dieng, who is owed more than $48MM over the next three seasons.

The Heat have offered Dragic to Minnesota, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN. Adrian Wojnarowski, his ESPN colleague, has said Minnesota is willing to accept some protections on Miami’s 2019 first-rounder.

The Heat have been the most aggressive team in trying to acquire Butler since he issued a trade request last month. They are also reportedly Butler’s preferred destination, although the list he gave to Wolves management included the Knicks, Nets and Clippers.

Jackson also relays a tweet from ESPN’s Stefano Fusaro, who claims Butler’s level of frustration with Minnesota’s front office has reached “an all-time high.” Many teams who were once interested in Butler have become skeptical that the Wolves really want to get a deal done.

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16 thoughts on “Heat Official: Price Too High For Butler

  1. dtrainriotmaker

    If I’m the wolves I want Richardson for sure , but if I’m Miami I want to give them waiters who is injury prone or James Johnson. I would like to see the bucks get him they need defense , but I don’t think the bucks would offer what the wolves would want .

  2. Reflect

    Jimmy Butler is not even that good. I don’t understand why teams are putting themselves through this. Just let the Timberwolves drown

    • JD396

      But but but… he brings the intangibles like strong leadership skills and great clubhouse chemistry

      • Reflect

        He has one year left, an injury, and an enormous attitude problem. He might be a top 15 talent but he brings a lot of negatives and you can’t ignore those. I can name well over 30 players I’d rather trade for.

  3. Ptn18

    They might as well not even have discussions until Thibs decides to give up and Butler, and stop making last minute changes. If Thibs doesn’t want to trade him, why talk?

  4. formerlyz

    I cant believe the heat caved and Minnesota still continues this…I dont want Jimmy Butler for a ridiculous amount. That defeats the purpose

  5. Z-A

    Hes in the same tier as Klay Thompson. Top-25 player, not a superstar, but someone youd have to max out if bc hed be your 1st or 2nd best player.

  6. cakirby

    Wait, so Minnesota literally wanted Miami’s entire starting 5 AND a 1 rounder for him? That would be one of the worst trades I’ve ever seen. That would be a veto-able trade under David Stern.

    • hiflew

      No, I think they wanted “several” of them. We have no idea what “several of them” actually means.

  7. Ptn18

    Looks like we’ll have to wait until the season starts to see if Butler reports, and see who wins Jimmy or Thibs. George, Kawhi, CP3, and Kyrie won. We’ll see.

  8. nentwigs

    Really, is it unreasonable to expect to receive: a chauffeur, a footman, a valet, and a bodyguard for an established, successful, experienced Butler?

  9. ccjockey

    As a Wolves fan, I’m so sick of hearing the daily “Jimmy Butler” story. I understand the Wolves wanting something in return for Butler, but the problems he brought with him aren’t worth it.

  10. whynot101

    They will get more than what bulls got for him. The fact that bulls had to swap first round picks as part of that trade is still a head scratcher

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