Heat Remain Favorites To Land Jimmy Butler

The Heat remain the favorites to land Jimmy Butler should the Timberwolves trade him away, Marc Stein of The New York Times relays. Miami is Butler’s preferred destination and owner Glen Taylor has been informed of the four-time All-Star’s preference.

Stein writes that Butler’s preference matters in this situation because the wing can become a free agent after the season. Miami doesn’t want to wait for Butler and has been trying “as hard as anyone” in the league to put together a package that Minnesota will accept. Stein expects the Heat to find a deal that works for the Wolves, as attempting to reintegrate Butler with all of the tension between the two sides would be a difficult feat.

Miami won’t have the cap space to sign Butler outright next summer, so Minnesota seemingly holds some leverage in the trade negotiations. Butler’s camp is reportedly frustrated by the lack of progress on a deal and they have seriously questioned whether the team’s front office is legitimately trying to find a solution on the trade market.

Team president of basketball operations Tom Thibodeau and GM Scott Layden were initially against trading Butler and appear to have a high asking price in negotiations with other teams. The Wolves reportedly asked the Sixers for Ben Simmons in a deal and sources within interested teams believe the counter-offers received by Minnesota are “downright delusional.”

The Rockets have pursued a Butler deal and Stein believes Houston would have to package Eric Gordon and P.J. Tucker along with some draft picks to land Butler. The scribe adds that the Wolves would prefer not to send him to the Rockets and help Daryl Morey’s squad become more of a superpower than they already are.

Minnesota opens up the season on October 17 against the Spurs. The club has four remaining preseason games, including Wednesday night’s tilt with the Clippers.

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38 thoughts on “Heat Remain Favorites To Land Jimmy Butler

  1. Ptn18

    The Miami Herald reported last Friday that the Heat made an offer last Thursday morning that did not include Josh Richardson, and Minnesota said no. Miami told the Wolves to get their management straightened out. It has also been reported that the Wolves have asked for Tobias Harris from the Clippers and Khris Middleton from Milwaukee and were turned down. It has also been reported that the Rockets likely don’t have the assets, and wouldn’t want to trade away their bench to get Butler. The Miami Herald said the Heat don’t believe Butler would make them a top 3 team in the east, so they will bid accordingly.

      • Ptn18

        It’s coming from Yahoo and the Miami newspaper. Better in fo than what you’ve got!

    • x%sure

      The Clips should give up Harris, since Butler is likely to re-sign there. I suspect MIN wants a couple good picks too at least. “delusional”
      The owner Taylor has made his peace with Towns and will have to do what’s necessary himself. Too bad the bidding is mostly coming from the West.

  2. jacobsigel1025

    Olynyk Richardson McGruder and a lottery protected first rounder for Butler works with salaries

  3. stretch123

    Tyler Johnson, Rodney McGruder and a first round pick. Take it or leave it.

    • Chris

      That’s a trade I think Thibs would think hard about but why trade Teague when you can include Phoenix since they want Dragic

      • ClancyJ

        I just think an Allstar for an Allstar would be more likely a trade that Thibs would be comfortable with since he doesn’t want to rebuild.

        • x%sure

          Dragic for Teague makes sense for the way the teams play but MIA would have to send more salary for matching.

  4. Chris

    Man I really don’t understand why Jimmy would want to go to Miami. As presently constructed what’s that team’s ceiling? And I don’t think they have any cap space to improve next offseason. I think he should just try to work out whatever issues he has in Minneapolis. Rarely are you gonna get the chance to with young talent that should be amicable to his teaching. I think his injury, really hurt this team in the present and future

    • padam

      Miami is a team that’s stuck in the mud. A bunch of good players that offer the same, but no standout stars to lead them. And the contracts they’ve shelled out are horrendous.

    • Decius

      Two words: South Beach. The players also live in these cities and the scenery is quite nice there. It isn’t completely a basketball decision.

      • x%sure

        Miami is such a better fit for Butler, given the personalities involved (Heat yes Wolves no), the lifestyle, and the conference.

        Miami has talent, they just need to shift quantity for quality.

        In theory it is possible to afford Butler if MIA can send salary to SAC. MIN would want MIA’s picks they send to SAC to make them do it, but MIA will have the most tolerable offer TAKE IT

  5. Richard Weiss

    Couldn’t agree more if Butler was willing. He has checked out and wants the payday. He doesn’t have the patience to work with young talent. Miami is one of the hardest working teams in the NBA so Butler is a perfect fit. Both teams should make the trade and move on.

    • jeb39999

      The heat will be the hardest working team until Butler comes to town and pisses everybody off you will see.

      • Decius

        Butler’s wants to win too much. Such a terrible guy. Hope your picking up on this sarcasm because I’m pouring it on thick. From all accounts I have heard, Karl Anthony-Towns and Wiggins aren’t mature enough to win in the playoffs. I don’t blame Butler for being frustrated.

  6. If Minnesota allows Butler to dictate anything to do with his destination, they are idiots. Take the best offer available and let his new Team sort out anything to do with an extension – that’s their issue. Yes, the likelihood that Butler signs an extension with his new Team will impact what does get offered, but Minnesota is very capable of asking for finals offers and pulling the trigger.

    They owe Jimmy nothing, hes not a Minnesota figure, he hasn’t made an impression on the city, and he has zero leverage.

    • restingmitchface

      Man, I’m glad he won’t be a Laker. He’s gonna cost a ton of money and he doesn’t raise your ceiling by nearly as much as other max dudes.

  7. Jim Bernstein

    Any deal with Miami must include Abedayo and Winslow and any player(s) Miami wants to get rid of to match salaries – if they really want Butler. A trade needs to work for the Wolves, not just for Butler or his new team.

