Bucks Apply For Teletovic Cap Relief

10:14pm: The Bucks have submitted a petition for cap relief to the league office, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. The application is expected to be approved, Woj adds.

10:06am: It has been one full year since Mirza Teletovic last appeared in an NBA game, meaning the Bucks are now eligible to apply to have his remaining cap hits removed from their books, as cap expert Albert Nahmad notes (via Twitter).

Teletovic, who signed a three-year, $30MM contract with Milwaukee in 2016, was limited to 10 games last season due to a medical condition diagnosed as pulmonary emboli in both lungs. He had a similar health scare a few years ago when he developed multiple blood clots in his lungs and has since opted to retire as a player. When the Bucks waived him last season, they stretched his $10.5MM salary for 2018/19 across three seasons.

Given Teletovic’s health problems, the Bucks may be able to eliminate those $3.5MM annual cap charges through 2020/21. In order for Milwaukee to receive that cap relief, an independent physician or a Fitness to Play panel would have to rule that it would be a medically unacceptable risk for the 33-year-old to attempt to return to action.

Removing Teletovic from their cap wouldn’t have a major impact on the Bucks’ situation this season. As Nahmad observes (via Twitter), the club is currently $5.2MM below the luxury tax line, so that difference would increase to $8.7MM without Teletovic. The extra $3.5MM could be more useful in one of the next two seasons if it contributes more directly to the Bucks reducing a potential tax bill or gaining cap room.

While we wait for word on whether Milwaukee applies for and receives cap relief for Teletovic, it’s also worth watching Jodie Meeks‘ situation, Nahmad adds (via Twitter). Meeks, who entered the season having served six games of a 25-game suspension, will remain on Milwaukee’s suspended list through the team’s 19th game of the season, which falls on November 24. At that point, the Bucks will have to trade or waive Meeks or another player on the 15-man roster in order to avoid exceeding the 15-man limit.

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2 thoughts on “Bucks Apply For Teletovic Cap Relief

  1. bennyg

    If he has retired, I’m under the impression that he has forfeited the remaining of his salary, so why would it still be on the books?!
    Or am I missing something?!

    • Luke Adams

      He’ll still be paid that money, whether or not it’s removed from the cap — the Bucks waived him before he retired, but even if they hadn’t, players who retire are generally paid the remainder of their contracts (the Spurs are doing the same with Manu Ginobili this year).

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