Wolves, Clippers Continue To Discuss Jimmy Butler

While the Heat have long looked like the favorites in the Jimmy Butler sweepstakes, Miami isn’t the only team talking to the Timberwolves. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, the Wolves and Clippers have had ongoing discussions about a Butler trade.

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The Timberwolves have asked for multiple players and picks in conversations with the Clippers, and would prefer to land Tobias Harris in any Butler deal, sources tell Haynes. Minnesota’s asking price has thus far been deemed too high for the Clippers, who don’t plan to trade Harris, Haynes adds.

Some details in Haynes’ report echo what we’ve heard in previous stories about the Timberwolves’ trade discussions — the Yahoo Sports scribe suggests that the Wolves’ front office “hasn’t fully engaged” the Clippers’ pitches. Other reports on Butler have conveyed similar sentiments on Minnesota’s apparent unwillingness to actively engage potential trade partners.

As Haynes writes, there’s a belief that Tom Thibodeau is still holding out hope that he can convince Butler to report to the team and rescind his trade request, despite Thibodeau’s public insistence that the Wolves are working on making a deal. Minnesota’s head coach and president of basketball operations told reporters today that trade talks are “ongoing,” as Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press relays.

The Clippers were initially named as one of the teams on Butler’s short list of preferred destinations. The team will clear a significant amount of salary from its books at the end of the 2018/19 season, and could have room for a second maximum-salary free agent even it acquires Butler.

In other Butler news, Matt Velazquez of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Twitter link) hears from a league source that the Bucks haven’t had any “substantive” talks with Minnesota about Butler. No players were put on the table and there’s no ongoing dialogue between the two sides at the moment, Velazquez adds. Milwaukee had been named as a potential dark horse Butler suitor early in the process.

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39 thoughts on “Wolves, Clippers Continue To Discuss Jimmy Butler

  1. Ptn18

    If Thibs wants vets, Harris, Patrick Beverly, and Avery Bradley should be enough to do it. Harris declined his extension with the Clippers. I don’t see him signing with Minnesota next summer.

  2. Ptn18

    I also read that 26 of the 29 nba teams have at least talked to Minnesota.

    • Ptn18

      Also read that Miami has been holding out Richardson and showcasing Whiteside in preseason. Sacramento has been holding out Shumpert, Koufus, and Zebo.

      • Ptn18

        Also reports say Thibs wants to try to convince Butler to renege on his request. I think it’s time for the owner to step in.

      • Ptn18

        Came from Minneapolis Star Tribune about Sacramento and Miami preseason rosters. Jeff Teague and Andrew Wiggins said today that they’d take Butler back. Thibs is saying that too, and Butler isn’t happy about it. I wonder if Butler would have a 2nd hand surgery to drag this out.

  3. hiflew

    If this happens, the Clippers should have a lock on the 11th seed in the West.

    • formerlyz

      Going into training camp, I had them 7th assuming they can stay healthy, which is probably optimistic in that regard

            • formerlyz

              Who do you have, as of now, in the west? I usually look at it a bit before training camp, and then again right before the regular season starts

              • padam

                GSW, HOU, POR, SAS, LAL, DEN, OKC, with the last spot going to NOR or UT. MIN could be in it depending on who they get for Butler.

                In my opinion, the Clippers roster has a few injury prone players and no ‘stars’ that can carry the team. Being deep isn’t going to get them into the playoffs.

                • formerlyz

                  We have relatively similar lists

                  I had GS, Houston, Lakers, Utah, Spurs, OKC, Clippers, Denver 1-8

                  New Orleans, Portland, Memphis, Minnesota, Dallas, Phoenix, and Sacramento rounding out the rest

                  This is with Butler not playing for Minnesota. If he does, I’d probably have them right behind OKC, and it also obviously remains to be seen what theyd get for him once he’s moved

  4. Reflect

    Rumor is that only NBA teams have spoken to the Timberwolves about Butler.

  5. justinept

    Clippers are a bit of a surprise… Butler is good and all, but he doesn’t seem like a guy Jerry West would build around.

      • formerlyz

        What about Gallinari, Gortat, Sindarius Thornwell, Jawun Evans and 2nd round picks if necessary

              • formerlyz

                Obviously he is injury prone, but he does fit at the 4 next to KAT, and would provide floor spacing they need. Plus, the Clippers would be taking back Dieng in that scenario

                • padam

                  Dino isn’t a 4 – he can’t play defense/rebound. He’s an outside shooter with a bad contact and can’t stay healthy.

                  • formerlyz

                    Gallinari used to be a decent defender. Maybe he gets some of that back as a 4, instead of guarding wings. In today’s NBA, he can 100% play the 4. I mentioned hes super injury prone, so no argument there, but if he can be relatively healthy, he fits, and I cant assume guaranteed injury, despite his history. I would also say that we’re talking about 1 year of Butler and taking back Diengs contract, so you have to be realistic about potential returns, especially when considering the trade demand

  6. Ptn18

    Minnesota will deal with Miami or not at all. They are trying to use other teams to try to get Miami to include Richardson. Minnesota is starting Jeff Teague and Derrick Rose in preseason. That won’t cut it. Thibs needs to do something soon.

    • Noel1982

      Both of those guys are a trillion billion times better then scrub tyler Johnson! And combined yearly they make less then the 20 million over two years he’s making! As you say will deal with heat or nobody at all everyone would take nothing at all over taking scrub tyler Johnson everyone! Heat don’t even want him

        • Noel1982

          Oh I thought he was making around 15 million point still remains he’s a whole lot better then tyler Johnson a whole lot! The whole tyler Johnson would really ball in Minnesota is such bs spewed by Riley and heat fans im glad wolves aren’t considering taking him

  7. Richard Hangslow

    New Orleans still makes the most sense to me. Butler & Davis seems like a good fit. After that Washington, Butler for Beal.

  8. YOGA

    if phyli want to trade buttler , do that for fultz and maybe 1st 2019 pick. not simmons.or phily can give dario saric for butler, and give fultz the pg spot and simmons as pf. i really want see embiid and simmons as duet pf and c

  9. nentwigs

    Don’t even think about offering the T Wolves any second round picks in ANY transaction. They simply don’t associate second round picks as having any value
    They trade them away. They are never actually prepared to use them to to choose a player.

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