  8. greg1

    Knowing at this point that Minny has to move him, the Wolves would have no chance of landing both Bam and Justise in a deal with the Heat.

    Jimmy B can be frustrated all he wants with the lack of a deal, but he needs to look in the mirror to see this is his fault. As soon as you choose to sit out, or take your trade demands public, you lessen your current team’s leverage, and they’re not going to make a bad deal just to aid you in getting out of town.

    How about show up and keep the demand internal? Maybe act like an adult instead of a pissed off teenager. I don’t blame him for wanting to leave if he doesn’t like the situation, but I blame him, just like all the others that came before him, for how they handle it.

    • x%sure

      I think a deal was made between Taylor and Towns to deal Butler. If so it’s not just about Butler. (This is conjecture, a theory that explains everyone’s behavior)

  9. formerlyz

    As a Heat fan, I’m cool with any combination involving future picks, Whiteside, Waiters, James Johnson, Olynyk, Derrick Jones, McGruder and then Dragic, Bam or Winslow if necessary. I wouldnt be willing to move anyone else.

    I had an iteration of a possible deal worked out on paper, but it was before the draft, and before the new cap figures for this year came into play. Now it would be a bit more complicated, and I’m not sure how it would get done. I would prefer not to move Richardson or Winslow, but if I had to move Winslow for Butler, ultimately that’s something that should probably be done, as much as I think highly of Winslow, and I think Pat Riley would see it the same way

    • x%sure

      You’ve said this before, but did you leave out Tyler Johnson on your list? He is said to be one of Miami’s top tradables.

  10. formerlyz

    James Johnson, Kelly Olynyk, Dion Waiters and 2019 1st round pick for Butler and Dieng

  11. x%sure

    If MIA is to afford Butler next year, they need to send out more salary than they get, and also Winslow and Mcgruder, since they will be due raises.

    SAC as a third team works out since they have capspace and need a 3 (apparently they lost enthusiasm for Shumpert). So, Winslow goes there, as well as Tyler J so they don’t have to rely on Mason as backup 1 or to overplay Fox there.

    That’s $22.6MM to Sac who has $11 in capspace. They could just go over, or– send Shumpert or Z-Bo to MIN, (and MIN has asked about Shump in the past).
    In this scenario they are doing quite well and indeed, can be expected to send a protected 1st to MIN! Or at least a high 2nd.
    Of course SAC would say first, just send us Richardson, make it all easier, but he is kind of the fav in Miami.

    So MIA gets Butler, and MIN gets picks from MIA & SAC, James J who fits with Towns, and Mcgruder who I think is good to start at 2G. Not that much of a dropoff IMO and with future picks.

    MIN in: James J, Mcgruder, Lo1st, Hi2nds
    …..out: Butler
    SAC: in: Winslow, Tyler J
    …..out: 2 high2nds, goes over the cap
    MIA in: Butler & room to sign him.
    out: 2 Johnsons, Winslow, Mcgruder, 1st

    MIA gets to keep Josh R & Dragic with Butler on the perimeter, along with Ellington & Waiters. Weber can come in with Wade, the new backup 1. This is sustainable and backup 1s are around.

    SAC makes out like bandits, unless they have to move a 1st.

    MIN is likely out of the playoffs but is that really the priority after events last year? The future is built around their 2 maxxes. Mcgruder hits 3s and plays D like Butler did, if either stays healthy. James J gets busy & passes out to Towns. And Taylor gets Butler moved out & gets cheap picks.
    They want to move Dieng but nobody gets to move their dead salary without pain. This is not a trade anyone would normally make but WAKE UP.

    • Luke Adams

      FYI, if the Kings do a trade and finish over the cap as a result of the trade, they have to meet salary-matching rules as part of the deal. The only way to avoid those rules is to still be below the cap after the trade. So if they took on $22MM, they’d have to send out at least $11MM.

      • formerlyz

        I was going to say the same. That trade doesnt work in the trade machine, but I think he meant to add either Zach Randolph or Iman Shumpert to the Heat, which would work financially, although I’m not sure the Heat should do it

          • x%sure

            A little short, but they could add an end-of-the-bench player to MIA? They still make out… Winslow is improving.
            MIN is set at 1,4 & 5, so it would be Shumpert not Z-Bo.

            Of course Taylor will covet the SAC 1st & hold things up.

  12. x%sure

    The espn trade machine really grinds my gears. Here we go, this works.

    MIN in: Dragic,Mcgruder,Shump,Lo1,(3)2s
    …….out: Butler, Patton, Okogie
    SAC: in: Winslow, Olynyk
    …….out: 2 high2nds, Shumpert
    MIA in: Patton, Okogie, Butler
    Out: Dragic,Winslow,Mcgruder,Olynyk,Lo1&2

    Problems: SAC does not need Olynyk and he might be hard to move, though statistically he’s easily worth it.

    The machine says MIN is minus 15 or so. I think this is due to Dragic not being a big boost over Teague, by whatever metric they use for that– BUT he is! And he satisfies the need a a star-level replacement who will affect things.

    Other fits, still leaving MIN minus 15: –Dragic can be replaced by Tyler J.
    –Dragic also for James J & Adebayo.
    These are less likely but about equal IMO due to Dragic being 32.
    –Okogie has to go, but to either MIA or SAC.
    –BatesDiop(MIN) can move to either team, or not.
    –I predict Keita BD^ will be good.
    –SAC’s two 2nds could be a 1, protected 1-10?
    –MIA should be able to afford Butler 2019.
    –Okogie, like Tyler J, can play the 1.
    –Patton may not have value.
    Have a nice evening.

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