And-Ones: G League Draft, Chemistry, Trade Demands, Smith

With the NBA G League continuing to grow season by season, there are now more ways than ever (e.g. two-way players, affiliate players, etc.) for a G League franchise to build its roster. Accordingly, Adam Johnson of 2 Ways & 10 Days asks whether the NBA’s G League draft has ultimately already run its course.

As Johnson notes, 11 of the 27 players selected in the first round of the G League draft this season were waived before opening night, including three top-10 picks, while 18 of the 25 players selected in the second round have also been waived.

Because G League teams already have enough players committed to the season before the draft is even conducted, it’s an uphill battle for drafted players to make the team. Johnson ultimately opines that the draft should now only consist of two-to-three rounds, with only one required pick per team.

Here are a few more odds and ends from around the basketball world:

  • In an ESPN piece from multiple writers, team chemistry is analyzed for nine different franchises that made major offseason adjustments this summer or so far this season. Among other storylines, the fit of Kawhi Leonard for the Raptors and how both the Sixers and Timberwolves move on from the Jimmy Butler saga are discussed.
  • In light of the Butler storyline, Brian Windhorst of ESPN explores the dynamics created when a star player demands a trade, referencing Butler, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard in the process. As Windhorst ultimately opines, we shouldn’t expect to stop seeing players demand trades who have one year left on their contracts and are looking to go elsewhere in free agency.
  • In an interview with Ben Stinar of Amico Hoops, NBA veteran forward Josh Smith talks about his career thus far, his continued willingness to play, and his readiness to return to the NBA should the opportunity arise.
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7 thoughts on “And-Ones: G League Draft, Chemistry, Trade Demands, Smith

  1. stug14

    The NBA needs to take a page out of the NHL’s playbook and let players be drafted but not sign. Expand the NBA draft to 4 rounds and have teams retain college players rights for 2 years or have the ability to assign them to the G league without starting the contract clock.

    If you really want go crazy, allow HS players to be drafted with the understanding that they likely will end up in the G league to start. A few are already going to Europe to avoid playing in college for a year so why not give them the chance to develop professionally. Someone like LeAngelo Ball would be perfect for this.

    • mcmillankmm

      Players drafted by NBA teams can forgo an NBA contract and sign with their G League representative.

      • stug14

        I get that but with only 2 rounds of the draft the number who can benefit is limited.

  2. Ptn18

    Fans might get mad when players ask for trades, but General managers will tell you it’s much better than getting nothing in return. The Pacers got Oladipo and Sabonis, the Clippers got Patrick Beverly, Louis Williams, and others. San Antonio got DeeMar Derozan. Chicago got Lauri Markenan and Zach Lavine. The Cavs got Colin Sexton and in turnaround trades got Larry Nance Jr,, Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, and George Hill. They are better off with them than without them.

  3. Ptn18

    Draymond was right, and several Warriors teammates have said they won’t recruit Durant because of it. This season was supposed to be for the fans and their last season in Oakland. Durant has made it about himself. He did this in OKC. Imagine if LeBron had told the Cavs fans early last season that he was leaving how the fans and teammates would have treated him. Tell Durant if he doesn’t want to play for the Warriors to waive his trade clause. He said before that he and Kyrie wanted to play in Miami. Send him to Miami for Richardson, Adabayo (spelling ?), Olynyk, and McGruder. Richardson is as good as Harrison Barnes. Adabayo and Olynyk would improve front line depth. They would still have the best backcourt. Players leaving small market teams in free agency for big markets with nothing in return is where the small market teams are getting killed.
    They get a lottery pick, develop the player, he leaves, start over.

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